Why You Should Have a Clothing Calendar

by clothman

A clothing calendar can make it seem like you have a LOT more clothes than you actually do. Anyone can create one - learn more here!

Are you sick of always feeling like you have nothing to wear? You're definitely not alone! I use to look into my closet all the time and feel like I only had a small number of outfits - the rest of the clothes I had I either didn't like or just didn't feel like wearing that day! Thankfully, I learned about a really simple (and FREE) solution - it's a clothing calendar!

What is a Clothing Calendar?

Empty closetA clothing calendar is pretty simple actually - you just use any old calendar to keep track of what you wear. By doing this, you will make sure to rotate your outfits and get the most out of your wardrobe. Most people get into the habit of only wearing about a quarter of their clothes the majority of the time! That means that nearly three fourths of your clothes go unworn throughout the year. Is it starting to make sense why you feel like you have no clothes in your closet?

So why don't people do a better job of cycling through their clothes? Because we're busy, it's not easy to keep track of everything, and we tend to like certain outfits more than others. However, if you start to jot down what you wear when you wear it, you will start to see that it's actually much better to wear everything you have. You will see that you perhaps wear your favorite shirt or jeans more often than you thought.

What Calendar Should You Use?

Phone clothes calendarIt doesn't matter what type of calendar you use really. Use whatever you prefer - some people like the big ones that hang on your wall because they are so easy to write on. Others like those desk calendars (although if you are going to be keeping track of what you wear, a desk calendar is not ideal because you generally throw away previous days). Most people these days keep their calendars on their computer or phone (or both!)

Using a clothes calendar could not be easier. Simply pick out the outfit you want to wear, then write it down on the calendar (or type it in, if you're using a digital one). Then, every day when you go to choose an outfit, refer back to your calendar to see what you wore last. If you are tempted to wear something in particular, browse through your calendar to see how long ago you wore it. If it has only been a week, you should probably consider wearing something else. Otherwise, you'll continue to feel like you only have a tiny number of outfits. 


How to Get Even More out of Your Clothes

You can take your clothes calendar even one step further (and it's really easy to do). Simply jot down the people that see you wearing a certain outfit, and you can reuse that outfit more often. Say for example, one group of friends sees you wearing your favorite sweater. If you're hanging out with a different group of friends the next day, what's to stop you from wearing it again? This will help you to stretch out your wardrobe even more! It's a very simple trick, but most people don't do it.

I will admit that I tried to remember what outfits I wore and who saw me wearing them, but after a day or two good luck doing that! It gets way too hard to keep everything straight in your head, and you'll just get frustrated. Besides, if you're not sure whether you wore something or not and who you have seen recently, you can't risk it so you will need to wear something else. Save yourself the trouble by just putting everything on a calendar.

One of the best parts about doing this is the fact that people will start to comment on how many clothes it seems like you have. I've had people tell me that I must always be shopping because I always seem to have a different outfit to wear. Actually, I haven't done any clothes shopping recently! I've just started using my whole closet!

The Easiest Way?

Ok, it is no secret that most people don't want to bother writing down everything they wear. After all, it takes some time to make a habit after it. Plus, you have to do a good job describing your clothes. You have to be as clear as possible to avoid any confusion for when you look back at the calendar in the future.

ClothesiThere is a free clothing calendar site designed to make this whole task easier - it is called Clothesi and it is completely free to use. All you have to do is create your account to record what you wear. You can then upload pictures that get arranged by date. What this means is that you can take a picture of the clothes you are wearing, upload it to the site, and then tag the people that you will see or the people you already saw. This is much more convenient than trying to keep track of physical calendar - plus, you can use it on your phone so you can take the picture, upload it, tag your friends, and view your past outfits with minimal effort.

Your clothes calendar at Clothesi is kept private, so no one can see it but you. Even other users at the site won't be able to see it. After all, what's the point of keeping track of what you wear and who sees you if other people can see everything?


That's it! If you are tired of never having anything to wear, start using a clothing calendar. Though it might take a little getting used to, you'll find that it's really simple once you start doing it. Pretty soon, you will be eager to record everything you wear and who you hang out with. The best part is that you will have a nice log of the people you hang out with and even what you do if you decide to put that information down. So whether you decide to use an old fashioned calendar, a digital calendar, or an app like Clothesi, start recording what you wear today!

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clothman on 05/27/2013

Glad you like it Katie! Good luck being stylish all the time!

katiem2 on 05/27/2013

I've never used a clothing calendar before but now that I know what one is and how to use it I will take advantage of the digital clothing calendar and imagine this is going to be very helpful. Thanks

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