Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

by AlexandriaIngham

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for toddlers? Here are a few to get you started for this year.

Buying for toddlers is difficult. There are lots of different clothes, books and toys but you don’t want to spend a fortune on something they’ll only get use out of for a few months. You also want something that they can enjoy. Here are a few simple Christmas gift ideas for toddlers.

Oh and August is not too early to start looking for Christmas gifts.

Christmas Gift Ideas
Christmas Gift Ideas

An Empty Box

Want to have some fun this Christmas without spending a fortune?

Okay, so this is more of a joke present. I remember saying that for my daughter’s first Christmas we were just going to get her a box with paper stuffed inside of it. Honestly, it was something we should have done for her second Christmas and her second birthday! She loved playing around with the paper after unwrapping her presents.

Boxes are great fun. They’re cheap and you can turn them into all sorts. But you do need to be serious too. So here are a few other Christmas present ideas for toddlers.

Allow Them to Get Creative With Play-Doh

Want something that can last the years? How much do you mind the feel of Play-Doh?

I really hate the feel of this but my daughter absolutely loves it! She gets the chance to be creative and it really can last for years. In fact, I remember finding some of my sisters in the garage and it was still useable.

One of the best things about Play-Doh is that it is suitable for them as they age. Four and five-year-olds can get more adventurous with their creations. They get the chance to build houses and full parks rather than just roll up balls and make sausages.


The Play-Doh is also great for motor skill development. Toddlers can learn how to roll up the Doh themselves and will figure out the type of items they can make out of it. You can spend some time with them too as you tech them different shapes and skills with the material.

The only issue I’ve found is that once the colors are mixed there is no turning back! It’s often worth replacing it because children tend not to realize that you can’t get the colors separated.

Be Like Mommy and Daddy With Little Tikes Gas ‘n’ Go Mower

Sometimes all children want is to be like their parents.

Toddlers want to be just like their parents. My daughter loves cleaning with me and she enjoys organizing things and putting things away when I’m doing it. She will also push the buggy or try to push the lawn mower around. A Little Tikes Gas ‘n’ Go Mower could be the perfect Christmas present idea for your toddler if she or he likes to help out in the garden.


One of the best things is that it is an indoor toy too, and you don’t need that much room in the house. There is no need for batteries, and you just simply push it along to hear all the sounds. Children can listen out for specific sounds, and even pull a cord to hear the start up of the mower.

There are other mower toys available, with some involving bubbles!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Mega Bloks!

There is always one present that will work out perfectly for all toddlers.

Mega Bloks are amazing! My daughter absolutely loves creating towers and then knocking them down with them. As toddlers get older, they become more creative and adventurous. It’s like the Play-Doh but without the horrible feeling of the material. The blocks are also large enough so there is no change of swallowing or choking.

These blocks are quiet toys, so work really well for meetings (work at home parents!) and for events outside of the home. We were recently away at a church camp and the blocks kept my daughter and another toddler entertained for all the worship events without disturbing others around them.

In the Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Pack there are 160 blocks, which is more than enough for one or two children. Having a smaller number helps to encourage multiple toddlers to share and work together.

Get a Packet of 160 Mega Bloks from Amazon

Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Building Bag 160-Piece
Only $44.99

Teach Children With Books

Learning can be fun and books make that possible.

Books may seem like boring Christmas present ideas but they are great for toddlers. Unlike older children, toddlers don’t remember their presents and will actually like opening and closing books. My daughter “reads” the books—she pretends to read the words and points at pictures and then closes books with an “all gone.”

Getting books and reading with your toddlers is a favorite part of the day for many adults. It’s one of my favorite times because it’s just me and my daughter together, and I can help teach her new things. You’ll be surprised at the things your toddlers will pick up when you read to them too.

Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

What about opting for something personalized?

Finally, I’ll touch on the personalized gifts. These can be great, but remember that they are more for you than your toddler right now. It could be worth having presents made for toddlers to give to other people instead of giving something to your toddler.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers
Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

The only time these gifts are really worthwhile is to remember special moments. Christenings, births, first birthdays and first Christmases are the ones that currently spring to mind for me. There will be others for you. Losing the first tooth or getting that first hair cut are other big moments. You could maybe have a memory box or book and want a plaque to stick to the front of it.

These personalized Christmas gifts aren’t really for toddlers to play with now. Do you really want to give your little one something that he or she can’t enjoy at this moment in time?

Please note that this is a personal view. My daughter does have personalized gifts. Some of them I’ve made myself. But they were to mark special occasions. Some of the ones I made were designed so she could play with them without breaking anything.

Hopefully, this gives you a few ideas on Christmas gifts for toddlers. I know just going through the list of items on Amazon has given me some ideas for my little one this Christmas! Remember that you don't need to spend a lot on your children. All they really want is your love and support, and just the smallest of gifts like a few free eBooks could be just right for them. You can make the day special in other ways.

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AlexandriaIngham on 08/19/2014

Thanks sandyspider and Telesto. I used to love Play-Doh but really don't like the feel of it now. My husband loves it though, so I'm sure he'll have endless hours of fun with our daughter if I bought some.

Telesto on 08/19/2014

I used to love Play-Doh, I loved the smell. I may have to go and buy myself some...

sandyspider on 08/14/2014

Good gift ideas for toddlers. I remember hours of fun with Play Dol.

AlexandriaIngham on 08/13/2014

Thank you! Yes, the box is definitely going to be a hard one to beat.

LizMac67 on 08/12/2014

A great selection of toys. It's hard to beat that box though.

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