Romantic Gifts for a Happy Marriage

by Abby_Jensen

How to find the perfect gift for that special someone!

My husband is incredible at finding the perfect gifts for romantic occasions, such as my successfully completing the laundry. I love it when he comes home from work with one of his amazing gifts, which always seem to be the perfect balance between being useful and being so sweet. Let me share his tips!

Romantic Gifts

Ruby Engagement Rings from Gemvara

This Valentine's Day

I was having a horrible day. My writer's block was agonizing and no matter how many cups of coffee I had, I just couldn't stop yawning (or feeling super grumpy!). Then, I heard my husband's car pull into his spot in front of our little home. I wasn't certain whether his coming home would make me feel better or just add fuel to my wicked fire.

He came through the door wearing my most favorite suit of his and his adorable smile.  He had flowers, too, of course. We've been married 3 years and dated for 3 before that, and he's never neglected to mark special occasions with flowers. When I sold my first article, there was a single daisy waiting for me at the kitchen table the next morning (along with a delicious breakfast and an incredibly sweet note about being so proud of me, etc etc).  

I still love and appreciate the flowers each time, but they also lead me to wonder What did he get me this time? One birthday, he wrote me a sonnet, rolled up the sheet of paper and slipped it through a gorgeous bracelet. Last Valentine's Day, he surprised me with a visit to the Smithsonian.  When we got to the Hope Diamond exhibit, he put his hand in mine and slipped a peridot ring on my finger.

It's not always jewelry, though. This last Valentine's Day he gave me, to be honest, The Ultimate Gift. I'd been having trouble sleeping for a few weeks and Ted will often read to me from one of this boring law books to help me get to sleep. I was nervous he had only gotten me flowers as my head hit the pillow and then I saw him take a book out of his bedside table.  

Ted started to read The Story of Prince and Princess. He had written and illustrated the fairy tale of our relationship! He used a website called Blurb to make it. The story began with the two "royals" meeting in college and the start of their friendship. It showed a Prince and Princess going out for coffee and eventually their first date. The story skipped to their engagement on a quiet park bench (which he drew exactly as it looked on our engagement day!). It finished with an illustration of Prince and Princess that looked exactly like us. I slept soundly that night, cuddled up to my creative, sweet husband.

A very, very happy Valentine's Day!  

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