Creating a better you

by FirstTimeMama

10 life style changes for a better you today, tomorrow, and the next. Positive attitude and these simple steps.

Everyone is different in their own perfect, unique way. There is only one person that can be the best at being you, and that's YOU! Here's some quick ways to be the best YOU that you can be. Add these steps into your normal daily routine and in no time you will feel more energized and happy with who you are.

5 Easy steps to be a better you

Happy go getter

Have you been down in the dumps and not known why? I used to ALWAYS get down on myself for the smallest reasons. My self esteem was an all time low and it seemed as if nothing could get me out of my slump. LETS CHANGE THAT! 

1. Smile! Smiling creates natural endorphin's that automatically make you a happier person. Being a happier person will create a want to better your life. A simple smile can change your entire day around. Not feeling it? Force yourself to smile for 10 seconds and chances are, you aren't going to remember why you weren't smiling in the first place.

2. LET THE SMALL STUFF GO! Someone at work bothering you? Husband didn't take the trash out AGAIN...? Your best friend forgot about your plans and bailed last minute? Let it go! Allowing yourself to let go of the small things will allow you to actually focus on the larger things in life. Holding onto grudges actually hurts you more than it hurts anyone else, and that's the last thing we all need in life. Let the small things go and move onto bigger, better plans!

3. Don't let good get in the way of great. Are you "ok" at doing something? Are you an "alright" cook? or are you "mediocre" at your job? I bet you KNOW you can do better or try harder it's just sometimes we get lazy. Don't get lazy with your every day activities anymore. Spice up your job and surprise your boss by going above and beyond. Spruce up your dinner by adding some extra seasoning or making it a little healthier tonight. Just because you are good at something doesn't mean you can't be GREAT! In every day life we tend to settle for good. Never settle for something when you know you deserve or can do better.

4. Walk at least 15 minutes a day. What are you doing RIGHT NOW that you can't spare 15 minutes to walk? Exercise helps create endorphin's and endorphin's naturally make you happy. Take your partner, your kid, your dog, or just get some alone time. Walking speeds up your metabolism and helps you to maintain a healthy body inside and out. It is good for your bones and your muscular system. Getting fresh air and help reset a negative mindset and get you out of that funk you were in. So after reading this, GET UP AND GO!!!

5. Read. Subscribe to a newspaper, a magazine, a comic book, whatever it is but read! Reading helps keep your mind clear and lets you reset. Daily life is stressful so allow yourself to reset and de-stress. Make yourself some tea, or your favorite flavored water, and allow yourself 10 minutes of not paying attention to all the evil things in life that could bring you down. 

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Updated: 08/17/2015, FirstTimeMama
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Mira on 08/18/2015

That's some good advice :) Welcome to Wizzley, Gina!

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