A Collection of Chicken Theme Home Goods

by kimbesa

Chickens have a special place in my collections. The china and dishes that feature roosters and hens are my favorites.

I’m not the only person who likes chicken motifs. The panorama of goods that feature hens, roosters, baby chickens – even eggs – says that these items have their fans. Count me in!

Chickens have some history in my family. One of my grandfathers raised and showed bantams. Other ancestors were farmers for many generations. Even if farming wasn’t like Little House on the Prairie, those items have a romance about them, from stories of the old days.

It comes naturally for me to have a collection of chicken things to display at home. I like the unusual, the whimsical – or offbeat, “slightly cracked,” in a manner of speaking. Or, anything else I like, period. They say if you choose things you like, your collection will go together.

In any case, a theme motif is one way to tie a collection together.

Photos by kimbesa

Collections Can Be Practical

Baking and Eggs wall clockMy “Baking and Eggs” clock is one of my favorite pieces to display. It’s designed by Sharon Neuhaus of Poultry in Motion.

The chef rooster has attitude, and it’s colorful. Check out that rainbow asparagus!

This piece started life as a plate. As a clock, there aren’t a lot of them around. In fact, I got this from an eBay seller whose husband made it.

As dinnerware, it also works with my dish collections. It’s also practical, because it’s a clock. So I get at least three benefits from this addition to my stash.

Gotta Love Baking And Eggs

Coming soon to my chicken collection
Westland Giftware Sharon Neuhaus Canvas Wall Art Baking and Eggs, 1...
Only $24.0

More Poultry in Motion

Not just for Halloween

My favorite mugThis mug was “mine” the minute I saw it in a secondhand store.

Another funky and quirky rooster to display or to use.

I don’t find this product line too often in my travels, but it’s on my permanent shopping list.

Poultry in Motion also licenses kitchen items like cookie jars and other pieces, all with roosters and hens in bright colors.

Vintage Dinnerware That Features Chickens

I like Pfaltzgraff china in general, and the Sunnydale pattern in particular

These are plates that I use from time to time.

Sunnydale Salad Plate by PfaltzgraffThe Sunnydale pattern includes a variety of farm-motif designs, including barns on the dinner plates.

I like the hand painted chickens on the salad plates. They have the variation that comes from the human touch.

If that’s not your thing, you might not like this kind of vintage dinnerware, but I think the rustic look goes with my other unique items.

Vintage Chicken Collectibles

Secondary marketplaces have lots of things that are unusual

Folk Art Inspired Chicken Dishes

I keep these plates for display, for now

Another item on the permanent shopping list for thrift stores and garage sales: china in the Henny Penny pattern by Warren Kimble.

The plates and mugs are easiest to find. I haven't yet seen the salt and pepper shakers (but I will have them eventually).

The set of four salad or dessert plates have different hens on different color backgrounds. They can be used to match with the corresponding mug, or mix them.

The colors are bold enough to hold their own in a colorful kitchen, and they will stand out proud in a white kitchen.

Mine used to live on top of white kitchen cabinets, with a lot of other bright colored chicken collectibles.

When I hang them, they're really going to show well on my warm yellow study wall.

I know there are plenty of them out there, and when I have four sets (one for each color background), I'll have some to use and some to keep in pristine condition.

Charming Henny Penny Pattern

By Americana Designer Warren Kimble, via eBay

Handcrafted Ceramic Shakers

My Newest Set of Salt And Pepper Shakers
My Newest Set of Salt And Pepper Shakers

Hens Shaker Set

Goes With a Chicken Collection, And Salt/Pepper Sets, Too

I purchased these shakers new, from a catalog that specializes in artisan-produced goods. They are produced in small quantities, somewhere between mass production and one of a kind. Again, funky and colorful.

(Hens With Aprons by Alison Palmer, from the Artful Home catalog.)

These could be used, but I probably just keep them for display. Once you put pepper in a shaker, it’s tough to get rid of the aroma. And salt is corrosive. Over time, it will damage the stoppers. If the ceramic is not glazed, or has any small defects, salt will work on that, too. I like my things to be pristine in most cases, so I have them out for show, and keep other shakers for daily use.

There are lots of chicken and rooster salt and pepper sets in the marketplace, both new and vintage. You could build a whole collection just on these. They’re cute to display and fit in a small space.

Paste Chickens On The Wall

Eggs go with the chicken-theme collection
Fresh Eggs Hen Chicken Distressed

Some Zazz For Your Collection

I've just begun to hunt for more chicken goodies on Zazzle

I'll Find a Spot

What's one more clock, especially when it will fit so well with my collection?
Westland Giftware Sharon Neuhaus Ceramic Wall Clock Hot Wings, 9-Inch

Collections Are Fun To Create

Collecting satisfies the urge to feather your nest

Any theme or motif can be the basis for a collection. It just takes some imagination to start it off. And the ideas, once they start coming, will make it fun.

I never know where I’m going to find the next thing to add to my chicken collection. The thrill of the hunt is satisfied when I get to add more pieces to my walls or cabinets.

The Girls Say Hi

They are opinionated, and we're never short of eggs.
Inspiration Out Back
Inspiration Out Back
Updated: 06/21/2013, kimbesa
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kimbesa on 08/26/2017

No official recipe that I know of, but if had to appoint one, it would be something with a lot of attitude, like the Chef Rooster. Probably some siracha, too

DerdriuMarriner on 08/25/2017

kimbesa, What is the recipe that goes with Baking and Eggs?

kimbesa on 08/01/2014

Oh, yes. That kind of dog would just love to take on some chickens!

BrendaReeves on 08/01/2014

I love a chicken theme kitchen. I'd like to get some chickens, but I'd have to build a really big enclosure to keep my Jack Russell out.

kimbesa on 07/31/2014

They do get into things from time to time, but overall they are pretty content as long as they are happy with their extra treats!

aswriting on 07/31/2014

I've always wanted a laying hens , but otherwise not sure how much I like chickens in general - the ones that our neighbors had were quite quarrelsome.

kimbesa on 06/11/2013

Ah yes...those are our girls out back.

kimbesa on 06/11/2013

I'm not sure this one is available...probably not easily. I got it from an eBay seller some years ago. She would find new plates at Home Goods, and her hubby made them into clocks or tier servers.

But there is a clock on Amazon called Hot Wings by Poultry in Motion. Is that your article that I saw it in?

PS... Gerbera daisies are now pinned!

BrendaReeves on 06/11/2013

Kim, Where can I get that chicken clock? Are those your chickens?

kimbesa on 05/23/2013

Thanks...and glad to see you around this neighborhood!

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