C Bar J Horse Haven Rescue

by candy47

A safe place for neglected, abused and forgotten horses and an occasional guest donkey.

Located in Dolan Springs, Arizona, the C Bar J Horse Haven rescues horses from neglect, starvation and abuse. The haven rehabilitates the horses then tries to find forever homes that will adopt them. Their mission is simple, it is to rescue horses from harm and give them a second chance at a safer and happier life they deserve. It all started in 2007 when Cindy and Bill Jackson adopted two horses who were in need of a new home. Good news travels fast and before they knew it Cindy and Bill were being asked to take in more horses, so they did. Here are a few pictures I took at the C Bar J Horse Haven Rescue.

All photos by Candy Dorsey

May The Horse Be With You!


Emale was born February 1996, he is a cross-back mini mule and ready to be adopted into a loving forever home. His previous owner was 86 years old and dying of cancer in 2014 when he brought Emale to the C Bar J Horse Haven Rescue.


Emale Has Been Adopted!!!

As you can see, Emale has his best hoof forward!



Milton Burro

In addition to finding new homes for their horses, the haven also boards when necessary. This is Milton Burro, when his human family goes on vacation he stays at the haven until they return. Yes, he is a donkey!

Milton Burro
Milton Burro


This is WeeMan, a 23 year old chocolate dapple stallion who came to the haven in 2009. Great hair WeeMan!



Jasmine Has Been Adopted!


Living at the haven since 2012, Jasmine is a 12 year old Appaloosa Pony Mule, and the good news is she has been adopted! She'll stay at the haven until September 2015 when her new family will have everything ready for her at her new home.



Glamour Girl

Meet Pita, also known as Pain In The A...oops! Pita likes people, especially those who brush her! She's a dark bay about 30+ years old, about 15 hands or so. She likes to be the boss but will follow you around wherever you go. Pita doesn't like flies near her face and eyes so she wears her sunglasses...quite glamorous I think.

Pita has some chronic health issues which make her unlikely to be adopted.  The C Bar J is her forever home.



When Poncho was 2 years old he was left for dead at the side of the road with severe damage to his head. A kindly passerby put Poncho in his trailer and went to the nearest veterinarian. After extensive treatment he was taken to the rescue haven. As a result of his injuries Poncho has permanent brain damage. Poncho is now 6 years old and living a happy and comfortable life doing all the things that a horse is supposed to do!


Where is the rescue haven and how do I get there?

Contact Information

C Bar J Horse Haven Rescue

18031 Silver Lode Drive

Dolan Springs, AZ 86441

928-715-6935 or 928-715-6242

[email protected]


From Las Vegas, NV or Kingman, AZ take Route 93 to Pierce Ferry Road. Head east on Pierce Ferry through Dolan Springs until you get to 21st Street. Turn right on 21st then right on Scenic Drive to 20th Street, turn left on 20th to Silver Lode Drive turn right. Go past the dome house and turn left.

Cindy says bring your own saddle and you can go for a ride. No appointment necessary.

Street Map
Street Map

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candy47 on 08/25/2017

Pita is good with her shades, it's common dress for horses. WeeMan thinks no one can see him.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/19/2017

candy47, So does it not bother Pita to have the cloth band encircling her head? Does WeeMan ever let anyone see his eyes?

candy47 on 07/10/2016

I haven't seen an episode of The Walton's in a long time. I think I'll look for the reruns.

RuthCox on 07/10/2016

What a blessing the haven is for horses and other animals! Jasmine reminds me of Blue, John Boy Walton's mule in the television show. Good to read she was adopted.

candy47 on 01/25/2016

Susan, yes they do such good work at the C Bar J Horse Haven. It's always a pleasure visiting the horses!

sgolis on 01/24/2016

This is a very good cause. So many dog and cat rescues an not enough for horse and burro I like that they are aware of the animals special needs and are so very caring.

candy47 on 10/24/2015

They do good work there MBC. Several of the locals volunteer their services too.

MBC on 10/23/2015

So heartwarming to see this place for the horses. Enjoyed your photos.

candy47 on 08/27/2015

Thank you Mira. They do good work at the haven.

Mira on 08/27/2015

What a wonderful idea to create this horse haven :) I enjoyed your page. Beautiful photos!

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