Cat Furniture: Beds, Trees, and Scratching Posts

by blackspanielgallery

Cats require several items to be content, and they can really make a difference.

Cats require more than dogs to remain content. Dogs just need a place to sleep, and human contact. Cats need less human content, but require things to amuse themselves. A nice bed may be welcome, but other items are also important. Cats often have a loner disposition, and like to command their domain, which takes some effort on their human friends to accommodate.

Pet Beds for Cats

Some Are Interchangeable with Dog Beds

A cat bed listed for sale may be exactly the same as a dog bed, and why not?  The simple version has a padded bottom and a nice, soft cushion sides for the cat to lay next to.  Others make accommodations for cats’ dispositions.  These are nice hiding places where the bed is inside and the entire piece has a cover.  Of course there is a large hole for the cat to enter and exit.  I can just see a cat preferring this style, especially when the cat would like a little solitude.  Yet another type takes the desire to be elevated into consideration, and cats do like to be up high.  Dogs are not into climbing, but cats relish going to a high place. 


But you cannot buy them all, so which ne will you choose?  A better question is which type would your cat choose?  No human cat owner will ever know, since cats are so mysterious and rarely reveal what they want.


Another consideration is the placement of the cat bed.  If it is to be seen by visitors it should be nice.  Remember, the cat is sharing its home with you, and you should work around the cat’s furniture, but you do have a say in what you bring into the home to become the cat’s furniture.  Once it is inside, the cat will take control.


Introduction Image

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The Scratching Post

Cats Often Scratch while Standing

A dog can roll around on the ground and be fine with it, but cats prefer to walk up to a scratching post and rub against it.  A scratching post must be a texture that works, so buying one from a company that has researched such things works better than building your own.  Face it, smooth silk would be a poor choice.  There needs to be some roughness to it.  You cannot simply cover a piece of wood with any piece of material.


Remember, the scratching post only works where the cat stays most often, so work it into your decorating scheme in the cat’s favorite room.  Pick a compatible color, and try to make it blend, or block it from places easily viewed with other furniture placement.


The Tree

A Place for a Cat to Climb

Would you like your cat climbing your drapes?  Well, provide the cat with an alternative that is preferred by the cat.  Get the cat a tree.  Climbing trees work best if there are several levels at which the cat can stop, and an easy route to them.  If the climb is too difficult the cat will climb other things in the room.  And a good tree has platforms large enough for the cat to lay down and survey the room.

Cat Climbing Tree

For Small Cats
SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber

Combination Pieces

Simplify Your Home

So, the cat needs three pieces of furniture.  But, the climbing tree can also have the scratching post built it, and an elevated bed for higher naps or a hiding place where the cat can have solitude can be part of the same piece.  This allows you to have but one item for the cat, and your home will be simplified.  There might even be room for your furniture.  And, if you place that high item in front of your television you can only blame yourself.


Oh, the Other Thing

It Is Important

While it should not be a living room or den item, cats do like a private area for doing their business.  Place a litter box in an accessible, but well hidden, place.  And it is up to you to clean it.  It is a requirement of cat ownership.

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Updated: 12/11/2019, blackspanielgallery
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CruiseReady on 07/01/2015

You are so right about cats making their own decisions. We bout a nice cat tree for Walker, and he is not impressed. I've tried placing him on it, luring him to it, catnipping it, and relocating it. He still won't have a thing to do with it.

blackspanielgallery on 06/30/2015

They do make their own decisions.

jptanabe on 06/30/2015

Nice selection of some cat essentials. My cats prefer to sleep on our bed, couch or office chair, even though we did buy a cat bed!

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