Buying Seeds Online -- My Favorite Stores

by dlstewart

For years, I have ordered my garden seeds and supplies online. Here are some of my favorite online stores and what I have purchased. Also included some money-saving tips.

It is time to plan the vegetable garden! My vegetable garden runs the length of the house and goes out sixteen feet. It is large, and each year I enjoy planning what seed varieties to plant. I buy the seed early in the year to make sure what I want is still in stock.

Each store packs their seeds in varying quantities. Some of the stores also sell their seed in multiple size packets so you can buy large or smaller amounts. Prices for each online store will most likely differ. So grab a calculator to compare seed quantity to the asking price to determine your best buy. Don’t forget to take the Shipping and Handling charges into account when shopping.

Here are a few money-saving tips:

1.  Check online for coupon codes. is a good place to start.  For instance, a coupon code might feature free shipping, 10-percent off an order, or $10.00 off a $40.00 order. 

2.  Look for first-time shopper discounts.

3.  If you belong to a points program, log in and use their portal to visit the online store for additional savings (ex: or your credit card).

4.  If you receive a seed catalog via mail, double-check to see if the catalog contains a discount code, or a code for free seed packets. 

My Favorite Online Seed Stores

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Johnny’s is located in Maine.  I am also in New England, so I quickly receive shipments from them.  Their customer service is excellent, too.  Johnny’s also sells my favorite pepper seeds (Ace F1 Pepper), and Zephyr squash (a delicious summer squash that grows half green and half yellow).  I have never had a problem with their seed.  They offer vegetable, herb, flower, and farm seed as well as a nice selection of tools and growing aids.

Pinetree Garden Seeds (aka Super Seeds)
If you grow a small garden, you probably don’t need a huge package of seed.  Pinetree specializes in selling small seed quantities (ex: 15 seeds in a packet).  Buying seed in lower amounts is also an affordable way to experiment with new plants.  I have been purchasing from Pinetree Garden for a long time and have always had good results.  An interesting new addition to their catalog is a selection of cosmetic supplies (ex: mascara and powder containers, hinged compact) with recipes to make homemade cosmetics.  They also offer soap-making supplies.

Park Seed
I have bought a lot of seed from Park over the years and have never had a problem.  Sometimes Park Seed will backorder items (even though I order early), but they have always shipped the product to me in time for when I need to use it.  I buy the Perma-A-Nest Plant Trays from them, and the trays are of excellent quality and last me for years.  Park Seed offers herb, flower, heirloom, and vegetable seed.

Totally Tomatoes
If you enjoy growing a variety of tomatoes and peppers, check out Totally Tomatoes.  They sell other seed, too, but their biggest varieties are for tomatoes and peppers.  For instance, their tomato seeds are divided into eleven categories, including; heirloom, artisan, plum/grape, disease resistant, wild boar, and by size.  They have five classifications of peppers.  Their sweet bell pepper section has over forty varieties.  Totally Tomatoes mostly offers seed, but they also have a small selection of items to help grow tomatoes (ex: Red Plastic Mulch, Wall of Water, Cow Pots).

Cook’s Garden
They primarily sell seed that is targeted toward the gardener who also cooks (vegetables and herbs), though they do offer a selection of flowers.  Cook’s Garden sells my favorite tomato (Matina).  Even if I buy nothing else from them, a packet of tomato seed is added to my online cart.

I tend to shop Burpee last due to their prices.  Ironically, my local nurseries sell Burpee seed for less money than the offerings online … but the nurseries also don’t have as large a seed selection as the online store does.  They sell a fun zucchini called Gadzukes; when sliced, the squash pieces are star shaped.  I have no problem with their seed; it is excellent quality.  I’m just not a fan of their prices.

Happy gardening!

Copyright 2015 Dawn L. Stewart

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Favorite Seeds I have Bought Online

Ace F1 Bell Pepper Seeds 20 Seed Pack by OrganicSeedSupply

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Matina Tomato - Certified Organic Heirloom Seeds

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