Canon G13 aka PowerShot G1X

by Sam

The long waited for Canon G13 will be marketed under the name Canon PowerShot G1X. Read all about it here!

I have been a 'Canon Girl' from the moment I took up photography some thirty years ago and I have used, so far, exclusively SLR and DSLR cameras. Yes, I am one of these strange persons that bought a SLR as first camera and not a compact or point and shot ;-) Over time, I always used SLR cameras, first film and now digital and whilst I have flirted with the idea of adding a compact digital camera to my photographic equipment, I have hesitated so far as that would have meant to sacrifice image quality. But that many change soon, thanks to the new Canon G13 aka Canon PowerShot G1X! I am really excited about the features this latest Canon model has.

Canon G13 Release Date

The newest, and perhaps best, Canon Powershot model is due for release the 31st March 2012. With naming it PowerShot G1X, Canon sends an important message to potential buyers that have expected that, in the tradition of the Canon G series, this model to be named G13 or G14.

The message is that, whilst this camera is certainly based on the features, and success, of the G series, it contains so many new and advanced features that it merits its own name and will, hopefully, mark the beginning of its very own series of top Canon prosumer cameras.

Instead of boring you with long lists of tech-specs, here the main reasons why I seriously consider buying this model when it becomes available in my 'neck of the woods' ;-)

Canon G13 Video

See for yourself what that camera can do!

Canon G13 - Features and Specs

I will not bore you to death with the full technical details, for this see the link below to the Canon product page ;-) Instead I will tell you what I like about this camera, what I don't like - and why!

Decent Size

It might be just me, but if I take a camera in my hands, I want to have the feeling of having a real camera in my hands and not some sort of tiny gadget. I want to reach all knobs and dials comfortably and not being afraid of changing a setting I don't want to change whilst doing something else. The G13 with its dimensions of 4.6x3.17x2.55 inches and 19 ounces of weight is certainly not as big or heavy as my trusty-rusty Canon Rebel, but still better than some of these ultra-slim, ultralight pocket cameras ;-) Plus still small enough to put into a hand bag or largish pocket!

Optical aka Real Viewfinder

Another point where I show my age, I really prefer optical viewfinders to LCD screens, drawback with the G13 is that its optical viewfinder covers only 80% of the image, which will take some time to get used to when it comes to image composition. And for those situations when I can't throw myself to the ground to get the shot I want, the swivel LCD panel will come in handy also.

Large Sensor

The larger the sensor, not in megapixel, but in inches!, the better usually the image quality. The G13 has a sensor that is only marginally smaller than the ones Canon uses in its DSLRs - big plus point! And yes, it does take 14MP images also, great for really large prints!

JPG+RAW Simultaneous Shooting

Another big one for me! I love the idea of being able to take a quick jpg for immediate use and having the raw file for playing around later in Photoshop. Many compact cameras don't offer this - has been always a deal breaker for me - until the G1X came along!

HD Movie / Video

Whilst it is not my main focus (sorry for the pun!), having the ability of shooting the occasional video in HD is certainly something what I am looking forward to ...

Full Manual Controls

Perhaps the biggest plus point for me, being able to control exposure and aperture completely manual or going for fully automatic as the need arises. The manual controls are exactly the same that are available on DSLRs, so again, I am a very happy bunny.

The G1X / G13 offers also a lot of creative modes like 'miniature', not something what I use on a daily base - but I will certainly try them all out ;-)

So, that are the biggest selling points for me, as your mileage may vary, have a look at the feature list link on the right to see if the G13 / G1X fits your photographic bill ;-)

Canon G13 and available Accessories

Click any image for more details!
Canon G1 X 14.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 4x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom Lens ...

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Canon MERCURY KIT PowerShot SX40 HS, NB-10L (Includes 2-1200mAh batteries and pocket charger, ...

The Canon PowerShot SX40 HS, SX40 SX40HS, PowerShot G1 X, G1X Kit includes:1)2 Power 2000 NB-10L 1200 mah batteries Ultra High Capacity Battery made with cells produced in ...

ZIP KIT of Digital Matrex

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Complete Accessory Kit For Canon PowerShot SX40 HS SX40HS G1 X G1X Digital Camera Includes ...

