Pumpkin Patch Inspired Home Decor

by kimbesa

Halloween and Thanksgiving are just two ways to let the fall colors of the pumpkin patch inspire home decorating, table settings and party themes.

If the warm hues of autumn are your favorite, a trip to the farm can bring you more ideas than you can count, for a rich fall color palette!

Squash and pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, textures and color combinations. Bright orange, rich yellow, dusky brown and muted blues or greens, too.

Eat them with your eyes, decorate your table, and enjoy the change of season by bringing nature inside and out.

And there are more traditional fall farm goods, like gourds, Indian corn, straw bales and corn shocks -- any of these natural elements can be a basis for your home color palette.

Pumpkin patch photos by kimbesa.

Pick a Jack-o-Lantern

To Carve or Use For Fall Decorating in Other Ways
Leininger Farms pumpkin patch
Leininger Farms pumpkin patch

Choosing Your Favorite Colors

There's a Broad Palette To Select

Warm colors like yellow, brown, orange and red are obvious autumn colors -- the colors of changing leaves.

Just check out the piles of squash at the Pumpkin Patch, and you'll see lots of shades of these, and many more.

There are other colors that come into the season, like greens, blues, warm whites and even black, found among the squash, gourds and Indian corn.

In addition to these colors, rusty reds and purples come from chrysanthemums.

Rich, deep colors go with the warm colors of fall. You can go bold, or serene, with an autumn palette.

Turk’s Turban squash are an old-fashioned favorite. My grandmother liked these, and so do I. The shapes are unique. Find one you especially like, and build a centerpiece or buffet setting around its particular colors.

Another childhood familiar are the small gourds sold for decoration. The Pumpkin Patch had a wagon full of just-washed and colorful little ones. These are fun to arrange spilling out of a cornucopia, on a table or buffet.

Pumpkins and Gourds

Turk's Turbans
Turk's Turbans

The Farm View

Pumpkin Patch Is Colorful
Pumpkin Patch Is Colorful
Small Gourds
Small Gourds
Long Island Cheese
Long Island Cheese
Cinderella and Warty Pumpkins
Cinderella and Warty Pumpkins

New Favorite Pumpkins

One of my new favorites is called Long Island Cheese. It a ribbed but smooth shape, with a restful, muted pumpkin orange.

This variety is also known to be good for cooking. I like the idea of displaying these in a simple and traditional table setting, especially with white or the cool green Hubbard squash. Pumpkins can go with elegant china with a classic color like these.

The Cinderella pumpkins, are a much brighter orange, and flatter in shape than the pumpkins we'd choose for Halloween carving. These would make a good fairy coach in a display, or use them alone or in a stack. The vibrant orange stands out both indoors or outdoors.

And another pumpkin I’d never seen before is called Warty. I can imagine lots of ways to enjoy those in a fall display.

Or Start With a Motif

The same elements that are good for color inspiration can also start your decorating based on a motif. Pumpkin or acorn shapes are just two examples.

Ceramics or glass items in fall shapes can add to the season, or be enjoyed all year round if they’re your favorite.

For example, apples are harvested in the fall (in the Northern Hemisphere). The same with grapes and corn. Any of these can be the motif around which you decorate your kitchen.

Wheat is a vintage favorite, as well as chrysanthemums.

Or mix a group of your favorites based on color, or just because you like them.

Multi-Color Indian Corn

Colorful Indian Corn
Colorful Indian Corn

Glassware Shapes for Fall

Pumpkins and Apples in Glass
Pumpkins and Apples in Glass

Build Your Collection for Fall Home Decor

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For a Small Space

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Why I Like The Pumpkin Patch

Farm stands like the Pumpkin Patch are so enjoyable to visit.

I know for me, part of it is the memories of getting pumpkins in the fall, in times gone by.

Then there's the many other squashes, gourds, corn and flowers that are tempting to bring home for a generous display.

For the apples, butternut and acorn squash, we get to enjoy looking at them -- until it's time to eat them.

The patch has the best of old and new, where I've discovered new colors and textures, like my Long Island Cheese. Finding new favorites makes me happy.

If fall is your color, or your favorite season, I hope you will find it a lot of fun and inspiration for your home decorating, too!

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kimbesa on 10/21/2017

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this article!

Guest on 10/09/2017

What a beautiful page, I loved all the different color and shapes of the pumpkins!

kimbesa on 08/25/2017

I haven't tried blue corn, but for next year, I have my eye on a corn with variegated leaves that produces black kernels. My one challenge is where to plant it that it won't get destroyed by wildlife. We had a big problem with ground hogs this year.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/25/2017

kimbesa, What do you think of Hopi blue corn?

kimbesa on 07/27/2015

Thanks! Fall will come around again, and I'm going back to this pumpkin patch to try out some new shapes.

blackspanielgallery on 07/24/2015

I like that glass pumpkin in the center. actually, you have some nice items here.

aswriting on 08/07/2014

It is so interesting the wide variety of pumpkins, here I have only seen one type - sometimes big, sometimes smaller but the same basic shape.

kimbesa on 12/10/2013

Thanks! They are very popular around here. I think it's both the colors and the shapes.

VioletteRose on 12/10/2013

I like pumpkins, they are so healthy, beautiful and colorful. Nice article!

kimbesa on 10/10/2013

Glad you enjoyed it! If your weather is anything like ours here, you have to grab those nice fall days when you can, because it won't be long until they turn cold and gloomy.

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