Choose the Best Brownie Pan for Your Family

by Digby_Adams

You can opt for the free-form everybody does their thing brownie pan, the everybody get's an edge brownie pan or everyone get's a perfectly identical brownie pan

Baking brownies used to be simple. If you wanted to bake a few brownies, you got out the 9" x 9" baking pan and made your favorite recipe. If you wanted a lot you got out the 9" x 13" Wilton pan and probably doubled the recipe. Life was good. Then someone decided that people preferred all-edges brownies and a whole new class of brownie pan was created. So now before you make your brownies, you have to survey your family. Who wants an edge brownie, who wants a center piece. If you're making your brownies for a bake sale, then you probably should use a pan that guarantees that everyone gets the same looking piece.

Nordic Ware Microwave Brownie Pan

Brownies in 5 Minutes

micro-wave brownie panMicrowave Nordic Ware Brownie Pan
There are times when my husband and I are watching television and we just want a delicious snack. Usually it's late at night and I'm not up for baking at that hour. But when I discovered a microwave brownie pan that really worked, I got hooked. The one shown to the left is my Nordic Ware, one of the best brands a baker can trust. Now when you want brownies, prepare your favorite brownie mix, throw it in the pan, and in FIVE MINUTES you have brownies. This is also perfect for the "Mom I forgot to tell you I need something for the bake sale tomorrow, crisis that happens at 10 pm in many households. The pan is sized to fit most baking mixes and it is small enough to fit most microwave ovens as well. It's also freezer safe, if you want to store the leftovers. It's usually sold under $10. Click Here to see the details, consumer reviews, or to buy it from

Brownies with York Peppermint Patties in the Middle

Chocolate and Peppermint the Perfect Flavor Combination
Easy to Make with the Right Brownie Pan
Easy to Make with the Right Brownie Pan

These incredible tasting brownies are so easy. Just whip up your favorite brownie recipe. Fill each cavity in the brownie pan about one-third full. They plop a York peppermint patty on top. Then put more brownie batter on top. Cook until the brownie is cooked. This can take a little practice, because the peppermint patty in the center changes the cooking time. Each batter reacts differently. 

Peanut butter fans can substitute Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. In fact with this individual cavities you can make half one way and half the other way!

Buy a Brownie Pan Online

All of the top brands are easy to find

Okay I admit it, I'm a traditionalist when it comes to making brownies. My favorite brownie recipe fits in a 9" x 9" brownie pan. I've chosen the traditional Wilton pan to the right because it lets people choose how big a brownie that they want. They can also choose if they want a chewy edge brownie or a softer inner brownie. On the practical side, I love the fact that this brownie pan has a cover. In my world we are more apt to invite people over for supper than go out to a restaurant wth them. Usually the invited family brings dessert. Brownies are always a hit. When you have a cover made for your pan, it makes the transport so much easier - and you don't waste so much aluminum foil. Whenever possible I buy Wilton baking pans. Why? I've always been happy with the quality. As a small child I remember my mother and grandmother always buying Wilton.

The one exception I make to the everyone gets a different size brownie pan approach is when I'm making brownies to sell at the church bazaar, VFW hall or local football game. Then you definitely want every brownie to be the same size. Check out the Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Slice Solutions Brownie pan to the right. It's a nice big size pan at 13" x 9.5". That's important when you're baking for a bake sale. The brownie insert is removable so you don't always have to use it. And, the brownie pan comes with a lid, making it easier to get your brownies to the event in one piece.

When I make my fancy brownies I do use a brownie pan that looks very much like a cupcake pan - except the compartments are square. My fancy or surprise brownies are just my basic brownie recipe, with a Reeses peanut cup or thin mint in the center. The compartments just make it easier to put in some brownie batter, then add the candy, and add more brownie batter. With the compartments, I know just where the center of every brownie is.


Brownie Pops are Trending at Bake Sales

You can easily make many different kinds
Kids Love Picking Out the Brownie Pop They Want
Kids Love Picking Out the Brownie Pop They Want

I've noticed that Brownie Pops are really popular with the kids at the coffee hour after the Sunday morning church service. A few of the Moms have really gotten good at them and make the cutest designs. If you want to try your hand at this, then you definitely need to get a brownie pop mold pan. (Yes, Wilton makes one!)   

Once the brownie pops are made and cooled the fun begins. Insert a stick into them.  Then dip them in frosting and then different toppings. If I'm bringing them to a bake sale, then I put some cellophane over them and tie it with a bow. 

Learn More About the Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

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Jimmie on 12/18/2011

How did I miss this one? Yum! I've never understood the fascination with brownie corners. I like the middles better.

Holistic_Health on 10/16/2011

Wow, and I'm about to go to the grocery store. Brownies are irresistible.

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