Creating a Retro Kitchen: Clocks

by lakeerieartists

Every retro kitchen needs the perfect retro wall clock or retro counter clock.

Are you looking for the perfect retro clock to put in your retro kitchen? Every retro kitchen needs the perfect retro wall clock or retro counter clock.

A kitchen clock is one of the central kitchen accessories that just seems to make a kitchen come together. And a retro kitchen clock is a very inexpensive way to change the look of your retro kitchen. If you or someone you know is changing the look of your kitchen to a retro kitchen style then a retro clock is a great way to get started.

Retro clocks usually come in simple shapes, bright colors, and big numbers. They make a bold statement on any retro kitchen wall, bringing big, bold color and style to your retro kitchen.

Round Retro Wall Clocks

retro kitchen clockThis retro wall clock by Infinity is typical of retro design with bright red, white, and black colors. The clock is a simple round shape with a white face, and large black numbers. This retro clock has clock hands, of course, because it is not digital. This style clock is from before digital clocks were invented.  This particular retro wall clock by Infinity comes in several colors including white, red, and chrome.

Retro Metal Wall Clocks

Retro Metal Wall Clock - White

Red dots highlight each hour which enhances the white face. Black numbers and black hands are classic looking. The white case is a perfect way to frame this retro-inspired ...

$89.99  $42.38
Infinity Instruments Retro Round Metal Wall Clock, Red

Bring retro cool to your living space with Infinity Instrument's round metal wall clock. Equally at home in a kitchen, office, dorm room, or living room, the clock's cherry ...

Only $58.45

Deco Retro Kitchen Clock

Metal Wall Clock with Wooden Balls

Awesome Wood Metal Wall Clock. Makes any Room Brighten Up. Great for a George Nelson Fan

Moms Bar and Grill Deco Clock

Mom's Bar and Grill Art Deco Clock. Relive the Fabulous Forties with this clock. Fluorescent back lit clock measures 14 inches in diameter and features quartz movement. Color ...

Only $105.0

Simple Shapes and Bold Colors

Retro style is full of basic, simple geometric shapes.  The most common shapes for retro clocks are circular, square, and rectangular.  Sometimes clocks will have a round clock inside a square or rectangular base.

Colors are primary and secondary colors like blue, yellow, red, green, orange, purple, and also black and white.  Most retro style clocks are from styles from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, when styles were simpler, and more elemental, and way before digital took the style from any clock.  Because clocks need to have numbers, a face, and hands to really have a style.  Digital clocks may be more precise, but they are not prettier.

Retro Square Clocks

Bai Square Retro Wall Clock, Turquoise

This Bai retro classic wall clock has an unique rectangular bezel with a style that goes well with the school clock type font. It fits comfortably in any corner of the home or ...

$29.12  $18.0

Star or Sun Style Clocks

One of the most fun retro styles for clocks is the star style or sun style. Sometimes it is also called the planet or orbit style. Essentially the clock is round with spikes sticking out all the way around the circle.

Depending on the clock the spikes will have pointed ends or round circle ends, looking like a sun's rays or planets in orbit. These types of clocks were in high style, and look great in a retro kitchen.  Most often these retro wall clocks will be found in a chrome, or wood base.

Retro Star Clock

Chaney 75153 Retro Star Clock

17" Retro Star Clock for the indoor décor use.

Starburst Retro Wall Clock, Silver

A burst of polished silvertone discs are attached to rods of polished metal to create this spectacular wall clock with a mirrored dial. Requires one AA battery.


Authentic Vintage Kitchen Clocks

If you don't just want a retro style clock for your kitchen, but want to have an authentic vintage clock for your kitchen, then Ebay is a great place to search.  You can find wall or table clocks from any previous era, and most of them are still in good working order.

If they are not, you can have them rewired to work again without much trouble.  These clocks are from before we had microchips in everything, and just run on batteries or electricity, so any electrician should be able to get them up and running. (No pun intended.)

On Ebay, you can search for wall clocks by year or decade, and you can also search by style or manufacturer.  Sellers can answer any questions you have about the authenticity of the kitchen clock you are interested in.

Whatever retro or vintage clock you end up with, it will look great ticking away on the wall of your retro kitchen.

More Retro Kitchen Ideas

One of the simplest retro additions to any kitchen is a retro apron or two for the cook.
Retro is very hot, and you can find lots of very interesting retro kitchen furniture, small appliances, and accessories for affordable prices.
Updated: 10/01/2014, lakeerieartists
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