Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers

by jptanabe

These salt and pepper shakers make great gifts for the cat lovers in your life. Cat owners and those who just love cats will all enjoy these attractive items.

I'm known as a cat lover. Yes, I have cats, and I have lots of cat figurines. Now I really should have cat salt and pepper shakers too! I found there's a great selection from the whimsical to the cute to the downright silly (is that a reflection of the nature of cats, I wonder).

So here are some of my favorites. They'd be great gifts for any cat lovers you know!

Cats know what's right

Isn't it amazing how cats go from being those cute, funny kittens to these superior creatures who know just how the world should be, and their place in it (and ours of course - to serve them)!

But this superior attitude makes for great art and great figurines. Of course I have several such pieces!

They also make great salt and pepper shakers, though I'm not sure the cats would appreciate the shaking part so much.

Kittens are always cute

And often mischievous!
Kittens in a flowerpot
Kittens in a flowerpot

Kissing cats?

I don't know that cats really kiss, but these two look like they almost are don't they?

Actually, my daughter's cat, Pippin, made friends with one of neighbor's cats. Pippin was sick for a couple of days and the friend cat came to our door, basically asking if his friend could come out to play yet! When Pippin finally recovered enough to go outside, the friend cat came over so happy and gave him a kiss just like in this photo. It was so cute!

Two Cats On A Wall
Two Cats On A Wall
Kissing cat salt and pepper shakers

How cute these are! They are held together with magnets, so those kisses can last a long time.

The tabby cats are looking quite content with their long kiss.

In the other pair, the white cat has eyes closed in cat bliss, while the black cat has his eye open - so cute! 

Looks suspicious!

The next designs might not be quite what your cats (or mine) would approve of, so be careful! These cats are certainly suspicious of what's coming next.

Now what's going on here?

Sun Cats
Halloween Cats! - Uh oh, first no no!

Now really, do you think cats enjoy, or even tolerate, wearing these crazy Halloween outfits! Mine certainly wouldn't for long enough to take a photo so how could they wear them on the table as salt and pepper shakers.

Of course these aren't real cats, but any self respecting cat would be horrified at this representation of the feline race.

Still, they are kind of cute (but don't tell my cats I said so!)

Cupcake Cats!


Now that's a shocker! Cats don't even like sweet things. But I have to admit, they do look good enough to eat!

Made from ceramic and dolamite material these adorable "catcakes" are just about 2 1/2 inches high and 2 1/2 inches across.


Happy Cats!

Now you just know a happy cat when you see one - they're usually sleeping! But when they're still awake some cats cat really smile.

Do you know why these brightly painted cats are so happy? Because they've got fish swimming on them!

Lucky Cats!

The "Maneki-neko" beckoning cat is a common Japanese figurine believed to bring good luck. The figurine depicts a cat beckoning with its paw. When it is displayed at the entrance of a store or other place of  business, it welcomes the customers to come inside (and spend money!), 

Updated: 05/14/2023, jptanabe
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jptanabe on 05/13/2015

Thanks for the comments. I agree the sleek cats are fantastic, but I would be happy to receive any of them as gifts!

CruiseReady on 05/13/2015

Such appealing kitty cat salt and pepper shakers. I really like the ones with the smoother, sleeker lines.

Mira on 05/11/2015

I like the ideas. They would make great gifts, and I haven't seen them in stores, so it's great to be able to order them online :)

jptanabe on 05/11/2015

Yes, very tempting! Remember salt and pepper sets are useful, not just collectibles - so feel free to indulge yourself!

HomeArtist1 on 05/11/2015

While I'm not a 'collector' these cat salt and pepper sets are sure tempting. I love the skinny cat of the 60s and 70s like the first three sets--very tempting indeed. Well written and too cute article!

jptanabe on 05/11/2015

Thanks for your comment! I always want every kitten I see, they are just so cute.

Digby_Adams on 05/11/2015

I am definitely a cat person and the picture of the kittens just melted me. These salt and pepper shakers would make great gifts or cute table decorations.

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