Budget friendly kitchen renovation tips

by RobertKeith

The kitchen of your dreams is within your budget. Below are 10 Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget.

The kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel in a home. And many people shy away from modernizing their kitchen because of the potential cost. However, there are a number of ways to renovate and update your kitchen without busting your budget. Below are 10 proven ways to remodel your kitchen on a budget.

1). Use Kitchen Tile Stickers

One of the great ways to remodel your kitchen is the use of kitchen tiles. However, kitchen tiles can become excessively expensive, especially when you are using materials such as glass or ceramics. However, you can also use tile stickers. These stickers come in thousands of designs and cost a fraction of the price of authentic tiles. Also, these stickable kitchen tiles are easy to install. 

2). Simply Upgrade Your Handles and Pulls

Some people think that they will have to replace their entire cabinets in order to modernize their kitchen. However, you can spruce up your kitchen cabinets by simply replacing the handles and pulls. High quality handles can make your cabinets look like new. And you will spend a hundred dollars, instead of several thousand dollars. 

Model Kitchen
Model Kitchen

3). Replace the Cabinet Doors

Let's say you want to go one step further than replacing the cabinet handles. However, you still don't want to pay thousands on a whole new cabinet set. Well, you can simply replace the cabinet doors. Depending on the number of doors, this may cost you up to a thousand dollars. However, the price will still be much lower than having carpenters replacing your entire kitchen cabinet set. 

4). Hang Window Treatments

A good pair of drapes can go a long way in changing the look of your kitchen. But make sure that the drapes over your sink are not too long. Also, you may want to consider drapes that are easily washable in case of any accidents. You should consider other ways to spruce up your kitchen window area. For instance, a small vase with a flower is a quick and inexpensive way to add beauty to your kitchen. 

5). Add A Rug In Front of Your Sink

Little accent decor can really add a lot to your kitchen. One of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade the look of your kitchen floor is to add a rug in front of your kitchen sink. This rug will not only improve the look of the kitchen, a good kitchen rug can also absorb any mess from the sink. Look for rugs specially designed for the kitchen. And consider a rug color that has a contrast color to your existing floor to add visual appeal. 

6). Add a Backsplash

A backsplash is a great way to add an accent around your sink without busting your budget. At the most, the backsplash will measure no more than 10 to 40 square feet. While a backsplash will require a little more installation time, it is much less time intensive than trying to install new tiles around your kitchen. It is recommended that you look up a how-to video before attempting to install the backsplash yourself. 

7). Paint an Accent Wall

You don't need to spend hours re-painting your cabinets. You can upgrade the look of your kitchen by painting an accent wall. This type of design upgrade will not only save your money, it will also save your time. It is highly recommended that you paint the least visible accent wall first to see if you like toe color selected. 

8). Use Laminate Countertops

Laminate is one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade your countertops. Now, you may be thinking that laminate countertops may look cheap. Well, not anymore. These days, a number of laminate companies have created designs that bear an uncanny resemblance to high quality materials like marble. It is highly recommended that you buy a number of sample laminate pieces before committing to a complete set for your countertops. 

9). Add Shelving

Floating shelves are not only a great way to inexpensively add style to your kitchen, it is also a low-cost way to organize your kitchen utensils. Consider adding these shelfs over your countertops where there is no cabinet. On these shelves you should store items that are lightweight enough for you and your family to lift up such as plates, coffee pots and coffee cups. As an added bonus, you may want to consider adding some vintage kitchen decor, on the shelves, to add visual appeal. 

10). Upgrade lighting

Lighting is one of the overlooked ways to design a home. If you already have existing hanging lights in your kitchen, consider upgrading the light shade itself. You can also find low cost LED lights that can be easily installed around certain areas around your kitchen. One of the best places to place LED lights is over the kitchen cabinets. 

Upgrading your kitchen doesn't have to bust your budget. In fact, you upgrade your entire kitchen for less than a thousand dollars. However, you will want to have a plan before you begin to buy any decor. Below are some helpful tips on how to plan your kitchen upgrade design. 

  • What do you dislike most about your kitchen? - Figure out what you want to change the most. Make this part of the kitchen your priority. 
  • What upgrades can you do yourself? - Hiring someone to install your kitchen upgrade and cost your hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars. Look at upgrades that you can do yourself.
  • What upgrades can I do quickly? - Time is money and you don't want to spend weeks upgrading your kitchen. Look for easy upgrade projects like changing cabinet handles and installing sticker tiles. 

The kitchen of your dreams is within your budget. Have a plan and look for ways to upgrade your kitchen without having to hire a contractor. If you need help, contact a local Brisbane business that offers kitchen decor. Before you know it, you will have the kitchen of your dreams.

Updated: 08/24/2018, RobertKeith
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