Clip On Human Hair Quickly Give You A New Look


Get a new look for a party or special event with easy to do clip on hair extensions.

Clip on human hair can be used to give you a new look for prom, a wedding, or other special occasion. Hair extensions are be applied at home or in a salon. Inserting hair extensions at home can look great and save money.  Using real human hair is more expensive, but worth it because you can wash and reuse it.  

Why Human Hair Extensions Are Better

Hair extensions are available in both human hair and synthetic. Human hair is more expensive, but it looks natural. Synthetic hair can't be be curled or dried with a hair dryer. Human hair can be curled with a curling iron or hot rollers, so it is easier to style your hair.

Synthetic hair extensions will not withstand washing as well as human hair. Hairspray and styling aids are needed when styling your hair after extensions, so you will want to wash the hair to use it again. Real hair will look better after repeated washings.

How To Insert Clip On Human Hair

You can insert hair extensions by yourself, but having a friend help is a good idea the first few times you use the extension. When you buy the hair, it is available in precut or long lengths. You will need to cut the track to size if using long pieces of hair.  Cut the tracks before putting them in your hair.  

  1. When inserting hair extensions at home, wavy styles work best to conceal the extensions. Curl the human hair extensions and your natural hair before inserting the extensions.  Using extensions with straight hair is best left to professionals or after you have had a lot of practice.  
  2. Use a hair styling clip to clip your hair at the top or crown of your head. Leave an inch wide section of hair at the nape of your neck.
  3. Use a comb to tease the roots of the loose section of hair. Spray with a strong hold hairspray. This helps the extensions stay in place for a longer time.
  4. Working right to left, insert the clip on human hair along the hair-line.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as you work from the neck to the crown. Leave 1 to 1.5 inch sections of your natural hair between rows of extensions.
  6. When all the extensions are placed, gently comb the hair to separate curls and blend the extensions and natural hair. Use hair spray as needed.
Updated: 08/16/2011, SAHMiAM
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Jasmine on 06/29/2012

Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson line has synthetic hair extensions made of fibers that are heat-friendly so you can style them the way you want. Human hair extensions are much better, I agree, but synthetic Jessica Simpson hair extensions are a great alternative for women on a budget.

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