Cinnamon: Origins and Health Benefits

by sheilamarie

Where do we get the cinnamon that we sprinkle on our oatmeal? Find out the facts on this tasty spice and discover ways to use cinnamon. Learn how cinnamon benefits your health.

Cinnamon spices up our lives in such a warm and cozy way. It is good for you, too. I use cinnamon in much of my baking and in some of my savory recipes as well.

But did you know that in some cultures, cinnamon is also used as a medicine? Read on to learn what the health benefits of cinnamon are and how you can use this remarkable spice to improve your life.

Cinnamon: The Fragrance of Home

Home Baking Means Love

Most of my cookies, pies, and cakes include cinnamon, or at least the goods I bake most often do. I love the spicy sweetness that this aromatic spice adds to a recipe. I have been known to add a dash of it to tomato sauce on occasion or sprinkle it on baked squash, as well. However, it has been only recently that I've read about the benefits of cinnamon for our health and even for weight loss. I don't claim to know everything about how cinnamon benefits our health and our figures, but I am willing to learn from others and I invite you to come with me on this journey of investigation. Are you ready to join me?

Do You Add Cinnamon to Your Cooking?

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Yes, I love cinnamon!
MBC on 06/04/2017

Whenever I can to lower blood pressure.

happynutritionist on 07/15/2015

I love cinnamon but don't use it as much as you might think for someone who likes the flavor. I used to love putting whole cinnamon sticks in my tea.

Veronica on 07/08/2015

I grate cinnamon bark into my apple crumble topping. Most people add it to the apples but I add it to the biscuit topping to be a different .

CruiseReady on 07/08/2015

We use the cinnamon sticks fairly often.

MikeRobbers on 05/26/2013

Yes, in quite many recipes as it adds a nice, sweet flavor.

Tolovaj on 02/10/2013

I use it at least once a week - and not in sweets!

Fascinating Visual Tour of Harvesting Cinnamon in Sri Lanka

The Cinnamon Story

Did You Know Where Cinnamon Comes From?

The Inner Bark of the Cinnamon Tree
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No, and I'm amazed!
MBC on 06/04/2017

Great video

happynutritionist on 07/15/2015

I did know it was an inner bark.

Veronica on 07/08/2015

Yes , I buy the bark and grate it as it is so much better than ready ground

Tolovaj on 02/10/2013


The History of Ceylon Cinnamon

How Do You Cook with Cinnamon?

At Least Most Often
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Main Meals
Tolovaj on 02/10/2013

Actually both.

Veronica on 07/08/2015

I use it in mainly cakes and desserts but I also add it to a Greek Moussaka which is savoury and a Morrocan lamb tajine.

Where Do You Find Cinnamon?

Cinnamon Now Grows in Other Places in the World

Now to the Health Claims About Cinnamon

Can Cinnamon Really Make You Healthier?

I found the above videos fascinating, didn't you? But because so many of us these days are concerned with eating healthy and also with losing a pound or two, I'll bet this next video is one you will really enjoy as well.  

The advice of eating two teaspoons of cinnamon in a tablespoon of honey as a weight loss tip has been plastered all over the internet lately. I honestly don't know whether that advice is sound or just the next big fad, but since I like both cinnamon and honey anyway, it wouldn't be too hard to get me to experiment with the idea. 

I'll let you know whether I lose any weight.

This next video is chock full of claims about the health benefits of cinnamon. Whether these claims are true or not, cinnamon makes everything taste better as far as I'm concerned, so even a little cinnamon added to the morning oatmeal or toast and some sprinkled in your after dinner herbal tea at night might be a good idea -- at least I'm up for trying it.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Were You Aware of the Health Benefits of Cinnamon?

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Yes, I've Read about It Elsewhere
MBC on 06/04/2017

Yes, but I'm going to try the honey and cinnamon diet!!! Hope to shed some pounds. How did it work for you?

happynutritionist on 07/15/2015

The health benefit I am more familiar with is related to Diabetes, not weight loss :-)

Veronica on 07/08/2015

I also put sticks tied in ribbon on the Christmas Tree.

CruiseReady on 07/08/2015

We have actually used it for several years now to help with my husbands high blood pressure and diabetes.

Tolovaj on 02/10/2013

Yes, but it can also have irritating effect, so - like everything - use it wisely.

Cinnamon in the Kitchen

From across the globe to our own kitchens, cinnamon makes quite the journey! It's no wonder that Europeans in the early days were so fascinated by the spice trade. So many wonderful spices make their way across the globe from Asia, enriching our recipes with fragrance and flavor. How boring our foods would be without the addition of these spices from the east.

I hope you have learned something new about this spice called cinnamon that can be found in almost every kitchen, at least here in North America.

Please leave a comment below adding your advice on how best to use cinnamon in our cooking.

Updated: 02/12/2014, sheilamarie
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sheilamarie on 07/28/2015

I think cinnamon improves the taste of many things.

blackspanielgallery on 07/24/2015

It is in many things, and does make them have a better taste.

sheilamarie on 07/23/2015

I love the smell of cinnamon, too.

happynutritionist on 07/15/2015

Interesting collection of Cinnamon facts, it smells wonderful as well as tastes good.

sheilamarie on 07/09/2015

I do, too. Cinnamon is good in curries.

Veronica on 07/08/2015

I add it to Indian curries too.

sheilamarie on 07/08/2015

It's good to hear some first hand reports of its benefits, @CruiseReady. Thanks for sharing that information.

CruiseReady on 07/08/2015

We drink cinnamon tea, which is just boiled cinnamon sticks. It has helped with some of my husband's health issues. His heart Dr was actually quite interested in the effects it was having on his blood pressure. We drink it hot sometimes, but prefer it cold

sheilamarie on 05/26/2013

Who would have known something so tasty would be that good for you!

MikeRobbers on 05/26/2013

Great article. I really enjoyed reading about the origins and medical uses of cinnamon.

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