Christmas Krinkles Dash Away Reindeer Collectables

by dustytoes

The unique Christmas ornaments and figurine collectables created by Patience Brewster add whimsy to holiday decorating.

The Patience Brewster Christmas designs are hard to miss with their whimsical and some might say, over the top, dressed up characters such as elves, reindeer and Santa figures. The Dashaway reindeer collectables are decked out from antlers to hooves in outrageous garb befitting their names.

Each reindeer has a little matching elf who apparently has decorated and dressed the reindeer to coordinate with his / her own apparel. The elves are much smaller and a bit more affordable, but everything is made one at a time by hand, so the shelves go bare quite quickly when holiday season rolls around.

From gauzy tutu's to high-heeled, pink boots these foot-high Christmas reindeer characters are a very unique decoration for the home.

The Patience Brewster Collection of Artwork - Her Krinkles

She has an interesting story to tell, and she is a native New Englander. I like her already.

I will be honest and admit that I am just learning about the Patience Brewster Christmas creations.  They caught my eye as I was flipping through a recent magazine.  The tall (twelve inch) reindeer are fun to view and the detail in each of the little elves and other characters make them whimsical and unique decorations.  I thought I'd learn more.

The artist, Patience Brewster, is descended from Pilgrims and her home town is Plymouth, Massachusetts.  As is true for most every artist, success did not come overnight, but her perseverance and help from family members eventually turned her adorable art into these fun collectables.  She calls her funky characters "krinkles" as you will sometimes see them referred to when shopping.

Please read her informative and inspiring story at her "about the artist" page and if you are a writer or illustrator of children's books, she offers a page with advice for those just starting out.

Patience Brewster also offers Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas cards, and, as you can discover at her website, a lot of other things as well.

But first..... check out these cute reindeer!

The Dancer Figurine is Dressed to do Ballet

With a frilly tutu around her middle and tall pink ballerina style toe shoes, the Dancer figure is one of the most interesting to me.  Maybe it's because I always wanted to stand on my toes like that!
This is a majestic piece of art measuring over a foot tall.  It would not be overlooked on the mantle-top.

On top of her head, her antlers hold white candles and at least one little white bird.  The dotted green outfit matches that of her own little elf figurine, which is sold separately, but her big, pink, laced to the knees (do reindeer have knees?) ballet shoes are the highlight.  She stands on her toes ever ready to do what dancers do best.

The Amazon page says that Dancer comes gift-boxed and has a 2009 stamp.  Of course the rest of Santa's team can also be purchased (except for Rudolph) if you are interested in the entire set.

Dash Away Dancer Reindeer

This gal has some nice toe shoes!
Dash Away Dancer Figure, 09-30228

Her Unique Take on the Traditional

Some reindeer are fluffy, and they all wear shoes or boots, with candles high on their antlers!

The Blitzen reindeer is out of stock on Amazon as I write this.  But there is a set of 8 mini reindeer which includes this popular figurine.  It's the 2016 Moonbeam collection which commemorates a decade since the set first hit the shelves.  Each reindeer can be purchased separately for around $32.00, or the whole set can be bought at once for $256.00.  There is no discount there!

Would you have thought of one of Santa's reindeer as being as fluffy as a sheep?  Well, in the imagination of Patience Brewster, Blitzen's entire body is covered in white fur with little red spots, or are those tiny red ornaments?  His big green snow-boots have matching white tufts of fur at the top.

Blitzen looks ready for any windy winter day.  Like all his team mates, he has a hat tied to his head.  His antlers are decorated with upside-down, green ice cream cones.  (Not really, but that is what they look like!)

This is how Ms. Brewster's imagination plays out for the Christmas season.

Krinkles Collectors and Patience Brewster Fans

Slowly adding to the collection is what most collectors do.

The wild and whimsical look of these happy reindeer figures would make an unusual addition to holiday decor.  Their sheer size requires a good size space to display them, but there are smaller versions available to hang on the tree as well.

These foot-high reindeer figures are not cheap, but they are worth the money for the Patience Brewster enthusiast.  Slowly add a figure or two each holiday season and build up to the set, if you like.

In fact one figure alone would be quite a conversation starter.

Do you collect this line of figures?

Handmade and Hand-painted figurines come as figurines or ornaments for the Christmas tree.

The reindeer are a small part of the Patience Brewster company.

Everything is made by hand and the Patience Brewster company is proud of that.  Each piece is hand made and hand-painted.  Workers add the fluff, feathers and trinkets to each piece individually.  I suppose that is the reason for the price and the lack of availability of these figures around holiday time.  Buy early while supplies last!

Besides offering the beautifully clothed reindeer, other collection themes include cats, characters from the Nutcracker, little elves, a Santa with sleigh and eight reindeer collection.  Amazon offers some of the popular items, or find them at Christmas shops.  


The Reindeer Ornaments come in two sizes.

The regular size reindeer ornaments are generally $15 more than the mini ornaments in similar designs.  The links below, at the top, feature the larger ornaments.  The descriptions on Amazon say these measure almost 10 inches tall.  The smaller ones are about half the size.

In the Amazon module you can see the mini-reindeer ornaments on the lower line.   Descriptions say they measure 3x5, but each one will be a little different.

So in general, the minis are half the size of the other ones.

Patience Brewster Christmas Reindeer Ornaments For the Tree

Buy the regular size or mini-ornaments with the same reindeer characters.
Patience Brewster Dash Away Prancer O...Patience Brewster Mini Dashaway Dashe...
Only $30.0
Patience Brewster Mini Dashaway Pranc...
Only $65.0

So Where is Rudolph?

You know Dasher and Dancer and so forth, but where is the most famous reindeer of all?

In browsing this collection of the Krinkle Dash Away figures and ornaments, I have found all the necessary and well-known images of Christmas.  There is a Santa figure and eight reindeer, but I don't see the famous Rudolph.  Maybe he is in the works and will be offered at a later time. (Note: now it's "next year" and I still don't find him.)

Updated: 10/01/2023, dustytoes
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HollieT on 11/09/2012

These figures are fantastic, so very unusual. My personal favourite is the Dash Away Dancer Figure- now that one I just have to have!

BrendaReeves on 11/05/2012

These are great! I was looking at ornaments in Wal Mart today, and thinking I'd like to start collecting ornaments that don't look like the usual mass produced ones we see every year.

katiem2 on 09/22/2012

These are such cool ornaments. My kids love Christmas decor like this, the more lively and happy the more fun. thanks for the introduction to such a fun Christmas ornament addition. :)K

Digby_Adams on 09/21/2012

I have never seen these reindeer before. They are awesome.

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