Cabbage Patch Hats for Babies and Adults

by AbbyFitz

Whether used as a Halloween costume or a unique but warm winter hat, these beanies will make you or your little girl look just like the Cabbage Patch Kid you grew up with.

I remember when I was around seven or eight it seemed everyone had a Cabbage Patch doll but me. I'd longingly look at my friends playing with their dolls and wish I could have one, too.

I wasn't above begging either. I remember bugging my mother endlessly. "Puh-leeeeze can I have one?" I'm not sure how long my mother held out, but it seemed like eternity to me then.

At last on my next birthday I received my very own Cabbage Patch Kid. I remember carefully writing the name "Elizabeth" on her birth certificate. I was so proud. She was all mine!

The Cabbage Patch doll craze may have faded through the years, but this beloved '80's icon is making a comeback by the way of adult and baby hat fashion.

For the Love of Cabbage Patch Dolls

Why did we love them so?

Looking back at them, I'm not really sure why they appealed to so many girls, myself included. They're cute, but in an "I'm-so-ugly-I'm-cute" kind of way.

I vaguely remember the frenzy of Cabbage Patch mania on the news. Like wild animals fighting over the last bits of meat, grown adults were duking it out in the middle of Wal-Mart to grab the last Cabbage Patch doll.

At least we've all grown up and left the petty violence behind. Thankfully you don't have to fight over a Cabbage Patch doll, because you now have your own little baby girl. The fun bit about being a parent is that you can dress her up just like the doll you grew up with.

Melondipidy Blonde Cabbage Patch Hat

The cutest way ever to keep your little girl warm.

These adorable little twins are representing the blondes in these soft little beanie caps. Silently sleeping, they're just how you imagined you'd find your doll under the cabbage leaves so long ago.

Melondipidy is a company that was started by a young mother who was looking for cute but unique baby hats for her daughter. She couldn't find any that suited her, so she began making her own. It's now grown into a thriving company, but each of their hats are still handmade.

Made from 100 percent cotton yarn, these soft hats won't irritate your baby's sensitive skin. They're not just for newborns either. These precious hats are available in sizes newborn to 12 months. Imagine your little girl flipping her Cabbage Patch hat pigtails as she toddles toward you. Now that's a picture to send to grandma!

Red Haired Melondipity CPK Hats

Melondipity's Red Headed Baby Doll Hat with Fringe Bangs and Pigtails

This hat is so much fun and will look so adorable on your baby or toddler girl! This is a red headed BABY DOLL HAT. This hat has FRINGE BANGS and THICK PIGTAILS with baby blue r...

View on Amazon

The World Went Wild For CPK's

Everyone will go just as wild over your little doll when she wears her new hat.

Brunette Cabbage Patch Toboggan

Cute pigtails for your little doll.

This little beanie is probably my favorite, and I think it's because my doll was a brunette. I remember braiding her pigtails until they looked somewhat similar to this unusual baby hat.

Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes aren't wallflowers either. Your little girl will be the center of attention anywhere she goes when she's sporting her Cabbage Patch crocheted hat.

The best thing about these hats is the fact that they're practical. It's the perfect cabbage patch kids costume. Your child won't be dressed up in an uncomfortable costume because these hats are designed to be worn by babies. They're warm, suitable to be worn for everyday, and contain nothing that could be harmful to your daughter.

These one-of-a-kind hats are handmade as well by Melondipity and available in various sizes. Made from soft, 100 percent acrylic yarn, your daughter will stay warm and comfy when it's cold out.

Cabbage Patch Knit Hats for Sizes Newborn

These also make the perfect Halloween costume for your little girl and yourself!

Although I don't remember any Cabbage Patch dolls with pink or purple hair, I think I probably would have wanted one. These baby hats are available in whatever color you choose.

Naturally, these hats are available in newborn up to the toddler years. However, if your heart's desire is to truly relive your childhood this Halloween, you can go as a Cabbage Patch Kid. As unbelievable as it may sound, these eBay sellers will even make these hats for you in adult sizes!


Even though CPK dolls were a novelty of the '80's, their appeal lives on today. In reality, it's one of the longest running doll franchises in history. Little girls can still lovingly adopt a kid of their very own.

Before they're old enough for dolls, though, little girls can actually be a Cabbage Patch Kid. When they're seven or eight, they will look back at their baby pictures and get a kick out of seeing themselves in their adorable caps. You can tell them that, yes, you really did find them under the cabbage leaves.

Updated: 10/17/2015, AbbyFitz
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AbbyFitz on 01/17/2014

I had her up until my house burned a few years ago. Too bad, by now she'd be a collectible.

DerdriuMarriner on 01/17/2014

AbbyFitz, CPKs have such an adorable, distinctive look to them. I'm glad that your mom gifted you with your own CPK. Do you still have Elizabeth? Including birth certificates was such clever marketing.
The success of Melondipidy is heartwarming. And to think that each hat continues to be hand made!

AbbyFitz on 01/17/2014

Thank you! I'm surprised it wasn't a worldwide thing.

Tolovaj on 01/17/2014

I have never heard about Cabbage Patch Kids before. Their popularity was probably supported with clever marketing. On the other way many babies don't look at first sight either...
Lovely presentation!

AbbyFitz on 01/15/2014

Thank you younghopes!

AbbyFitz on 01/15/2014

Thank you!

younghopes on 01/15/2014

These hats look so cute and lovely, the babies too would love to wear these

ologsinquito on 01/15/2014

These hats are so precious. I'm pinning this to My Wizzley Writing Board.

AbbyFitz on 01/14/2014

Thank you! The babies are so cute. I almost want another one lol

WriterArtist on 01/14/2014

The cabbage patch hats look lovely and yes - the babies are adorable.

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