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Ancient Aztecs were probably the first people on earth civilization who admired the stark contrast of red bracts with green foliage at the tip of the beautiful Christmas Poinsettia

Although there are more than hundred varieties and cultivars of Poinsettia, majority of Americans prefer red poinsettia, 7 percent prefer white or slight yellowish and 14 % prefer pink poinsettias. Without doubt, all these colours look magnificent. A pink and a cream poinsettia in full bloom is a mesmerising sight to behold.

Moreover, modern cultivars come in various palettes of orange, pale green, cream and marbled varieties. Poinsettia is also famously called Winter Rose, Christmas Star or Christmas flower Plant, Mexican Flame Leaf probable because of the fiery profusion of red leaves that also look like flowers at the tip of the stem.

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The Origins and Habitats of Poinsettia

About Christmas Plant


Poinsettia flowers are found in the wilderness of deciduous forest of Mexico. Significant to the foundation of modern Turkey, it is known as Ataturk’s flower priceless to the people who consider it as a ‘Symbol of Purity”. In Mexico this fiery, painted leaves plant thrive in the subtropical climate and the legend has it that it was first introduced by a small boy on the altar of Christ and hence afterwards used for celebrations and decorations of Christmas. Mexicans call it “Holy Night Flower or Christmas Flower”.

Legend of Poinsettia

Christmas Traditions



A small poor boy having visited a church felt sad that he did not bring any gift for Infant Jesus. Tears fell from his eyes when he was standing outside the gates of a Church. His heartfelt sincere prayers were answered when his tears met the fertile ground of the earth, there arose a plant with crimson painted leaves where his tears fell. The boy happy to present this unique gift on the idol of Christ is said to have first gifted the Christmas plant thus starting the tradition of Christmas flower plant.


Facts of Christmas Plant


Botanical name of Poinsettia is Euphorbia Pulcherrima and the species is of the same name. Family name is Euphorbiaceae. The bright red petals at the tip of the plant resembling flower are truly not flower at all. The cluster of these beautiful foliage is not really leaves but bracts as the Botanists refer them. The number can vary from 12 to 36 and they change their colour from crimson to green as they grow. The Christmas plant can reach a height of 10 to 12 feet.



First Introduction of Christmas Poinsettia

Christmas Plant in US


Another anecdote related with the facts can be the real source of transporting the Poinsettia plant to United States. It was about the Diplomat Joel Roberts Poinsett who brought this beautiful magical plant from Mexico around two centuries ago. This was around 1830, the controversial figure who brought it to US was also known as the scourge of the continent. However; It is another matter, that his astute knowledge of languages and foreign relations brought him to work under the tenure of three Presidents.

What plant do you use for Christmas Celebrations and Decor?

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Poinsettia Christmas Decor


There are many ways you can use poinsettia for Christmas decor. You can have an entire Christmas tree decorated with poinsettia floral ornaments or just place them at strategic places. A table setting with poinsettia centerpiece table runway and crockeries would be amazing with the crimson colour. Use it in a wreath or Christmas garland. Adorn your fire mantel with poinsettia socks. Poinsettia look amazing on throw pillows and they will be a great theme for your bedroom duet and sofa covers too. Artificial silk arrangement of poinsettia bouquet look terrific.

Caring for Christmas Poinsettia

How to grow Poinsettia


Once you buy poinsettia, it might become difficult to induce blooming again. That is because the plant hibernates in long autumn periods and requires prolonged dark nights for at least two months before it can start flowering again. The tricky part is to make them bloom again. Ensure that it has rested in the winter and your perseverance may


Poinsettias are fragile and difficult to cultivate unless there is a suitable climate. It will not survive harsh winters and soaring temperatures. Poinsettias are extremely sensitive to light conditions. Unless they remain dormant for long cool nights, the Poinsettias may delay the bloom or do not bloom at all. They are propagated through cuttings; the soil better be sterilized, and the handling should be delicate for the saplings.

Growing Poinsettia

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Mira on 11/18/2019

This was very interesting. I didn't know about poinsettias of other colors, and I really like the pink one in the second video! I also didn't know that colder temperatures or darkness turn these leaves red. How amazing. :) Thank you so much for this nice article and the informative videos.

blackspanielgallery on 11/17/2019

The poinsettia is quite popular, and many local churches decorate with large quantities of them. Some ask for donations, and buy them from a single source so they are about the same size. After Christmas parishioners who donated are asked to come claim them so they are not wasted, since these are growing, potted plants.
I understand the timing of the red, or other color leaves, which many call the flowers, is controlled by having the plant experience a period of cold, so florists might refrigerate them to bring about the colorful display at the right time.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/16/2019

WriterArtist, Thank you for the practical information and the product lines.
Poinsettia naturally grows as a shrubby perennial in Mexico even though it is treated generally as an herbaceous annual in the United States. It is difficult to extend poinsettia life cycles but, as you indicate, it's worth the effort and patience. Particularly in the 20th century, part of the excitement of the Christmas season revolved around the arrival of poinsettias in offices and stores and the revelation of the latest patented poinsettia creations.
Why do you call Joel Roberts Poinsett, a supporter of independence and republican movements in Latin America at a time of military rule and Spanish colonialism there, the scourge of the continent?

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