The Best Way to Wash Your Face

by katiem2

Beautiful skin needs to be properly cleaned and nourished in order to care for your face and eliminate blemishes you must exfoliate. Learn the best way to have beautiful skin.

Healthy skin must breathe or receive oxygen and nutrients often added in lotions and potions. The best potions and lotions in the world will not be effective if the skin cannot receive it. Every single person on the planet experiences skin issues.

The big factor causing these issues is the accumulation of dead skin cells. Skin is constantly growing and dying simultaneously. The thicker the dead skin cells layer on the skin the unhealthier the underlying new healthier skin becomes.

Skin Cleansing Kit

The simple way to exfoliate enough is by using a cleaning tool.

The Clarisonic sonic cleansing system was designed to rid the face of dead skin cells. The Clarisonic is a professional caliber cleansing unit with the same grade brush. The system gently removes dead skin cells or built up dry patchy skin with a light sonic micro message action.  The routine use of the product helps keep your skin looking toned, youthful, glowing and pretty. The regular use of the clarisonic cleansing system gently lifts and removes embedded dirt and oil, eliminating break outs and blemishes. This results in healthy beautiful skin.

I like using it for removing makeup. We’re a theater family and stage makeup can be difficult to remove yet if you don’t it clogs your pores so quickly causing terrible skin. We found no ill side effects or irritation from using it like this in conjunction with our routine use of this cleaning tool. The product claims to be gentle for all skin types, including sensitive skin conditions such as rosacea and acne. It cleanses so nicely it prepares skin to optimally absorb beauty products, reduces pore size making them appear smaller. It’s said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles plus improves skin tone and texture.

The Most Common Skin Problem

The most common and most over looked need of healthy skin is exfoliation.

The one thing we must all do to prevent this dry skin from remaining on the surface and blocking the skin pores with dirt, oil and dead skin cells (which causes break outs and blemishes) is to exfoliate daily. The practice of exfoliation is applying light friction to the skin so much so that the dead skin cells are removed as quickly as they accumulate.

This keeps the skin fresh and glowing and ready to receive and absorb the products you use for the benefit of your beautiful face.  Save yourself the heart ache and trouble of bad skin by simply exfoliation with a tool such as the one shown above. It’s a great product me and my teen daughter have tested ourselves.

Updated: 02/19/2013, katiem2
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How do you remove dead skin cells?

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katiem2 on 05/16/2017

DerdriuMarriner, The same method yet gently and in a slow upward motion, this doesn't cause negative tension on elasticity of skin.

DerdriuMarriner on 04/11/2017

katiem2, I should be removing dead skin cells with this product line since gentle lukewarm water rinses don't get everything quickly. What do you use for exfoliating other sensitive, visible areas such as the back of the neck and the throat?

katiem2 on 03/25/2013

My daughters and I love it. It really does work well the trick is using it. My oldest daughter forgets to use it and the dead skin cells build up. When she picks it up and uses it again her complexion does a complete turn about.

Pinkchic18 on 03/25/2013

I've wondered about this! But they're so spendy, I wish you could try it before you buy!

katiem2 on 03/02/2013

TG, lol winter does make for a rough complexion. Exfoliating is something we need to do year round. You'll love this facial cleansing machine, it makes it easy. :)

tumblrgurl on 03/02/2013

I be lookin rachet and need to scrape off the winter layers for a swag tastic summer look

katiem2 on 03/02/2013

sheilamarie, It's amazing what lies beneath all the dead skin that accumulates on the face. :)K

sheilamarie on 03/01/2013

I need to consider using something like this, too.

katiem2 on 02/20/2013

Brit, This will work wonders.

Brit on 02/19/2013

My skin gets so rough and dry I need this cleaning.system.

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