How to Eat to Avoid Cancer

by katiem2

As a society we've all but become obsessed with the cure to cancer and yet common sense tells us the best defense against this dreaded disease is prevention. Find out how now

Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding cancer. There are many simple changes we can make that are both painless and cost effective saving money. You can help avoid cancer by eliminating many chemical based household items. These items are painless items to give up you can easily replace with safe all natural products free of carcinogens. Removing these proven threats from your daily lives can drastically reduce you and your families risk of cancer.

Cancer Causing Chemicals

Making note of harmful cancer causing chemicals found in everyday house hold products and eliminating them is key.

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals are all around us and yet with a few simple smart choices you can avoid chemicals in everyday products. Our bodies absorb, inhale and ingest chemicals every day we use chemical laden products. It’s this accumulation releasing damaging free radicals in our bodies.  Many products contain volatile gases. 

A Chemical Free Life

A chemical free life promotes a cancer free life.

The common gases benzene and formaldehyde should be minimized to cancer proof your home body and future. The good news is the media has gotten really good about exposing the harmful products we should avoid. Simply pay attention to the news releases to better understand what you should and shouldn't be using. It takes just a bit of good old fashioned common sense to reduce the amount of these free radicals by tossing the chemicals out of your day to day routine.

It is for this reason why a good routine detox is important. We clean our homes, cars and clothes why not clean our bodies?

Harmful Household Cleaners

Simple inexpensive household items make for the best most effective and safe cleaners

It takes just a bit of good old fashioned common sense to reduce the offensive products tossing the chemicals out of your day to day routine. Cleaning products are one of the main contributors to these chemicals in our homes. Did you know commercial dishwasher powders and gel products are highly toxic?

Natural cleaners are widely available now and do not contain these dangerous gases. Replacing the harmful cleaners which bombard our home, body and future is one amazing step to avoid cancer.

Chemical Free Household Cleaners

All natural cleaners either purchased or found around the house clean just as good as any chemical cleaner.

Baking Soda is a great natural substitute for many harsh chemicals taking up residence in your cupboards, cabinets and personal hygiene areas. It works just like these products yet without any damaging fumes, chemicals or toxins to absorb or inhale.

  • Baking soda can be used just as you would abrasive cleansers to scrub surfaces.
  • Baking soda is an amazing odor fighter and deodorizes without chemical smell cover ups.
  • Baking soda is great in the refrigerator, freezer and kitty litter box as it absorbs odors in all areas.

Watch the video with some no nonsense and practical ways to use baking soda. You'll be very pleased to learn how easy it is. Let's not forget the low price of baking soda and all the money you'll save.

How to Clean Safely

Many common kitchen items you use to cook with are great for cleaning as well.

Something safe for the inside of your body can easily take care of your cleaning task. 

Lemon Juice

  • Lemon is a great cleaner. Lemon juice is great at dissolving soap scum, hard water deposits and cleaning copper or brass.
  • Lemon juice mixed with vinegar and baking soda makes a super cleaning paste.
  • I dump a box of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down drains to clean slow or clogged drains.
  • Plus it freshens drains, this is a good routine maintenance taking care of two common issues.
  • You can also cut a lemon in half sprinkle baking soda on the open end and use it to scrub dishes, stains and surfaces. Think about this the next time you cut a lemon lemons for other purposes such as drinks or cooking. Simply use the remaining lemon to clean your work space.
  • Running the remaining lemon through the garbage disposal will freshen and keep it smelling good.
  • Mix one cup of olive oil with one half cup of lemon juice and you've just made yourself a fantastic and safe furniture polish for much less than store bought brands.

Do watch the video to learn the proper technique. It's super easy once you learn a few handy tips.

Safe Fruits and Vegetable Cleaners

We all want to feed our children and families safe clean fruits and vegetables, find out how to do just that now.

Apple Cider and White Vinegar clean great like any all-purpose cleaner. I keep a spray bottle full on my kitchen sink for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Apple cider vinegar strips the apple clean to its natural state plus kills all bacteria that may also be present. Spray well; allow resting a bit and then rinsing. Apples and pears may be rubbed while rinsing to remove any waxy coating.

Cleaning Kitchen with Vinegar

Here you will find an extensive list of the many ways vinegar can safely be used in the home to clean without harmful chemicals.

