Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

by jptanabe

Christmas ornaments made of chocolate are colorful, festive, tasty - the perfect way to decorate your tree!

I have a "Christmas" box with decorations - lights, tree stand, garlands, ornaments, and stuff. It waits in the basement for most of the year and faithfully produces its festive treasures every December.

Now, although it's lovely to have items that have fond memories, I also want something new each year! Instead of spending money on more ornaments which would soon overpower our little tree, my solution is edible ornaments - and being a chocolate lover I look for chocolate Christmas ornaments. If you can relate to that sentiment, you'll find some colorful, festive, and tasty ornaments right here.

Christmas Tree by Carol Robinson

The Christmas Tree is Central to Christmas

From the cutting down and bringing home of the tree, through the decorating it together as a family, to the excitement of finding the gifts it bears, the Christmas tree has become an essential element of any Christmas celebration.

For me, the perfect addition is a collection of chocolate ornaments that not only look beautiful but taste good, and are available as gifts for anyone who stops by that I didn't prepare a gift for. Who can be offended by being asked to choose a fun gift hanging right there on the tree!

Chocolate Gifts

These Christmas wrapped chocolate gifts from Santa add just the right touch to the Christmas tree.

Tasteful and tasty! Contains 9 Chocolate Ornaments with strings - all ready to put on the tree. Have a Merry Christmas with Cadbury chocolate!

Chocolate Santas

Well of course you just have to have Santas!

Here are some "Mini Santas" made of solid milk chocolate. They're not quite ready to hang on your tree - but just attach strings and you're all set.

Holiday Snowflakes


Aren't snowflakes just a wonderful part of Christmas? While chocolate snowflakes are not as delicate as the real thing, they taste better!

This collection has 8 assorted snowflake ornaments, individually foil wrapped in different colors. Each snowflake is made of solid milk chocolate, and has a string attached for hanging on the tree.

The Twelve Days of Christmas - The famous carol

There's never a Christmas that goes by without hearing "The Twelve Days of Christmas." So why not join the cheer by singing along.

This delightful book contains wonderful illustrations of the song portrayed in various levels of meaning. The fantastic gifts are portrayed in amazing splendor (seven swans swim in Russian headdresses) and each page features the story of a family's preparations for Christmas.

These milk chocolate ornaments feature the Twelve Days of Christmas. Colorful, festive, and tasty - what a great addition to your tree!

These handmade Belgian chocolates are available in Milk, White or Dark Belgian Chocolate; also available in Sugar Free chocolates. Each Chocolate is embossed with one of the 12 Days of Christmas brushed with edible gold. They are individually wrapped.

Riegelein Napolitains Christmas Ornament Chocolate Bars


8 mini chocolate bars with strings all ready to hang on your tree.

These are German chocolate - taste so good!

Delicious chocolate ornaments

Delicious milk chocolate wrapped in foil and ready to hang on your tree or stuff in a stocking!

More Delicious German Chocolate Ornaments

Kinder milk star ornament with individual chocolate bites.

Colorful and delicious!

Belgian Chocolate Lights!

Belgian milk chocolate hanging Christmas tree candy ornaments. Colorful and ready to brighten up your Christmas tree!

Updated: 10/03/2021, jptanabe
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CruiseReady on 08/12/2015

What fun it would be to hang some of these on our tree. thank you for the idea!

jptanabe on 08/11/2015

Yes, Christmas chocolate always seems special!

Mira on 08/11/2015

I grew up with Christmas trees full of chocolate treats. They were all the same kind of candy, but not the candy I would normally eat, so it was exciting :) These days I enjoy small chocolate Santas at Christmastime :)
I like those snowflakes!

jptanabe on 08/10/2015


blackspanielgallery on 08/10/2015

I believe I have seen these just once. Nice article.

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