British 2018 Silver Bullion Coins

by blackspanielgallery

The Royal Mint has been adding to the variety of silver bullion coins available. 2018 was a particularly great year for the Royal Mint.

It is time to review the British 2018 silver bullion coins, now that the 2019 coins are starting to come out. In the past there were far fewer coins annually. Now, with the major mints finding a wider market for their bullion coins than for collectible proof coin, there is an increase in bullion coin designs. This increase enticed collectors to purchase a variety of bullion coins, with the hope of making a profit from the precious metals market, or from the numismatic market. It is a good way to have multiple possibilities of increasing the value of one’s coins collection.

One thing that has happened is bullion coins are affordable. Looking at the success of the Australians, producing a multitude of quality coins has a great merit. Over the last few years more and more bullion coins have come from the United Kingdom than ever before.

A Mint Devoted to Quality

The Royal Mint is an old mint with a long history.  It is not quite as old as the Monnaie de Paris, but it is almost as old, with over a millennium of making quality coins.

The Uniqueness of the Royal Mint

Many mints, such as the United States Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint, do not sell bullion coins from their website.  The Royal Mint has a website devoted to bullion coins.  It is a well-organized site, and one can make purchases directly from the mint.

The Silver Britannia

In 2018 the Royal Mint produced two different silver Britannia coins.  One is the Britannia coin we normally would expect.  The other is similar, except it has an Oriental border.  The coin with the Oriental border celebrates the long-standing trade between the Britain and Asia.  It will be interesting to see of this was a one-year coin, or an annual variation to the Britannia.

The Lunar Coin Series

2018 is the Year of the dog, the eleventh year in the twelve year Oriental Lunar calendar.  The Royal Mint has not been minting lunar coins for twelve years, but has for the last several years.  In 2018 the one-ounce silver dog is the Royal Mint’s addition to its silver Lunar series.

The Two Dragon Coin

The Two Dracon coin features the Chinese dragon on the top, and the welch Dragon on the bottom, separated into two halves of the coin indicating the Yin-Yang symbol.  The dragons appear to be chasing each other.

The Landmark Series

2018 was the second year of the Landmark series.  In 2018 the second and third coins were released.  These are the Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square.  These follow the lone 2017 coin representing Big Ben.

The Queen’s Beasts Silver Coins

The Queen’s Beasts coins are a ten-coin series of coins representing houses important to the Queen’s claim to the throne.  These coins come out two per year.  What is different here is the two-ounce coins and the ten-ounce coins are not matched.  In 2018 the two-ounce coins were the Unicorn of Scotland and the Black Bull of Clarence.  The ten-ounce coins were the Red Dragon of Wales and the Griffin.  The ten-ounce Unicorn of Scotland is now coming out bearing the year 2019.



What was once limited to the silver Britannia, then the Britannia and Lunar series, has grown.  In 2016 we had the first of the Queen’s Beasts.  In 2017 came the first coin in the Landmark series.  In 2018 we find the Two Dragons silver bullion coin, along with a distinct variety of the Britannia.  It will be interesting to see that the Royal Mint adds, if anything, to its silver bullion in 2018.


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Updated: 10/28/2018, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 10/29/2018

The lack of matching started the first year. It is a curious thing known to the Royal Mint.
For 2019 the Falcon of the Plantagenets is already known to be one issue. The strange one is the Griffin, which is just now being released, although it was an early coin. There are proof one-ounce coins as well, so these come out over a long period of time. There is a gold version and a platinum version.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/29/2018

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the backstories and product lines. Did you read about the dragon-like flesh-eating dinosaur discovered in Wales three years ago and taxonomized two years ago as Dracoraptor Hanigani (dragon robber [discovered by brothers Nick and Rob] Hanigan?
Do you know what else will be released in 2019 for the Queen's beasts series? Why is the issuance in unmatched two- and ten-ounce coins this year?

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