Collectible Mushroom and Toadstool Figurines

by Marie

Have some fungi with some rather magical and fairy like toadstool and mushroom themed figurines to display in your home or to buy as a charming collectible keepsake gift instead.

Mushrooms, toadstools and odd looking fungi, especially the brilliant and bright red capped varieties, are natural elements that I love to pop on display in my home. I make my own varieties from paper and felt which are cute but you can also buy some really adorable keepsake figurines so you can create your own little magical section of woodland space indoors.

You will unearth a sweet range of indoor fungi themed miniatures here including realistic looking pieces, fun ones and figurines that look like they've been plucked straight from the pages of a fairy tale. If you have a fondness or a madness for mushrooms like I do, you will enjoy the selection on offer here today.

Precious Moments Fairy Figure

What better place to sit and think than on a charming mushroom stool? Precious Moments characters have been around for decades (I remember them when I was a child) and they are still hugely popular because the characters with their tear-drop eyes are so endearing and the messages they convey are really sweet. This one comes with a 'Thinking of You' sentiment and it would make a great little gift for a friend or someone you care about.

Adorable Red Capped Mushroom Figurine

With those Oh So Cute Charming Tails Mice

Charming Tails are adorable figurines for huge and soppy animal fans like myself. This particular piece, which shows lots of luscious red capped mushrooms growing wild, is a real favorite of mine.

The mice are happy and dancing around while wearing their glossy red, mushie caps. Can you spot the little ladybug?

Woodland Fairy with her Toadstool Seat

If you're heavily into fairies, fantasy and magic then you may prefer a figurine with mushrooms which encapsulates these aspects. This one has a pretty woodland fairy figure who is kneeling on a muted color mushroom. Just a little bit of fun is injected with the fairy's striped tights but the rest of the scene looks fairly realistic. I love the addition of the small butterfly down by the leaves near the rocky ground.

Fairies and capped fungi seem to go hand-in-hand. There is something so magical about this form of plant life that you frequently see frogs and toads sitting on them, fairies resting on them, gnomes making homes in them and even Alice in Wonderland eating from them so she can grow bigger or smaller.

The Cleverly Designed Fungi Figurine by Enesco

I've got this design but you'll have a hard time getting hold of it now unless you look to auction sites. You've got to be just a little bit impressed with the clever design of this mushroom figurine by Enesco. It is part of the Home Grown series and was first made back in 2009. From one angle it looks like a mushroom displayed with broccoli and leafy edibles and from another it looks like a stingray swimming around a coral reef.

A Fun-Gi Designed Collectible!
Mushroom or Stingray figurine

I think the design is really impressive and, for a figurine or miniature, will create a real talking point in your home. Guests will stare at it and wonder why it doesn't look quite right until they realize that it has a dual design. From your point of view, you can have it displayed so it looks like a little charming piece of woodland growth or displayed as a scene from under the sea. It is really flexible and fun.

This series of figurines has many other fun and clever designs including the cardinal bird / pomegranate that I have shown on my Cardinal Figurines page, the cute corn cob / bunny rabbit, the squirrel / peanut and the orange / tabby cat. They are all great talking point pieces for display and many are still available to purchase online too.

Try Making this Fairy Spool Pincushion

You don't have to be amazing at sewing to create a simple toadstool pincushion. This design uses an old wooden sewing or thread spool as a base and then the fungi cap is made from a some circular pieces of material with some polyester stuffing inside to pad it out. It's actually quite a simple make when you know the technique that I show you in my step by step photo tutorial.

The woodland themed pins were also made by myself. I don't have a tutorial for those (yet!) but they are made with felt and a wee bit of patience since they are so small! I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Visit the tutorial so you can see how the pincushion is made - it looks great on display.

Full step-by-step color instructions for a super cute Mushroom Spool Pincushion which makes a magical home for your sewing pins. An easy toadstool project to sew and a cute gift.
Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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Marie on 07/24/2015

Thank you. Yes I especially like the fairy ones too.

CruiseReady on 07/18/2015

How adorable these mushroom figurines are! I particularly like the ones with the faeries.

Digby_Adams on 02/01/2015

I have been a fan of fairies ever since I met Tinkerbell. I've been meaning to create a fairy garden for my yard.

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