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Canon G13 Specifications - Full List

Full list of features of the Canon G13 / Powershot G1X can be found here.

Brochurs and Manuals are available here

Canon G13 Price

I warn you, this camera is not cheap, at $799 retail price it is aimed at serious photographers and / or DSLR users that need a smaller, yet professional, carry around camera. The image quality is stunning and the variety of features like the ability to shoot jpg+raw at the same time and the full manual control, if desired, make it well worth every cent for me.

Canon G13 DPReview

Canon G13 DPReview

Canon G13 Test

As the G13 isn't available, yet, in my neck of the wood, I couldn't test it myself. But on the right you find an extremely thorough review from the guys and gals over at DPReview - including sample images. Check it out ...

Canon G13 Review Summary

Will I buy the Canon G13 / Canon Powershot G1X when it becomes available? Budget permitting, YES! It is exactly the digital compact camera I was dreaming of for years. There are some points I would like to see improved, like the 28-112mm focal range (would love to see a bit more at the zoom end of things ;-)) and others I am thoroughly happy with like the in-build intelligent image stabilization which will come in handy as I get older ;-)

If you are serious about photography, this camera might be exactly what you are looking for, but if you don't plan to make ever use of its advanced features, there are cheaper cameras around that might be better suited for you (see below).

Canon G13 Ebay

... you might be lucky and get one for less!

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Sam on 03/23/2012

Good question Sheri, what do you mean by 'too much time to set up the photos'? If you have the preset you want to use already dialed in (like aperture priority / portrait mode etc) it will be like 'press shutter half way through, wait a sec (or less) until camera focuses and shoot. As always it boils down to RTFM thoroughly ;-) If you have to rely on 'getting the soot no matter what' you might be better off using one of the semi-automatic modes like 'portrait / landscape etc'. hope that helps ;-)

Sheri_Oz on 03/23/2012

I love my Canon G11 and a colleague with me on my latest trip had a Canon G12. The main problem with both of these is the slowness of shots. It was a real disadvantage given that I didn't have much time to set up the photos and just as little time to wait for the click to finish. Does the G1X improve that situation?

Sam on 03/15/2012

Dear 'Double Trouble', I normally don't allow anonymous comments on my articles ;-) The camera manual of the Canon G1X states clearly that it shouldn't be operated in humid conditions and that is valid for all 'not-waterproof' cameras. So, if you would have taken the time to actually read the manual you would have known that in advance and could have avoided the damage! If you want to have a waterproof camera, you need to buy a waterproof camera, as easy as that. Have a look here, prices start at around $50 ;-)

You call a rip-off what was your user mistake, taking a digital compact camera into an environment it was not approved for.

Double trouble on 03/15/2012

These compact, portable, robust all-rounders are damaged beyond repair by the slightest damp. Hang the camera under your waterproof clothing, and the wick action of the neckstrap is alone enough to destroy the camera beyond all repair.

You tell me if, after all these years of development, the lack of the slightest, most rudimentary waterproofing on these cameras is not deliberate. It is equivalent in every respect to planned obsolescence, and results in the destruction of every camera used in even the finest of rain.

Result? Your guarantee is void, your camera can and will not be repaired, your batteries are dead, your many years extra repairs insurance void, and the seller RESOLUTELY deaf to your frustrations.

A long-standing, cynical rip-off.

Sam on 03/13/2012

Nice camera also, Lissie! The main problem I have with the super-zooms is that image quality tends to suffer, especially at the zoom end. If you use your images only online (blog, Facebook, websites) that is fine, but if you want to print them out at a decent size, it is better, at least in my experience, to sacrifice some focal range for better image quality.

Lissie on 03/13/2012

I have a Canon SX20 - love these super-zoom cameras which give you full control of aperture and focus, but don't involve carrying around multiple lenses - perfect for travellers

Sam on 03/13/2012

If you like the G10, you will love the G1X, I am sure, BrettB!

brettb on 03/13/2012

I need to look at this one, I really like my G10. Shame it's a little on the heavy side, but it has more features than most Digital SLR's.

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