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There are many attractive tungsten rings for men and these are surprisingly affordable too. Find out what is tungsten and why is it becoming such a popular metal in men's jewelry.

Tungsten jewelry is durable and inexpensive

Look around in any jewelry store and you will find a range of tungsten rings for men. Why not? Tungsten rings are much cheaper than your usual gold wedding bands and are available in various intricate designs. Let's take a look at what is tungsten and why is it a good choice for men. You will also find some very gorgeous looking tungsten bands for your fingers.

What is tungsten carbide?

Tungsten is the hardest metal which can be made into jewelry. In fact, it is the second hardest metal next only to uranium. However, you can not use uranium to make jewelry. So, the best thing is tungsten. 

To make jewelry, tungsten powder is blended with a binding agent material. The final product is called tungsten carbide. Cobalt is the most commonly used binding agent. However, it is not suitable for jewelry since it can lead to skin irritation. This is why for jewelry purposes, nickel is used. However, only trace amounts of nickel are used so there is no danger of any allergic reactions.

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Why buy tungsten rings for men?

Since tungsten is a hard metal, rings made from this material are resistant to scratch. This means that your ring will look as good as new for years. Men are often involved in physical jobs that may make their wedding bands prone to scratches and breaks. Tungsten carbide rings do not bend that easily. They have a high melting point. They are scratch resistant. You don't have to worry about getting them polished each year. So, of course, this metal is the ideal one for men's wedding bands. 


Furthermore, these rings are also much cheaper than the gold wedding bands. Depending on the quality of the material and the design used, you can save as much as $500 dollars if you go for a tungsten ring over a gold one. However, just because these are cheaper doesn't mean that these are not attractive. Jewelry made from this metal is quite gorgeous and are available in various designs, with gemstones, and gold embellishments.

Gorgeous tungsten rings


Now that you know a little about tungsten and why it may be the perfect metal for your wedding ring, take a look at some beautiful rings below.


While you can buy these at your nearest store, you will end up shelling out quite a high amount there. These shops have to spend huge amounts of money in paying their employees and maintaining their stores. So, they cannot afford to sell it at a low price to you. 


The best thing to do is to buy your rings from online stores. You can save as much as $200 or even more by just choosing to buy online.


Take a look at some of the tungsten rings for men available in online stores. Just click on the links below to take a further look at the ring and buy the one of your choice.

Classy Dome Style Comfort Fit Ring for Men

Take a look at this dome-shaped comfort fit ring for men. This is 7 mm wide and available in sizes ranging from 8 to 13. Simple and yet elegant, this one is quite a popular choice among bands for men.

Infinity Laser Etched Cross Design Ring

If you like a little bit of design on your ring, then this one may be the right one for you. It is a white 8 mm ring with crosses etched into it with infinity laser. As mentioned above, tungsten carbide is a hard metal and you cannot get it hand engraved.

Men's Tungsten Carbide Gold Wedding Band

If you love gold but cannot afford it, this simple gold tungsten ring for men is a good alternative. It looks like a ring made of real yellow gold and is quite a favorite with men who prefer the golden color. You can go for rose gold with this band as well.

Only $199.99
Rose Gold Etched Celtic Design Ring

Here is another option in gold. This one is in rose gold and in a dome shape. The ring is etched with a Celtic design and is 8mm wide. If you prefer yellow gold, you can get it in this as well.

$185.00  $49.00
Ring with Blue Carbon Fiber Inaly and CZ

If you would like a little bit of color to your black tungsten ring, go for this one. This one is 8 mm in width with a comfort fit. It has blue carbon fiber inlay in the center. The ring is also encrusted with a set of cubic zirconia to add some sparkle to your fingers.

Silver Diamond CZ Ring

Another beautiful example of the gorgeous designs available in tungsten rings for men, this one is 8 mm in width. Shiny beveled edges, comfort fit design, set of seven cubic zirconias sparkling in the middle, and a polished band encircling the center, make this ring one of the most popular as a wedding band as well as an anniversary gift.

Brushed Gold Diamond CZ Ring

Look at this ring with a rich gold satin finish and you are sure going to forget the real yellow gold. This one is 8 mm wide and available in sizes ranging from 7 to 14. The three sparkling cubic zirconias add some shimmer to the ring but not too much.

Get your tungsten ring now!

Well, these are only some examples of the variety available in tungsten rings for men. Whether you are looking for a wedding band, the right anniversary gift for your husband, or the perfect gift for father's day, tungsten is sure going to provide you with many options. Don't forget to look at some other options in this hard metal when you click on the above links. Buy the one that you like and it is sure going to stick to you for a lifetime, looking absolutely brand new forever! 

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