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by VioletteRose

Chocolates make sweet gourmet gifts for chocolate lovers. See special chocolate gift ideas for chocolate lovers in your life for birthdays, Valentine's day or wedding anniversary.

I love chocolates and I love to try different varieties of chocolates available in the market. The dark, brown, white, anything chocolate looks beautiful to me. Chocolates make children happy, they can stop toddler tantrums and after all they can make everyday life beautiful. I do not think anyone can say an excuse of not having enough time to find a gift for their special one when flowers and chocolates are always there within your reach.

Chocolates can also be a really beautiful gift for valentines day, birthdays or anniversaries, especially when you decide to combine them with other special gifts.

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Why chocolate gifts are so special?

Well, I have never known anyone who doesn’t like chocolates. I seriously believe chocolates can make everyone happy, unless someone can’t have chocolates due to dietary choices or health reasons. Even those who are very health conscious love chocolates and the dark varieties can be actually good for your health.

My son even likes the 90% dark chocolate which is slightly bitter and sometimes I am surprised when he prefers it over other sweets which have got lots of sugar in them.

The good thing with chocolate gifts is that even if you have found a very special gift for your loved one, you can gift the chocolates along with the special gift to make her more happy.  And if you couldn’t find any special gifts due to any reason, a box of chocolates and red roses can never go wrong, if you gift them with all your heart.

Chocolate gifts come in a variety of sizes and prices. So even if you have a shortage of money you can easily find chocolates which you can afford.

Chocolates for all occasions
Chocolates for all occasions
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Chocolates Health Benefits

Chocolate contains antioxidants which can be very healthy for you. They can actually relieve stress, improve your moods and make you happy. It is the sugar added to the real chocolates that cause health problems. If you eat too many chocolates, you can go for the darker variety. Treat yourself with the rich, creamy and sweeter varieties only occasionally.

It is believed that chocolates are good to reduce inflammations and the antioxidants in chocolates are so good that they can even fight free radical formation in our body and help prevent cell damage. Chocolate produces a compound called anandamides which can fight depression and make you feel good!

Learn How to Make Irish Cream White Chocolate Truffles

Here is a wonderful video that I have found in YouTube which will help you learn how to make White Chocolate Truffles.

Valentine's Day Special White Chocolates

White chocolates contain cocoa butter and milk solids with sugar, but unlike the dark variety it doesn't contain chocolate liquor.

Vegan Chocolate Gifts

There are many people who are vegan, but there are also many vegan chocolate gifts available in the market just for them. So even for those who follow vegan diets, you can easily find vegan chocolate gifts which come in a variety of flavours and sizes.

How to enjoy your chocolate gifts with out compromising on your weight?

If you have an option, go for the darker variety. There are many different dark chocolates available in market today, it is just a matter of choosing the right one for you.
If you are gifted with a chocolate which is not the darker variety and if you really worry about your weight:
1) Enjoy a small piece and share the rest with your family or friends.
2) Chocolates can be stored easily, you don’t have to finish it soon. Treat yourself with a small piece every now and then.
3) Many of the chocolates can be easily added to other desserts you make at home, try utilizing it to improve your recipe and please your guests.

Always try to appreciate the thoughts and efforts of those who presented you the gift, being positive and happy will only help your health.

Make your own chocolate gifts

A homemade gift is always special and home made chocolate gifts are no different. There are many treats like chocolate truffles which you can easily make at home. Once you have made them, wrap them in gift papers and gift to your loved ones. I have never made a chocolate gift myself, but I would love to get homemade chocolates as gifts. Also I would like to make them my own. After all if you go for a homemade gift, I think it is more special because you are putting so much effort into it and chances are that the one who receives the gift will feel special and value it more. I have made desserts at home with chocolates, but making homemade chocolate gifts is something new I want to learn.
Here is a simple idea. Learn how to make chocolate truffles or brownies.
Make them a day before the special day.
Pack the truffles in a beautiful gift box, whether they are store bought or made by your own hands.
Wrap them in beautiful gift papers and give the gift on the special day.
Also you can serve the chocolate truffles for desserts for lunch or dinner at your home.

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Do you like chocolate gifts?

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VioletteRose on 10/01/2014

Thanks so much for reading Derdriu and ologsinquito.

ologsinquito on 09/17/2014

You're right. Dark chocolate is so delicious and good for you as well. You made me want some chocolate now.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/16/2014

VioletteRose, A nice presentation which is sure to delight lovers of chocolates. These treats are enticingly photogenic.

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