Christmas gift ideas for the old man cave

by teddletonmr

Give the men in your life one or more of these awesome Christmas gift ideas, keep them entertained, well supplied with all their favorite snacks, and update that tired old man cave

I believe we will all agree finding the perfect Christmas gift for a man that has everything he wants or needs is an extremely hard thing to do. Hard yes, impossible no, all we need do is listen to what things he talks about, what he says is good and bad about this or that. Then without him having a clue buy, something totally unrelated to his skillfully veiled hints or maybe just for fun play with him like a cat would a mouse.
Jokes aside, follow along as I share with you this old man’s prospective on the best Christmas gift ideas for sprucing up your old man’s cave.

Gift ideas gamers will absolutely love

Update that old Xbox 360 gaming system with a 240Hz 3D TV, surround sound and the Xbox one console

With all the cool games, sports, movies, TV shows Skype and live chats going on in hyper speeds these days and in the future. The new Xbox one console from Microsoft will modernize the old man cave. This powerful entertainment system makes instantly switching between playing and reviewing with friends via Skype the latest and greatest version of games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, or Madden NFL-25 a snap.


Xbox One Console makes a great holiday gift

It's time to upgrade that old Xbox 360
Xbox One Console - Day One Edition

The amazing Xbox one

Play games, watche TV and Skype

The truly amazing thing about the new Xbox one is how well the Kinect technology actually works. Kinect makes for a great entertainment experience, watching TV, movies, YouTube, listening to music, Xbox live, or how about watching a movie while playing a game at the same time.

Microsoft’s new Xbox one console isn’t just a video game system Xbox One is much more. The new Kinect technology   makes switching from one app to another a snap. Playing a game, and watching the big game and talking with a friend on Skype simultaneously, side by side on the same screen unbelievably easy. When connected to the Sony 55 KDL – 55-inch 240-hz 1080p 3D LED HDTV.

Your old man will never again miss a moment of the breath taking action with this set-up.

Just imagine for a moment how cool it will be for the old man to speak, and the Xbox one turn on, and switch between apps. Make a gesture and the HD infrared camera recognize that gesture and respond accordingly. Another amazing feature of the Xbox One, the old man will be able to interact with not only his Xbox live community of friends, other social media site friends as well. All the while enjoy himself as he becomes part of the Steven Spielberg directed world of Halo. All he will need is a good supply of snacks and his favorite beverages that will surely keep him and his buddies out of your hair. Allowing you to shop online, or curl up with a good book and a bottle of your favorite wine. 

Man must have snacks

No self-respecting man cave is complete without a ready supply of hot and jucie hotdogs, brats, smoked sausage, or a tasty polish sausage.

I believe we will all agree there is one undeniable fact, men regardless of age or interests all crave their favorite snacks. After all, men do need to keep up their strength and ninja like reflexes while showing off their gridiron skills, battling their nemesis, or racing around the world of GTA5. All that hooping, hollering and jumping up and down like a mad man is hard work, requiring frequent replenishing of calories too keep up a man’s competitive edge, right.  

In the spirit of doing what we can to keep potential mess making to a minimum, buy your man a hotdog cooker like the Waring Pro, HDG150 professional hot dog griller. Grill up to six hotdogs in six minutes, bratwurst, smoked sausages, and Kielbasa takes a little longer. Cooked to perfection every time, and as an added bonus, your man can easily warm his favorite hotdog buns or roll atop the hotdog grill polycarbonate cover without the need of fussing over an outdoor gas or charcoal grill.


Nacho cheese dip and hot buttered popcorn

Great gift ideas for the man that enjoys hot cheesy nachos and fresh popped popcorn

Homemade nacho cheese sauce with chips closely followed by fresh popped popcorn is the most requested snacks at our house on game day, movie night and a Grand Theft Auto V, or Call of Duty marathon. Ok, walking tacos, chili fry’s and homemade sausage balls are quite tasty when smothered in nacho cheese as well.

.This year do everyone a favor and buy the ole man a Paragon pro style nacho cheese warmer with pump dispenser. This will keep everyone happy, happy, happy, and keep the mess out of the old microwave oven at the same time.


Deluxe electric popcorn popper

While we are on the subject of keeping the mess out of the microwave, here is a great gift idea for you. Buy your man a real popcorn machine, the Great Northern electric popcorn popper that uses the perfect size 8-oz kettle. Popping large amounts of popcorn couldn’t get any easier.

How easy you ask, only 5-easy steps.

1. Plug the Great Northern electric popcorn popper into a standard 120-volt household receptacle.

2. Flip the switch that turns on the deluxe 860-watt 8-oz popcorn kettle, and give it a few minutes to heat up.

3. Use just enough oil generously covering the bottom of the kettle say about 1/8-inch or the thickness of a slice of the individually rapped American cheese, we like Coconut oil, into the pre-heated kettle and let the oil heat up.

4. Add one 8-oz cup full of popping corn into the pre-heated kettle and turn the switch on that powers the built in stirring thingy that keeps the popcorn moving for better popping.

5. after the popcorn finishes popping, (when popping sound slows to more than 5-seconds between pops). Go ahead, dump the kettle full of popped corn, turn on the warmer, and then watch the smiles as he and his crew enjoys the best homemade, movie style popcorn they ever tasted.    

Cleanup is easy too; just follow the care and cleaning instructions that come with the popcorn popper and nacho cheese warmer for the easiest and quickest method.

Man must have beverages

Cold beer soft drinks and tea let us not forget the occasional mug full of hot chocolate will absolutely make the old man happy, happy, happy

Like the hand and glove thing, there are certain snack and beverages that simply go great together. Cold beer for many an old man is a must. Where for our underage man cave visitors and tea totters soft drinks are more to their liking. As our old Nan and his guests enjoyed huge quantities of spicy cheese-smothered nachos, walking tacos, hot buttered popcorn and other such junk foods on game day, movie night and a gaming marathon. We should take steps to ensure they always have a ready supply of their favorite hot and cold drinks.

This year buy your old man a mini fridge that will be the envy of all his friends, and keep them out of your kitchen in the bargain. The Danby stainless steel beverage center holds up to 120 12oz beer and soda cans. Behind a lockable full view glass door, that both keeps the kids out of the old man’s cold beer, and looks great in the wet bar.

Hot chocolate maker

OK, no man or woman cave is complete without a quality hot chocolate machine

Hey, believe it or not everyone enjoys a piping hot mug full of hot chocolate from time to time. Especially when we take full advantage of an opportunity to share a little quality, time with that special someone on a cold winter’s night. You know the one, when we find ourselves cuddled up with the one we love enjoying a romantic comedy, or sharing a few emotional moments watching our favorite tearjerker, right.

This year give your old man or woman a big hug and mug full of their favorite hot chocolate, cappuccino, latte, café mocha all from the Nostalgia electrics retro series hot chocolate maker just follow the link to the right to buy yours today..

Make perfectly blended hot chocolate

Premium quality arcade Pinball Machine

One of 12 top AC/DC hits challenge each level of game play - This Pinball machine Rocks!
Stern AC/DC Premium Arcade Pinball Machine
Updated: 09/01/2014, teddletonmr
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