Easily Dye Your Own Hair With A Hair Dye Brush


A hair dye brush makes dyeing your hair at home quick and easy!

Using a hair dye brush makes it easy to dye your hair at home. Hair dye kits include an application bottle with a pointed tip to apply the dye, but these bottles can get messy and hard to control.  Hair dye brushes are easy to use and let you dye your hair without messy drips in less time than using the bottle.  

It's easy to dye your hair with a special brush for dyeing hair. The brush looks like a wide paddle brush with a hole between the bristles to let the dye flow.  The brush uses two batteries to dispense the dye, so it will not come out until you press the button. This gives you greater control over the hair dye and prevents messy drips from staining the floor and your clothes.

Any type of hair dye liquid can be used with the brush. The brush will have a hole in the handle or the back of the brush to pour in the hair dye. You don't have to use any special brand of dye to use the brush.  The brush can be washed and used over and over again, so you can get great looking hair every time you dye your hair.  

Many women dislike dyeing their own hair because it is hard to reach the back of the head. The hair dye brush makes it easy to disperse the hair dye all over your head, even in the back. The bristles separate the hair ensuring the hair dye reaches every strand.

Using a brush to apply hair dye is also quicker than using the application bottle. Since timing is crucial when dying your hair, the longer you take to finish dying your hair, the longer the dye sits on the part of the hair you started with. Using the brush means dye will be on all of your hair the same amount of time. This means more even color.

Using a brush to apply hair color gives you an even, salon-quality application. Hair dye drips are almost eliminated, which can save your bathroom from a hair dye disaster. The brush allows you get the back of your head easily and apply the dye evenly.  Wash and reuse the brush for great looking hair every time you dye your hair.  Any liquid hair dye brand can be used in the brush, so you can pick the shade that is best for you.  

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