Buy the Best Multi Purpose Quality Gardening Tiller Available Online

by teddletonmr

Buy the best rear-tine tiller and useful attachments that make gardening and landscape projects fun and rewarding....

Not only does this tiller deliver on ease of use and quality of performance you can take advantage of the online buying power getting the best price and customer service. Read online reviews and tips from real people like yourself who have put this rear-tine tiller to the test making it a top pick for home owners and landscape workers. For vegetable gardeners like you and me that enjoy gardening in our large raised beds or traditional backyard garden spaces, I believe you will agree a rear-tine tiller is a necessary garden tool for both the master and newbie gardener. Rear-tine tillers can perform many lawn and garden chores. Whether we find ourselves mixing compost or manure in the soil, tilling in a cover crop such as rye, or repurposing that tired old, weed-infested backyard into a lovely vegetable, or flower garden, a rear-tine tiller can easily perform any of these tasks. They can also readily move between rows of green beans, sweet corn and tomatoes, or use a wide array of attachments.

Trimming low hanging tree branches, overgrown Privet, unshapely Boxwoods and Azalea, out of control Holly bush, and scraggly old security hedge is easy with the best hedge trimmers

Why Use a Troy Bilt Rear-tine Tiller

Vegetable gardeners and professional landscapers need the best heavy-duty rear tine tillers to get the job done with ease and quality.

These tillers also have plenty of power to break-up compacted soils in that tired old, lawn in desperate need of renovation, or cultivating and power composting organics. OK, we know why we need a tiller, the question we find ourselves asking, BCS Honda or Troy Bilt, which is the best rear-tine tiller to buy, and where is the best place to buy one.

The truth of the matter, BCS Honda and Troy Bilt all make good rear-tine tillers. On the other hand, other respected gardening tool manufacturers such as, Poulan Pro, Husqvarna, and MTD make less expensive disposable tillers. So which is the best rear-tine tiller we will want to buy? Before answering that question, we should answer three important questions.

Good bugs control aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, scale insects, mites, and whiteflies in our flower and vegetable gardens organically…

Before Buying a Rear Tine Tiller

Tilling and cultivating a vegetable garden is much easier when we use the best garden tiller

The Three Things to Know Before Buying a Rear-tine Tiller

1. How much and how will we use a rear-tine tiller?

2. What size rear-tine tiller and what attachments will we need?

3. How much money do we have in the budget for a garden tiller?

Rear-tine Tiller Attachments for Success

This tiller is great at tilling, cultivating or composting organic materials into garden soil

First, let us think about how often and for what we will actually use a tiller to do. I believe we will all agree, knowing exactly how and what we will use a tiller for is an important thing to keep in mind. For instance, we might need to break new ground converting part of the lawn into our own backyard vegetable garden. On the other hand, we might find a need to weed between the rows of our delicious organic veggies in our established gardens. Quite possibly, we may need to till that disgusting poor excuse for a lawn and reseed. The thing is, before we really know how much we will use a garden tiller and all the useful attachments available, we will need to establish our lawn and gardening needs.

* Tilling and cultivating our vegetable garden using an 18in, 20in, 26in, and 30in or 34in rear-tine tiller attachment.

* Power composting garden debris.

* Hiller furrower for all your favorite root crops.

* Mowing overgrown grass with a Heavy-Duty 22in or 38in rotary mower

* Cutting tall weeds with a 30in, 40in, 45in, or 53in sickle bar mower.

* Power Sweeping driveway or walks with a 20in or 26in rotary broom.

* Removing snow with a snow blower.

* Using a chipper shredder tiller attachment for composting lawn debris.


Put your ATV to good use tilling a vegetable garden spot, perpairing a food plot for deer , play in the mud, and have fun .

Discover the BCS Tiller Advantage

Easy to operate, and change attachments from tilling and cultivating, mowing and sweeping the driveway

How to Buy a Garden Tiller

Knowing exactly how you will use a tiller is something you should know before you buy...

Small Garden Plots and Raised Planting Beds

For gardeners that have a series of small raised planting beds along a chain link or wood privacy fence, a large rear-tine tiller will most likely be too large, making maneuvering in tight spaces all but impossible. Think of it as if you were attempting to park one of those large SUVs in one of those compact car parking spaces, all you will manage to do is mess everything up. A rear-tine tiller will work well, as long as there is enough room to maneuver around, say six to eight feet, the borders will be adequate when maneuvering a tiller. The size of, let us say, a Troy Bilt Pony or Bronco around your vegetable or landscape planting beds.

Need to buy a mini tiller this Mantis, Stihl Yard Boss mm55, and Honda mini tillers review. will help you learn what you should know before you buy the best....

How to Get the Best Deals Online

Yes buying a tiller online is the best place to get a good deal...

Oh, by the way, when you are looking for the best prices delivered to your door, Amazon has the free super saver shipping option, and the prices are as good as you will find anywhere. One of my pet peeves is asking a sales person at my local garden center. Important questions about a garden tiller, where they answer with the overwhelming check it out online, you will get the best deals online anyway. Buy what you want and need at amazon and avoid all the frustrations.

Troy - Bilt Super Bronco Garden Tiller

The 16-inch counter rotating tines works great between rows of sweet corn and green beans
Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 16-Inch 208cc 4-Cycle OHV Gas-Powe...

Troy - Bilt Bronco Tiller

With 10-inch counter rotaiting tines this is the best tiller for small vegetable gardens and landscape beds
Troy-Bilt Bronco 10-Inch 208cc Powermore Gas Powered Coun...

