Bumbo vs Bebepod: Bumbo or Bebepod?

by bhthanks

Bebepod vs Bumbo for Babies: A Comparison

Infant seats are small chairs designed for young children, providing extra back support, and helping the infant to sit upright. These seats are generally lightweight, and as a consequence, are easy to bring from one place to another. Bumbo and Bebepod are two brands of infant seat that are well known. The benefit of these types of seat is that they place the infant in a way that sitting up and looking around is easy to do. It also helps to improve the infant’s posture. Using a seat like this helps infants to learn to sit up on their own faster. Additionally, most infant seats also come with a food tray, either built in or as an extra sold separately. The seats should not be placed on regular chairs and used as booster seats for infants eating at the table, an inexpensive alternative to using a highchair. These seats should not be placed on elevated surfaces, unless they are models with a strong safety strap to prevent falls.

The Bumbo Seat is designed for babies with head control and solid neck support. It is made of foam, which makes it easy to transport, and comfortable for the baby. Additionally, the material means that it is easy to wipe messes off the seat. The seat is available in five colors: blue, aqua, lilac, pink and lime green. The Bumbo seat offers an Ivory Play Tray, which is sold separately. This provides a place for the child to eat off, or for toys. The Prince Lionheart bebePod is an infant seat made from the same material as baby’s car seat. It comes in a number of different variations, such as the Flex Plus, which contains a tray, place mat and toy. This variation comes in two colors, green/kiwi and red/watermelon. The place mat is in the style of the fruit. Another seat which is similar is the Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat. Unlike the other seats mentioned in this article, this one does not have a clip on tray that can be purchased. This seat also has the advantage that it can be strapped to a normal chair, making it more secure.

Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat

Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat

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One major difference between the Bumbo Seat and the bebePod is that the Bumbo is more snug, and has less room for movement. This makes it more effective for younger infants than the bebePod. However, this makes it difficult for chunky infants to use the Bumbo. Although the bebePod has more room, the same problem can occur. The Bumbo Seat has a larger base than the bebePod, and as a consequence is more stable. The centerpiece is part of the chair and cannot be removed. In contrast, the bebePod seat has a plastic pommel, which prevents infants from slipping out of the seat. However, due to the design, it would be possible for a strong infant to dislocate the pommel from the seat, and thus get out of it.

For the most part, the two products are comparable in design, and sell for roughly the same price. Because of its one-piece production the Bumbo Seat is easier to clean, and is less likely to damage. It is also lighter than the bebePod, making it easier to move.

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WARNING - Prevent Falls; Never use Bumbos on an elevated surface

Never leave a child unattended

Regarding the Bumbo recall:

1  "They were recalled to have a warning label put on.
2 : "Never Put Bumbo Baby Seats on Elevated Surfaces"
3   "This warning label cautions parents not to use the Bumbo on elevated surfaces. Due to the recall and labeling process, the product was off the sales floor and was not available for purchase for several months. We continue to offer Bumbo products in our stores, and as always, we closely monitor all product safety issues."   Its only competitor, bbPOD, added a seatbelt after the Bumbo recall."

4"Remedy: ...Consumers can contact Bumbo to obtain new warning label stickers and instructions, free of charge..." Consumers should use the Bumbo seat at ground level, but should never leave a child unattended."

Updated: 02/26/2012, bhthanks
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bhthanks on 01/09/2012

Amanda, Thank you for this information. The recall was only to place a warning label that the Bumbo should not be used on elevated surfaces. More information in the article on this page.

Amanda Vega on 01/09/2012

Just a quick update - the chair has had a recall reminder as of late as the injuries due to the lack of straps has increased to well over 50 injuries to children. If you have a Bumbo chair and would like it replaced for free, Prince Lionheart who is a competitor to Bumbo, has a safer version of the chair (with straps to prevent wiggling out of the chair) is doing a campaign to replace up to 1,000 Bumbos with their bebePOD. If you want more info you can email us at [email protected]. Disclaimer: we are Prince Lionheart's PR agency for this promotion.

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