Cat Stamps and Postage

by CherylsArt

Are you a cat lover or know someone who is? If so, I've found some purr-fect stamps for you, including rubber stamps and postage stamps.

Cat lovers love cats. To see a four legged, furry friend anywhere, is a delight to our eyes. We like cats on all things, especially cute, cuddly, and friendly ones. How about you? If so, you're invited to check out the adorable stamps that I've found for you, that you can place on your envelopes, stamp in your scrapbook, and more.

I've been a cat lover since I was two. That's when I got my first cat.

My first cat lived for over twenty years. I think she was a soul mate of mine.

Our cats, Muffin and Sunshine. I've had different cats over the years. Some of the artwork below was also inspired by them.

Our current cats are named Muffin and Sunshine. Muffin is a tuxedo and Sunshine (Sunny) is a tortie.

I love doing artwork that is inspired by our kitties.

Here are some fun stamps showing some purr-sonaltiy.

What kind of purr-sonality does your cat have?

If you haven't already guessed, another one of my loves, is creating art.

You'll find a variety of my cat art on stamps and more, at CherylsArt on Zazzle.

You'll also find a photo or two, too. If you would like me to create some cat art for you, you can contact me, Cheryl Paton, at [email protected]. Type in cat design request in the subject line, to let me know you're interesting in some artwork. I usually paint with acrylics.

Usually I make the artwork from the cat's natural attire.

But I have to admit, we did purchase a couple of pet dresses for our girls to try out.

The first time we tried dresses on them, the cats didn't seem to impressed and wanted them off. I left the dresses lay about though, and figured that the cats might warm up to them if they thought the dresses were toys or something to snuggle with.

Eventually, I gave it another try with Muffin. She was relaxing in my lap, so I slipped the dress on over head and then put her legs through the arm holes.

Muffin seemed to okay with it while she was sitting in my lap. I think she felt like it was a snug hug. I left the dress on her long enough for my daughter to take her photo. You can see her in the birthday stamp for a four year old, below, along with some portraits of her, as well.

Muffin is a tuxedo cat, she has a white chest, white on her face, and white on her legs.

She is most photogenic.

I know that you may be searching for rubber stamps as well.

You may want to add a paw print and/or a cat outline to your stationery, scrapbook, etc.

So I've included some neat options that I found on Amazon.

The outline stamps below are actually a set of three separate rubber stamps. Two are different poses, and one is the word, cat.

Clicking on any link here will take you to the appropriate page on Amazon, where you can complete your purchase, and/or search for something else.

Rubber Stamps of Cat Outlines, Silhouette, Face, and a Paw Print

For your purr-fect stamp of approval.
Cavallini 3 Assorted Rubber Stamps Sets, Cats

Cavallini Rubber Stamps Sets Cats-3 assorted wooden rubber stamps packaged in a tin.

View on Amazon

Cat Silhouette Mini Rubber Stamp Wm 1.25x0.5

Miniature cat rubber stamp WM 1.25x0.5"

View on Amazon

Tiny Cat Face Rubber Stamp

This is a deeply etched, finely detailed rubber stamp mounted on high quality white maple wood block with hourglass sides. All of our stamps are new stamps and ship directly fro...

View on Amazon

Cat Paw Print Rubber Stamp

This is a deeply etched, finely detailed Rubber Stamp mounted on high quality white maple wood block with hourglass sides. All of our stamps are new stamps and ship directly fro...

View on Amazon

Updated: 05/28/2013, CherylsArt
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