Breastfeeding...Is it worth it?

by FirstTimeMama

Read along for the first three months of a first time mom's experience with breast feeding.

Pregnancy, labor, giving birth, baby. In that order is how babies (usually) come. In one short sentence we can describe how our babies enter this world, but is it really that easy? After long, agonizing pain we are now supposed to take care of this child. No manual, just you, the baby, and some settle hints they may give you when they start to cry. In this entry I will explain my journey with my new baby and touch bases on why I decided that breast feeding is really the only way I would ever raise my child. You just spent 9 months creating this perfect human being. 10 toes, little dimply smile, perfection. So why give your perfect baby something other than what is perfectly created for them? Breast milk is the perfect concoction for your perfect baby. So why try and guess what formula "kinda" works for them?

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Breast feeding!

Breast milk has over 300 ingredients that you CANNOT replicate. Meaning, when you feed your baby formula, there are 300 ingredients that are missing. Again, you spend 9 months making this perfect child, not eating sushi, not drinking, being the best possible almost mom you can, so why not give your child the best possible food you can? Yes, breast feeding can be difficult. Sometimes when you're in public you have to go off and hide as if you're doing something terrible or illegal. It can be embarrassing to feed in front of people if you really have no choice. But that's what makes it so beautiful. Babies are MEANT to eat from your breast, it's so natural, if people make a stink about it, that's on them. 

Breast milk is FREE! It costs you nada. All you have to do is keep being yourself and eat lots of food and drink lots of water and you create this perfect balance of food for your babies special needs. Not to mention that it burns up to 500 calories a day, so you get to enjoy really whatever you like. Again, this is just a perk. My main object of this article is to convince moms to breast feed for as long as possible because it's THE BEST thing you can do for your child at such a young age. 

Now I know that  a lot of moms say "i didn't produce anything so I had to resort to formula" or "it's just too hard my nipples hurt" GIRL! you just pushed this baby out of a small little hole (or got cut open) either way, you are now a SAVAGE woman! We are all savage after we give birth, so why not push through this hard week of your nipples hurting and give your baby the perfect concoction of what it needs? 

Updated: 08/18/2015, FirstTimeMama
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