Buy Titanium Wedding Rings for Men

by Roohi

If you are wondering why you should buy titanium wedding rings for men, then read this article. Find out why titanium is so popular and take a look at some attractive options.

Titanium is the perfect metal for men's jewelry

Titanium has definitely become the metal of choice for men's jewelry these days. And why not; titanium wedding rings for men are durable, attractive and come in various designs. The best thing about these bands is that they are usually not very costly. Even the most costly ones are much cheaper than the popular gold and platinum ones. 

So, are you ready to try out a few of these beautiful pieces? Well, before we do have a look at a few of these fantastic pieces, let's find out what is titanium and why should you buy a men's titanium wedding ring after all.

What is titanium?

Titanium is a metal which was discovered in 1791 by William Gregor. The metal got its name from the Greek word "Titans". It has a grayish white color and is much stronger than the very popular gold, silver, and platinum. The metal is quite strong but very lightweight.

Why are titanium rings so popular?

Its durability and the fact that it feels light on your fingers are two of the major reasons of titanium's increasing popularity in men's wedding rings. Another reason why titanium is quite popular in men's jewelry is the fact that it is hypoallergenic. This means that it will not cause any kind of irritation or reaction on your skin. 

Although titanium is grayish white in color, it can be colored into bright colors such as black, blue and purple. You can get your wedding rings engraved. However, these are quite strong and cannot be soldered. This means that you won't be able to get these resized. 

Titanium wedding rings for men are available in different finishes. You can choose from among polished and matte finish. Going for a satin finish will ensure that it lasts for a longer time and does not get scratched.

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Why choose titanium over other metals?

The topmost reason for choosing titanium wedding bands for men is the fact that they are cost-effective. Gold and platinum are costly, whereas titanium is not. So, it will be easy on your pocket. 

The metal is also much stronger and durable than gold and platinum. It will not bend or break easily. 

Gold can cause skin reactions in some people. This is something that does not happen with titanium. 

The metal is often confused with white gold. However, it is not the same thing. White gold is usually rhodium-plated to make it more white and shiny. You will need to get it rhodium-plated once a year. With titanium, you don't have to worry about getting it re-coated.

Cheap and Attractive Men's Titanium Rings

So, now that you know why you should buy titanium wedding rings for men to make your day special, let's take a look at some inexpensive and yet attractive options. Just click on the link to take a further look at the jewelry you like. 

Keep in mind that these prices will only be available to you if you buy online. These are surely going to cost you almost two times if you decide to buy it from the store. Simply said, why waste money when you can buy your favorite men's ring at half the cost!

Bejewelled Bride with Henna Hands at Mumbai Wedding
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Titanium wedding band with 9 large Channel Set CZ

This one is 8 mm in width and has nine cubic zirconias that add some sparkle to an already gorgeous ring.  It has a matte finish and its comfort fit will allow you to wear it on your finger without any problems.

Only $19.99
Men's Comfort Fit Band

This titanium ring for men is just 5 mm in width and as simple as it can get. It is perfect for men who would like to go for a simple and yet attractive piece for their weddings.

Only $18.99
Edward Mirell Grey Titanium Grooved Ring

This is a 7 mm wide men's wedding band from Edward Mirell. The grey color and the grooved accents make this one quite a popular choice among men who want a unique piece for their fingers.

Black Titanium Grooved Rainbow Dome Ring

Like black? Try this one. This one can work as a wedding band as well as a wonderful gift for your father. It is 6 mm wide and dome-shaped with grooves.

Classic Diamond Ring

If you like diamonds, then this may be the right piece of jewelry for you. It is 6 mm wide and has three diamonds encrusted in it and at this price it surely is a steal.

18K Gold Plated Band with Channel Set CZ Simulated Diamonds

Like the golden color? Then try this one. An 8 mm ring which is plated with 18k gold, and has cubic zirconias to add more sparkle.

Tonino Lamborghini Il Primo Titanium Ring For Men

This one may be slightly expensive but is worth the money. It is from Tonino Lamborghini. It is slightly different than your usual men's rings and has three garnet stones. It also has a black stainless steel inlay.

Only $149.99
Spinner Ring 2-tone Blackened finish

Black, beveled edges, comfort fit; if this is your idea of a wedding band, then go for this one. It is an 8 mm wide, spinner ring with two-tone blackened finish.

Only $36.61

Go and buy your ring now!

Now, keep in mind that the above are only a few examples of the attractive options available in the range of titanium rings for men. There are hundreds of options available online on Amazon. You can also buy these rings at Bidz, Limoges, MyJewelryBox. Just shortlist four or five of these and then pick the one that feels right in your heart.

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Roohi on 07/12/2012

Good to hear that Regi_B. I am sure both of you find it the perfect expression of your love for each other.

Regi_B on 07/12/2012

I wear a titanium wedding band. I love it (and my wife -- ZING!).

Roohi on 06/30/2012

Thanks Tolovaj! I am impressed with your knowledge of the metal.

Indeed it is becoming more and more popular these days. Not everyone can afford gold but there are many who would like to get something that is as good as gold. It is quite hard which does make it difficult to get lots of intricate designs. However, at the same time it is this quality which makes it quite durable as well.

Tolovaj on 06/29/2012

Titanium is really interesting material. It is more similar to stainless steel than precious metals but it got its popularity for various (I believe ability of coloring is main one) reasons.
Although the costs of material are much lower than at gold, it is harder to work with and it is even more precious from the crafts point of view.
Thanks for presenting so nice selection!

Roohi on 06/22/2012

Yes, Katie. There are so many styles available in men's rings but most men prefer to go for the traditional look there. Often, they are embarrassed to try something different. These stylish rings give a chance to be a little courageous and go for a something different than the usual.

katiem2 on 06/21/2012

I really like the non tradition style of mens wedding rings you have offered here. The styles are wonderful, makes me want to reconsider my most recent marriage proposal. ;) K

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