Tilling Medium to Large Garden Spots

Learn how 16,18, and 20-inch garden tiller widths work best in medium to large vegetable gardens

Working in medium to large vegetable gardens, larger rear-tine tillers using the counter rotating tine design like the Troy Bilt Super Bronco, really do an outstanding job tilling compacted soils and cultivating. Large commercial-duty, gas-powered engines coupled with a heavy-duty multiple speeds forward and reverse transmission, and several useful accessories including wider tilling widths make the medium and large BCS rear-tine tillers a great multi-purpose lawn and garden tool. However, when the time comes for mixing organic compost into our vegetable garden soil the counter rotating tine design does not work as well as the forward rotating tine design.  These tillers work fantastically to loosen compacted soil and to incorporate fertilizers like manure with the use of one of the forward rotating tine heavy-duty garden tillers.

With transmissions that have several forward and reverse gears, finding the right speed and direction for a particular garden job really helps to make a gardener’s life easy.

The versatile BCS tractor has the unique feature that makes it easy to change roles. As gardeners, we sometimes need to till our planting beds, while other times we find it necessary to cut tall grass and weeds, remove snow from the driveway, turn leaves and small tree limbs into mulch around our lawn. With the quick-change coupler, we can easily convert the BCS 732 tractor from the twenty-six-inch wide tiller, to the mowing attachment, rotary sweeper, or even a small limb chipper shredder.

The confusing thing about the larger rear-tine tillers is the wide range in price.  With the less expensive tillers in the $700-$1000 range, while others are in the $1500-$2500 range, and still others that cost $2500 +, what is the difference? Are we really just paying for the name as we have all heard before?

Need to learn how to get rid of the Rabbit destroying your garden before it drives you crazy,

Does Name Brand Matter?

The best engine and garden tool manufactures really make a difference ,

Ah yes, brand name recognition, does play a part in what something costs. Deservedly so, however, take the brand name Honda for instance. Honda engines has earned the reputation of manufacturing high quality engines that are easy to start, smooth, efficient running, long lasting engines for today’s hard-working outdoor power equipment.


Don't Forget Your Gardening Wear

What Honda Engines Deliver

Honda OHV 4-cycle engines are easy to start, use less gas and run quiet for decades

The Versatility of Honda Gardening Products

As premium replacement engines, Honda engines are used on everything from lawn mowers, pressure washers, garden tillers and even construction equipment, Honda engines fetch a premium price.

That is why all the OEM (original equipment manufacturers) of premium outdoor power equipment and rear-tine tillers offers Honda engines as an optional engine upgrade.

The gardening and landscaping possibilities truly are endless!


The Benefit of Briggs & Stratton Engines

The Briggs and Stratton 4-cycle engines are a great choice for homeowners on a budget as they last a lifetime saving you money and delivering on quality..

You really do get what you pay for, but you may not want to pay for the best money can buy. In that case, the Briggs & Stratton engines are a great economical choice. Briggs & Stratton engines will provide plenty of power and many years of reliable service and best of all cost less in the bargain.


Premium Brand Name Rear-tine Garden Tillers and Attachments

The best heavy duty 4-cycle OHV engines and transmission will last a homeowners lifetime plus know the attachments you really need.

Durable, high quality components and wear items are other areas where premium high-end rear-tine tillers differ from less expensive, cheaply made tillers. Ranging from the steel used to make the replaceable bolo tines, tires and wheel assemblies, control cables and the thickness of the handles and transmission.

Cheap rear-tine tillers use light gauge steel to make the handle, frame and tine case assemblies. Welds work-harden, get brittle and break. Drive chains inside the transmission stretch, cause the drive sprocket to wear and the seals to leak around the drive axle and tiller tine shaft. This, as you have already guessed, leads to costly repairs, generally more than the tiller is worth.

On the other hand, the seriously heavy-duty rear-tine tillers like the old school Troy Bilt Horse, the new better version Troy Bilt Big Red and the gardener’s ultimate dream tiller, the BCS 732 tiller, have a heavy-duty all metal gear transmission and tiller tine shaft. Supported by heavy-duty roller bearings and seals, these premium features make the BCS tillers built to outlast several engines and the backyard gardener’s lifetime.

Outdoor cooking, cookout, barbecue, a fish fry or canning foods, having a two burner outdoor cooker sure makes life easier…

The Best Rear-tine Tiller

Landscapers, Newbie and Master gardeners need the best garden tiller that will meet their needs

Bringing us back to the question, BCS Honda or Troy Bilt - Which is The Best Rear-tine Tiller to Buy? Now, I believe we all agree answering 3 important questions is the best place to start establishing all our lawn and garden tool priorities. For many of us, we only need, or should I say want, a garden tiller to cultivate our small and medium sized vegetable garden plot.  We should consider buying a Troy Bilt Super Bronco, or my favorite in this size, the BCS 712, both of these machines are a good choice.

For those of us blessed with larger lawns and gardens, requiring a complete line of not only useful lawn and garden attachments, they must also be hard working as well. Please believe me when I tell you, the BCS 732 is the ultimate Tiller Tractor that will fill all the master and newbie gardeners gardening and landscaping needs, for as long as you will be gardening. After all, we all want to buy the best rear-tine tiller that performs our lawn and gardening jobs, efficiently, for a long time.

Enjoy much gardening success. Teddletonmr

Online Buyers Guide for Tillers

Buying your new garden tiller online will save you time, money and shopping hassles plus deliver on real owner honest reviews and user tips.
Yard Machines 21AA40M1000 18-Inch 208...BCS Tiller Tractor Only 732 GX340 Hon...Troy-Bilt Big Red 12-Inch 305cc Brigg...
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teddletonmr on 01/03/2012

Katie glad to hear from you. Spring gardening season is just around the corner. Having the best tiller for your gardening chore sure makes cultivating and weeding your favorite vegetables more like fun.
Best wishes, Mike

katiem2 on 01/03/2012

Great comparison review of tillers a must have for my families gardening needs.


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