Christmas Gift Ideas 2012

by lisad

Christmas is looming and I've already been scouring Amazon for the pick of the presents. Here are my top Christmas gift ideas for 2012 - mainly under $50

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The All New CORKCICLE.  For Perfect Wine.


The Corkcicle was nominated by for the 2011 Gift of the year, the winner of which will be announced on Cyber Monday. It can be difficult to keep your wines at just the right drinking temperature. Not any more. Just place a Corkcicle inside your wine bottle and let it chill the wine from the inside.

Store your Corkcicle in the freezer and when you open a bottle of white wine, instead of having to use an ice bucket or return the wine to the fridge just insert the Corkcicle which will then keep your wine at the optimum temperature.

If you have a Starbucks addict in your life, why not help them save some money with a home espesso and cappuccino machine. In my view this has got to be about the best coffee machine for under $100. You can make professional-quality espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes in the comfort of your own home with this 4-cup coffee maker. Not only does it look good but it has a powerful steam/boiler which quickly heats up in less than two minutes which will allow you to make up to four cappuccinos or lattes in less than five minutes. The machine also allows you to switch from brewing coffee to steaming milk and adjust the stregth of the coffee strength to suit your individual taste. It also has a seperate steam arm for ateaming and a removable drip tray for easy cleamning.


Razor Rip Rider 360

The Razor Rip Rider 360 has got to be about the coolest gift around if your aged around seven to 11. First you learn how to drift. This is where the bike slides slideways while turning and then you progress  until you can make a full 360 degree spin - or indeed several 360 degree spins without stopping. It's the best thing ever, as your kid will tell you, if you decide to buy him or her one of these bad boys for Christmas.

Syma Remote Control Helicopter

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter - Colors may vary
Only $24.98

 The new generation of RC helicopters is here! Unlike previous models of helicopter, the Syma Metal Series  107 has a built in gyroscope that makes it far easier to maneuver than other models. The internal solid state gyroscope enables a whole new level of directional control, which means that the helicopter always maintains a fixed heading. Gone are the days of out-ofcontrol spinning you got in the older models! The world of indoor helicopters has really taken a leap forward in the past few years from 2-channel to 3-channel. This means that you now have control over the height, speed and direction, over 3 different axis of control.

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (7958)
$80.17  $65.0

Ok, not strictly a Christmas present as you'll need this sooner BUT I thought it worth mentioning as I bought lego advent calendars for my boys last year for the first time (how come I never knew they existed??) and they were a huge success. This year I've gone with the Star Wars one which looks absolutely brilliant. I can't wait to see their faces when they get these. It has 24 unique gifts, including iconic mini figures, vehicles and accessories from the Star Wars universe. A young Jedi is too cool to get plain old chocolate in their advent calendar, so try something a little different with this version. Open a new window on each of the 24 days before Christmas, and it could contain any one of nine well known mini figures or sixteen vehicles.

 This Buzz Lightyear is a deluxe film replica. Buzz comes alive with the original Buzz voice and knows when you’re talking. Pop- out his wings with light-up wing tips or test his level sensor which knows when Buzz is in a flying position or standing. He has over 65 sayings in the original voice and dual “Space Ranger” and “Toy Modes” so that you can almost believe that he comes alive. Any child who’s a Toy Story fan will absolutely love this present.


The Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System would be a welcome gift for most women. The manufacturer claims it cleans 6X deeper than normal cleansing and it works by massaging cleansing lotion into your skin with rotating brushes that spin up to 350 times per minute. If your budget is tight It is a good alternative to the much more expensive Clarisonic Pro (which I love). As it cleanses it also exfoliates which prepares your skin for the application of your moisturizer which is then quickly absorbed. You should also find that your foundation is easier to apply as it  won't have a tendency to slide across your skin and will consequently give you a much better finish. 

The Pro-X Advanced has two setting so that if you have sensitive skin you can use the more gentle one. It runs on batteries so is also very handy for travelling. It has had hundreds of rave reviews on Amazon with people claiming, amongst other things, that it helps with oily skin and acne. Remakably this product is priced at under $30.

The Remington Ceramic Curling Wand is a salon quality styler which doesn’t have a clamp (hence the name wand). It gives you the flexibility to create curls, flicks and soft waves without  a clunky clamp hampering you. It’s definitely the latest way to curl your hair. All over the world professional stylists are using these wands everyday. It works on all hair types from really thick to African American and everything in between. So give one of these to your girlfriend so she can start creating brilliant results for herself at home. A snip at under $25.

If your girlfriend/mom does their own nails then how about giving them a professional nail dryer. This Thermal Spa dryer is big enough for two hands (or feet)and also works on shellac nail varnish. It has two and three minute settings and also a continuous setting. When using darker nail colours use two cycles to be sure it has cured.


Survival expert and Born Survivor host Bear Grylls portrays potentially life-threatening situations to demonstrate how to survive in a worst-case scenario.Filmed like a feature film, Bear pushes his physical boundaries. Part stuntman, part urban survivalist to exhibit scenarios that viewers could find themselves in and equip them with potentially life-saving information.In each episode, Bear shows viewers that the right knowledge and skills can help anyone succeed in urban survival situations that could arise without warning, from escaping a high-rise apartment fire to fending off a shark attack to escaping out of a sinking car. Further situations featured on “Worst Case Scenario”include escaping from a frozen lake and surviving a multi-story elevator plunge.

Bear Grylls Worst Case Scenario

Worst-Case Scenario: Season 1
$89.99  $39.99

IStubble Facial Hair Trimmer

Conair Gmt900 Istubble Facial Trimmer, Gray
Only $109.0

From a 0.4 mm shadow to a 5.0 mm short beard, almost any stubble look is achievable with the i-stubble's ultra precise motorised length control system. Between 0.4mm and 2.0 mm, the i-stubble adjusts in extremelyprecise 0.2 mm increments, giving you exceptional control and accuracy. The cutting length is adjusted at the push of a button using the digital controls, and the LCD screen displays each of the 15 length settings as the length is adjusted. For even more precision, you can remove the comb guide for easy shaping and tidying of your stubble.

Leatherman Skeletool Multitool

Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multitool
Only $101.99

 What man doesn’t love a multi-tool? The Leatherman Skeletool features things like pliers, wire cutters, locking knife, drill bits and a bottle opener. I got my own hubby one last Christmas and he was delighted with it - said he'd always wanted one :)



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Musicfor Thesoul on 11/22/2011

Il Divo tickets would be an amazing gift too! You should buy your tickets now!

lisad on 11/17/2011

Hi Rosie
Yes they're fab aren't they:)

Rosie on 11/16/2011

I've also bought the lego advent calendars for my kids in the past and they are absolutely fantastic. It's such a lovely build up to Christmas and I got quite excited myself to see what was behind each door:)

Sathyam on 10/29/2011

The superior quality of the Italian leather briefcase provides you a fashionable and professional look. You can easily carry this briefcase along with you, and it is very spacious that enables you to carry all your important documents.

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