Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Review

by buttonhead

Here is my Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Review.

I've managed to make it through my entire life (even the crazy teen years) without having an acne problem. Now, here I am 32 years old, and I've been having breakouts. I've tried adjusting my diet, taking vitamins, changing my facial lotions, using facial scrubs, changing my shower products, and taking extra precautions to rinse fully in the shower. Nothing has worked! The stubborn part of me didn't want to try any specialized skin care products, because I didn't want to admit that I needed them, and I also didn't want to get drawn into another 'bill'.

Finally, I decided to cave in and give Burt's Bees a try. I like using all natural organic products when possible, and I had tried their cleansing toner in the past. So, I sprung for the full 'Natural Acne Solutions' set. First, I have to say that I really enjoy the smell of each of the products listed below. It's refreshing, and although it feels like medicine, it doesn't smell like it. Each product serves a unique purpose, so I will review each one individually below. Let's get started!

Pore Refining Scrub

A little bit goes a long way. Although the directions recommend wetting your face before use, I find that scrubs work better at exfoliating when my skin is dry. Otherwise, it just kind of melts away. This scrub is a bit different from the others I've tried in that it is incredible gentle. My face doesn't feel like it's been scoured after using it. I use this right before getting into the shower. I let it sit for maybe 5 minutes, then jump in to wash it off. It really feels like I'm deep cleaning away the day's dirt.

Clarifying Toner

I absolutely love this product!  My face feels truly clean and fresh after using it.  I dab about 3 squirts on a cotton ball after my evening shower to get any oils left behind by my soap/conditioner, and I also use it in the morning to clear away a half day's oil and dirt.  It also doesn't hurt to run this over your chest and shoulders.  I've used witch hazel in the past, but it smells awful, and it has an over-drying effect on my skin.  I have to admit:  I picked up the Clarifying Toner and used it on it's own in the past, liked it, but felt it left me a dry. However, when combining it with the moisturizing lotion, it works exactly the way it should.

My Personal Set of Burt's Bees Products
My Personal Set of Burt's Bees Products

Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I'm a real snob when it comes to face lotion.  I hate feeling greasy or sticky!  So, with every new facial lotion I try, I go in with a negative attitude, assuming it's going to suck.  I was so pleasantly surprised!  This lotion really leaves my skin feeling soft.  Within seconds of putting it on, I can't even feel that it's there.  Now, that's what a face lotion should feel like!  Just like the scrub, you only need a small squirt.  I use this immediately after the toner.  With every other lotion, I've only used it in my dry areas, but this one is gentle enough to use all over my face, which I really think is helping to keep my skin balanced.

Targeted Spot Treatment

Ok, my jury is still out on this one. First, I was surprised when I opened up the box and realized the product is a liquid.  I guess I expected a cream.  Still, I've been giving it a solid try.  As the last step in my regimen, I apply the Targeted Spot Treatment to any active acne spots on my face.  It can sting a bit,  but I don't mind.  Makes me feel like it's doing it's job!  I'm not so sure it's the most effective spot treatment you could find.  If your acne is really bad, you might try something else.  For a mild bout, it certainly can't hurt.


I've been using these products for a few weeks now, and they are the only products I've been using on my face.  I believe my current breakout problem is hormone-related, and while there's not much I can do about that, I can keep my skin as clean as possible to keep it under control.  So far, I am enjoying the Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solution enough to keep it on the shelf.

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katiem2 on 06/26/2012

I love Burts Bees products. I've used them for years and love everything they offer. It's great to learn you can buy burts bees online as the store I buy them often run out of stock which is a real bummer. :)K

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