Color Cosmetic Contact Lens or Lenses

by katiem2

Buy colored cosmetic contact lenses on line. Find the most outrageous colored contacts without a prescription.

When it comes to colored contacts you must first learn the basics. There are many reasons one decides to wear contacts. The needs are met with various types of contacts.

There are three types of colored contact lenses; opaque color tints, enhancement tints and visibility tints. These types also come in three forms; plano form for those who have astigmatism, those needing bifocal contacts and disposable contact lens.

Note: I've got a video for you at the bottom of this page demonstrating the proper care, application and removal of your new contacts.


The Three Types of Contacts

There are three basic types of colored contact lenses which type is right for you?
  • Visibility tints for improved vision comes in a light blue or green tinted added and is done so only for the purpose of helping you to see the contact for inserting and removing the lenses without difficulty.
  • Enhancement tints are a little darker in order to change your eye color by enhancing your current eye color. These lenses can change your eye color or make it more intense.
  • Color tints are a deeper opaque tint changing your eye color completely. These lenses are made of patterns of solid colors. If your eyes are naturally dark you will need this type of color lens to change your eye color.

How and Where to Get Colored Contacts

Contacts are safe and easy to buy if you know how to apply them.

If you've ever been to the eye doctor and been taught how to safely put contacts in and remove them you know all there is to know. Treat the colored contacts you buy as you would regular contacts.  Clean and store them as you would your prescription contacts.  If you've never been taught how to wear contacts watch a few tutorial videos before you try it yourself.  There are a few tips and guidelines to go by to prevent damaging your eye.

Buying colored contact lenses has never been easier! You can find the most advanced natural looking or outrageous lenses imaginable.

Who among us has not wondered what it would be like or even feel like to change their eye color?

Few if any at all! I've had the experience of changing my eye color and it's so much fun.

I have hazel colored eyes naturally and it's very easy for me to go dark brown, green or blue. It's amazing how different you feel with such a change like eye color.

It feels good to get a great new hair style of cut but new eyes, WOW that's one big rush!

I've become quite addicted to changing my eyercolor and there are some really outrageous tints and styles available in the cosmetic eye color contact department.



The Mood Changing Contacts

Slipping into a different eye color totally transforms your mood, it's a great pick me up.

The one thing I love about changing my eye color is the way it changes you mood! It's a great change when ever you need a distraction from life's little ups and downs.

It can certainly change your out look and make your day! Have fun and go ahead explore the many options of changing your eye color. I wonder who will notice?

Much Love and Happiness, Katie

Updated: 02/19/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 02/13/2012

Colored eye contacts, good point and the video on the site page includes some very good and time tested tips for caring for your color contact lenses.

colored eye contacts on 02/12/2012

It makes no sense to put money towards these contacts and not take care of them. The lenses cost money and not properly caring for the lenses can damage your eyes. I do love to change colors, and just watch people stare.

BrendaReeves on 02/09/2012

I used to wear contacts, but I need the rigid kind due to an astigmatism. This is a great article. I learned something I didn't know. You've got my wizz and tweet.

Angel on 02/09/2012

These are too cool. I don't wear glasses or contacts so I have never used anything like this. Makes my eyes water to think about putting contacts in them. I have seen people wearing them.

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