Christmas Gifts of Snowflakes Poems and Story Books

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Snowflakes poems and tales evoke interest, creativity and imagination in kid’s mind. Stories and poems that you will love to read aloud.

Snowflakes are one of the Nature’s beautiful creations, using them in anecdotes and poetry is nothing new, they never cease to amaze me and you are bound to get the same thrill when you find them in the beautiful poems of winter and snow.

Have you seen snowflakes? If you are not able to recap, remember having them appeared mysteriously on your mittens in a deadliest cold winter morning.

Have you caught snowflakes? Were you fast enough to captivate this marvelous gift of Nature in your high tech digital camera? Nature is such a great marvel, and snowflakes are one of the fascinating creations of the enchanting winter season that you cannot keep your eyes off. These beautiful and gorgeous patterns of water crystals are stunning to watch under a microscope.

Love Hunting Snowflakes?


Do you like watching the snow from your window?

Have you gone hunting for unique snowflakes?


It is a different experience, a relief from the artificial glitz, concrete and other glittering structures so prevalent in our lives. Everything that comes in contact with our eyes these days is not so healthy and good.  Browsing a book on snowflakes and reading aloud the snowflake poetries to your kids and grandkids is definitely much healthier than watching the glaring television or VCR screen - not so healthy option for your strained eyes.

Read Aloud Snowflake Poetry


Thanks to the nature who has given some of the marvelous creations that inspire innovations, we have a life full of materialistic comforts. Creative inventions from birds that inspired airships, fish that inspired huge ships in the ocean and snowflakes which inspired the amazing snowflake poetry are some of the glorious things I can think about.


Once you get interested in snowflakes you ought to try the classic books on snowflakes and go through the extra-ordinary photographs of these hexagonal wonders. I bet you would love to read the technical and scientific causes of snowflake formations. Till then, read the snowflake poems aloud to your kids and enjoy them on a cold winter evening lying next to your fireplace settled with a cup of hot coffee.


The Amazing Tale of Snowflake Bentley


Wilson Bentley was born in Vermont; he grew up having an extra-ordinary fascination for snowflakes. His passion for this amazing crystal droplet led him to develop a method for capturing the snaps of these amazing crystals. He put in a great part of his life in collecting information and presenting his discovery to the world in form of photographs, literary works and lectures.

He did all this in parallel to running his farm; he was a farmer cum scientist, his personality was an amazing combination of love for nature and science. Gifted and talented that he was, his passion for snowflakes gave the world an opportunity to understand this marvelous creation from a simple water droplet. While capturing the images he noticed that these amazing crystals have six sides and some of them had three, he also noticed that no two snowflakes are unique and alike. 

Are Two Snowflakes Alike?


However, in rare precedents, the researchers have succeeded to find 2 identical snowflakes. In reality, it is most difficult to find two patterns of snowflakes that are exactly identical. Had Bentley been alive, he would have certainly wondered about the great similarity of these snowflakes, he in his life time could not find any two snowflakes that were identical or an exact replica.

You would love to check out the amazing stories of this great man called Wilson Bentley who laid the foundation for the research of snowflake and read them to your grandkids.



Have you seen a snowflake under microscope?

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Did you get any chance to catch snowflakes?

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WriterArtist on 11/08/2014

@ologsinquito - I live in a country where you hardly see snow except for those who live near Himalayas. I would love to watch snow from my window but it doesn't snow in Bangalore. I understand it could be frustrating if you have to tackle it everyday. :)

ologsinquito on 11/08/2014

The first snowflakes of a season are really beautiful, as long as you have nothing to do and nowhere to go. Then we get tired of the snow. :)

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