Children Should Learn to Play Music

by Javrsmith

Music is important for children. Parents and grandparents should provide opportunities for them to learn how to play their own instrument. Later, consider formal lessons.

Children love music

From their earliest days, children love music. Parents have known for centuries that soft lullabies sung to babes soothe them. This is really helpful near bedtimes. Children love to hear their parents singing and they start to memorize the tunes and words at a young age. There is a lot of proof that music helps with the development of young minds, possibly due to the mathematical quality of some music. Regardless, parents should give children the opportunity to learn how to play their own music. There are musical instruments available for very young children, such as toy drums and pianos. These are designed to take the harsh treatment that a young tot might dish out. Later, there are more capable student instruments that can be provided as the child matures.

Many professional musicians credit musical exposure that they received as children as being vitally important to their future career path. While some had musical parents, most were given opportunities to play their own music. Their musical starts are very often fondly remembered many years later. Even many of the world's top musical artists can reflect on the first instrument they had as a very young child. With proper nuturing, parents can develop a love for music with their children and may even be helpful at developing future musical careers.

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Consider supporting music programs for children in your community.

Consider Youth Music Programs

As children age, they develop rapidly and can benefit greatly by attending formal music lessons in school or with private teachers. Many school music programs exist to provide band, choir or orchestral training to students. Private music teachers are available in most communties and they offer instruction on most all instruments. The musical talent of youngsters can really advance quickly when they are given the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers. Music has been taught for centuries so teachers know where students are likely to have musical problems. They have specific practice exercises that are designed to help students overcome whatever difficulties arise.

Parents should be mindful of the fact that music can either release stress in children or it can add to it. With hectic days at school, the child may find that they have a lot of responsibilities. Having to practice their musical instrument can be time consuming. This obviously can boost stress. It is quite important for children to treat music as an enjoyable pursuit. If it becomes a chore, the child wil begin to dread playing. Certainly dropping their musical education may follow.

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Updated: 05/30/2011, Javrsmith
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DerdriuMarriner on 12/14/2021

Javrsmith, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
My parents continued the musical commitments of their parents and of their parents' parents.

This is a careful, conscientious article that encourages sound awareness in all ages. In particular, I like the implicit respect for non-structured and structured musical appreciation, for playing by ear and playing by score.
My only worry rests in what can be an unfortunate side-effect of teaching children reading and writing too early. Focusing on alphabets and words, without breaks and exercises, sometimes spoils long-distance vision. Perhaps there would be similar concerns, without proper protection of ear parts and of sound levels, about hearing sensitivities.

jillian22 on 12/12/2012

The earlier the better - great article!

DavidPaulWagner on 02/19/2012

Practical tips on how to introduce children to music in an interesting and low-stress manner. My mother gave me piano lessons. While I never achieved any medals for my playing, I have always been rateful to her for opening my eyes to the world of classical music.

barbarab on 08/29/2011

I loved it early and still do! It gave me great joy a well to hold little granddaughter and let her plunk away at the piano keys!

That_FishLady on 06/02/2011

I agree, music is very important for children. I was always encouraged to play instruments, and ended up picking up at least a dozen before I got out of high school. It gave me something to be passionate about, and I learned a lot of valuable skills a long the way.

cosmopinkice on 05/30/2011

My parents allowed me to take piano lessons at a very early age. The values, emotions, thoughts and experience I gained from the lessons have been invaluable to me. I later took band in school. Music has and will always be very important in my life.

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