Mix one part water with one part white or apple cider vinegar in a new spray bottle and you have just made yourself a natural and chemical free cleaner. Vinegar is also a powerful deodorizer and disinfectant. Vinegar is amazing and incredibly affordable. The smell of vinegar disappears quickly as it dries leaving everything smelling clean and amazing without a heavy chemical scent lingering and dangerously invading your lungs.

TIP - Natural cleaners do not cause headaches. Ever notice while working with chemicals you soon develop a really nasty headache? Pay attention. After living chemical free I noticed I had fewer and fewer headaches which were once an issue. If exposed to chemical cleaners I get a headache, I've made the connection. You may too!

Vinegar in the kitchen

  • Vinegar solution cleans counter tops killing any mold or bacteria lurking around.
  • You may also use it on appliances and stove tops.
  • You do know that this is also a great glass cleaner right

Doing Laundry with Vinegar

Vinegar is a great laundry product with it's many uses and advantages

Vinegar is a natural fabric softener and is great for people with sensitive skin as it has none of the irritants chemical softeners have. It's best to use white vinegar for laundry.


How to Use Vinegar for Laundry

  • Add one half a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle instead of the commercial fabric softener.
  • Vinegar also breaks down the residue of laundry detergent more effectively and is less harmful to you clothes.

Cleaning the Bathroom with Vinegar

Vinegar is a great way to kill bacteria and germs.

Vinegar use it in the bathroom

  • You can clean the counter tops, sink, tub, toilet and floors with vinegar.
  • Use pure undiluted vinegar in the toilet. Flush and as the water level drops pour straight vinegar around the rim allowing it to run down the bowl and scrub down with a brush.
  • Mop the floor with the vinegar water solution.
  • Your vinegar solution will eat away soap scum and hard water stains. Allow the solution to remain on the surface of these trouble areas just as you would other cleaners yet without the exposure of unsafe chemicals. You can breathe easy using this vinegar solution.

The uses for these three simple, affordable and natural products are great for cleaning your house and the uses are endless.

It is really vital to remove chemicals from your home making it a safe and cancer proof place to live. Commercial household cleaners are riddled with chemicals that invade your body causing a bombardment of free radicals that have been reported over and over to cause cancer. It's really easy and simple to eliminate chemicals from your lives and cancer proof your family.

Mung beans are the perfect food to keep you feeling full all the while cleaning your intestines and super charging weight loss. Eat this soup for a 3 day fast and cleanse your body
Updated: 10/23/2014, katiem2
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katiem2 on 12/03/2015

I think bleach is fine. BUT as I mentioned I am going to do more in-depth research, thanks for your input and support, stay healthy!

katiem2 on 12/03/2015

Katherine Davouris, I must write an article highlighting the ingredients thought to cause cancer. I will get on that.

Katherine Kavouris on 11/08/2015

Used Dreft laundry detergent when my kids were babies. Have not seen that reviewed with more recent information.

Katherine Kavouris on 11/08/2015

Is it ever OK to use bleach. I have made my own housecleaning products, and happy with the results. Not sure what to substitute for bleach in the laundry, and cleaning mold. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

katiem2 on 09/23/2012

I look forward to meeting your wife, I'm sure we will get on famously. Enjoy better health and green living. Looking forward to chatting with your wife. :)K

Scott on 09/23/2012

My wife using chemical cleaners and they give me a headache. The smell of bleach and other harsh cleaners send direct pain to my brain, I leave the house. I'm sending this to her inbox and we will have a long talk today. Thanks katiem2 for another helpful piece to better our lives. BTW, my wife seems to be a bit jealous of you. Once she meets you via these websites I'm sure she will understand your appeal.

katiem2 on 09/22/2012

I agree Sheilamarie, It is a great versatile and all natural product safe and powerful.

sheilamarie on 09/20/2012

I love using many of these natural products around the house. Baking soda, especially, is one of my best friends (in a manner of speaking).

katiem2 on 09/20/2012

Brenda, I did not know that. I will give that a go very soon. My kids complain about the smell of vinegar, I'm sure the club soda doesn't have that issue. Thanks :)K

BrendaReeves on 09/20/2012

Great article Katie. I use vinegar and baking powder for cleaning. Did you know that club soda makes a great window cleaner, and it is much cheaper too.

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