Christmas Gifts of Winter Poetry and Snow Poems for Kids and Adults

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As winter is approaching it is time for winter poetry and snow poems. Poems describing the arrival of winter and snow are just right at this time and make awesome Christmas gifts.

Winter and snow bring back memories of childhood. Kids love to play with snow and adults are not far behind. Making a snowman or an ice castle is the favourite past time for many. Watching snow from the window is fascinating. The streets and meadows give a beautiful shine and the scenery looks straights from an artist’s canvas.

This is perhaps a time for serious reading with a cup of hot chocolate and a seat near the fire place. The warmth of the fire and the taste of delicious potatoes and grilled veggies is something you would relish more in the winter. Reading winter poetry aloud to your kids or just enjoying yourself would be real fun with a hot bowl of soup.

So get ready with a book of winter poems and the cozy warm blanket for welcoming the cold-old autumn. They can make an awesome gift for Christmas too.

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Love Fresh Snow?


Tasted fresh snow anytime?

It is so creamy, soft and silky, the small snow pebbles dissolve in the mouth like milky white cream.

The perfectness of nature and its exquisite creation of snow clad mountains and trees make a poet out of anybody who probably hasn’t even known the nuances of poetry. Snow reminds the youngsters and grownups alike that there is beauty and poetry in the pristine white snow. The profoundness of the falling snow and the winter chill leaves you cold to the spine, but you still love the snow and its everlasting impact of its magnificent beauty on your mind.

First Snow of the Winter


The beautiful white crystals of first snow in the winter are a time of celebration. Now you can take out your warm jackets, scarf and blazers and enjoy the cold winter breeze aloof of how cold it really is.

In this cold weather, you might be surprised to see a winter bird singing a winter song, a reindeer dancing to the winter tunes and winter blooms mesmerizing the winter curtain of snow. Behold the infinitesimal hexagonal marvel of the nature, the snowflakes in which you will find the perfect symmetry and rhythm of life.

How can you forget the beautiful snow, the frozen lake and the forest bathing in snow –shower? All this calls for a tea-time or a bedtime story of winter snow that could delight anyone kid or seniors alike. Children love to play with the snow and this time is the perfect time to involve them in the tales of snow. The brilliance of the gorgeous white shining snow is something that you can draw and colour too.

Have you written any poetry?

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Yes - I love writing poems
DerdriuMarriner on 01/20/2023

I write poems in the poetic forms of the English-speaking world and of some other languages of America and Europe.

Winter Snow Reading


Winter snow also means the beautiful snowflakes descending down from the sky, brightly clad children in warm winter clothes and this could be the perfect time to play winter snow games.

Think out of the box, pull your reclining chair, pour a cup of hot coffee, wrap yourself in a soft quilt, and open a book of snow poems.  Have you already started feeling the snow, hear the crunch of snow under your foot, and smell the fresh crisp air bathing in the glory of pristine snow?

 Skiing is not the only sport that kids enjoy in winter. Small kids love to play in the snow, snow is entertaining in its organic form and youngsters could engage in making a snowman, castle and animals with the soft molding snow. Kids can entertain themselves in singing winter snow rhymes while making snowman or building an igloo.

Snow Poems for Kids


Some books are so cute they are like addictions or perhaps the staple of childhood memories. I remember a thin oversize book gifted to me becoming my constant companion when I was very young. This was a book of short poems which I loved to read aloud and learn by heart.

 Poetry is something that people may not easily get lured to as fictions, fantasy and novels, but there is something in the poetry that fiction cannot provide. Kids would adore listening to poems told in a rhythm and a voice filled with action and drama. 

Winter poetry for kids is a lovely anticipation and welcoming of snow in the month of Fall, a respite from the scorching heat of summer. Keep the kids busy with the beautiful snow posters, photos, snow poems and bunch of books on snow stories are awesome for the winter vacation or even while you plan camping and picnicking. A great companion for the bedtime, these snow poems are great for kindling and evolving the little poet in you and the kids.

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Do you love the winter snow?

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DerdriuMarriner on 01/20/2023

Winter snow can be fun when it settles in places that don't jeopardize traffic or overburden roofs and trees.

Have you heard of the Icelandic tradition of receiving a book as a gift and of setting to drinking hot chocolate while reading that book that very same day, evening, night?

I respected that tradition when my sister Stessily gave me the book Outside by Icelandic author Ragnar Jónasson, whom I read over hot Icelandic-style chocolate Christmas Eve. It was fun ;-D!

sheilamarie on 06/04/2015

I do love the feeling of purity and silence that snow brings. I love reading poetry all year long, but winter does lend itself to contemplating deep thoughts. You've got some fine selections here.

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