Colors That Influence Your Emotions

by KatelynFaith

What color should your bedroom be? living room? What you don't know about choosing your favorite color, is that one wrong choice could have a drastic affect on your emotions.

Your bedroom is starting to look a little bland from years of use. maybe it's time for a new coat of paint, a new color to liven things up. Instead of the boring, cream color it was before, you want to cover it with a nice, bold red. Seems like a decent color for a bedroom, a spicy color. What you need to know is that the mind works in amazing ways, and is easily influenced by the colors in any room, even while sleeping. What you need to know, is which colors to choose for which room, and how it will affect your daily life.

The Subconscious Of The Brain

While you sleep...

Tidbit about the subconscious brain

The subconscious of your brain is just another part of your mind, but you use is far more than your conscious brain. During the day, you are constantly using your brain; mathematical problems, driving to work etc. but do you know that behind all that thought, there is another state of mind chugging away, executing all those plans you have in store?

Conscious vs. Subconscious

Even though you are using most areas of your brain all day; the left (logical) side and the right (creative) side, your subconscious never stops. That's right, it is still working even as you sleep, creating patterns and symbols in your dreams, but it also like another level of consciousness.

Ever hear that saying, "sleep with one eye open"? Well, if you think about it, everybody already does. In your sleep, when the conscious part of your brain is deactivated, that other part is detecting various lights and sounds in your bedroom. If you need light on when you sleep, use a nightlight, or something very soft so as to not disrupt your REM (Retinal Eye Motion). The same goes for noise; it is tolerated while you sleep, but only at a low level. If you need music to relax you while you sleep, go for it! As long as it is kept as a very soft level, you should be fine.

The subconscious also picks up colors as well, reflecting on your mood when you first wake up in the morning. A change in scenery will greatly change your usual morning temperance.



Do You like peace and quiet, or a little music when you sleep?

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Can't sleep with the lights on!
Tolovaj on 05/27/2013

I can actually sleep wherever and whenever I get a chance:)

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

I enjoy peace and quiet and a very dark room.

What Colors Are Recommended For The Bedroom?

Definitely softer blues, creams and whites. When you wake up in the morning, how do you wish to feel? Calm and relaxed? At peace?

Blue is a calming color that has a representation of the night. Dark blue has a sedative effect on the mind, while light blue makes us feel quiet and protected. As you sleep, don't you want to feel like you are safe and secure in your own bed chamber? There is nothing more peaceful than the feeling of security.

White evokes truth and purity. It also repairs the shock and despair of your emotions.

Before you start painting, put some thought into the color of choice other than how it will fit with the décor.

What Colors Are Recommended For The Living Room?

It all depends on the placement of your living room. Before you choose a color, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration:

Is there a lot of sunlight streaming in? A multi-purpose room, man-cave or just a TV room? All these factors take part in the mood desired in daily life.

If it is an open, brightly lit room I would suggest Orange, or even yellow. Orange is a joyful color that brings out happiness and cheer. It's like a toxin for your emotions and helps to rid all your negative thoughts like self-pity or lack of worth. An overall spirit lifter, it is a great picker up when you are having a bummed day.

Yellow is very similar to Orange in many ways, as it is also a very cheerful and uplifting color. It is full of energy and creativity that enhances your ability to think creatively. Encouraging an optimistic attitude, yellow also helps to think clearly, make decisions and come up with new ideas.

Green is a restful color that represents nature and wellbeing. If you ever have difficulty deciding which color to choose, use green. It is mostly used to feel comfortable and calm.


Open Living Room
Open Living Room
Comfy Green
Comfy Green
Bright, cheery yellow
Bright, cheery yellow
Happy Painter
Happy Painter

The Last Step In The Process Of Your Decorating

Okay, you have read all about the different colors and the effects they have. You know what your subconscious mind does as you sleep and you now have an idea what to paint that room you have been eyeing that past week.

Now there is only one thing left for you to do, and I'm afraid I can't help you with this last step. You are on your own with this one... It's time to figure out from where you will buy that paint!

Happy painting!

Updated: 05/22/2013, KatelynFaith
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Rose on 01/22/2014

My bedroom is a calm blue. When we first moved to our house it was a horrid pink which hurt the eyes!

Marie on 06/07/2013

I think we've tried out just about every color in our home - painting is an easy and not too expensive way to make a change. Our bedroom is a soft blue and cream right now and very peaceful - it might stay that way a while. It is definitely worth thinking about colors and reading your advice here, especially for rooms that you spend a lot of time in.

KatelynFaith on 05/27/2013

Wow. :) I must say, that comment really made my day. I'm so glad it is going to use! I hope you have lots of fun with that. As a fellow teen, I know how exciting it is to redecorate your own bedroom. I am going to do the same this summer.

katiem2 on 05/27/2013

I'm sharing this with my daughters, both teens, they want to paint their rooms this summer, they just got out for summer break so the painting begins. So glad you published this when you did.

KatelynFaith on 05/27/2013

Tolovaj, thanks for the suggestion! It is definitely something to ponder as well as what I have down already. Trends are a major thing when it comes down to the quick, and nobody really gives it a second thought.

Tolovaj on 05/27/2013

I would like to add something what fascinates me even more. We probably all to certain degree understand how powerful can be colors in our environment and yet so many people without hesitations change the colors of their living rooms, bedrooms etc. only based on the ideas of so called fashion gurus...
Very nice presentation - and welcome!

KatelynFaith on 05/27/2013

Thanks for reading. I am a big time supporter of color influence, and my bedroom is a nice pale blue. I absolutely adore the color red! It's just too bad it is such an angry color...

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

I'm a firm believer in the power of color and how color influences our lives day in and out. I once had a boss who had his office painted red, no doubt I took warning and tread lightly...

My bedroom is painted green with black out curtains and a California king sized bed all to myself and dog, lots of room to stretch out. I don't know how people sleep on tiny beds.

Great first article, love it!

AnomalousArtist on 05/22/2013

It took me a long time to realize how much influence the colors of my house had on my feelings of good EVERYTHING I have is blue :)

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