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by CountrySunshine

Suffering from foot problems? Crocs are the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your wardrobe.

I've experienced foot problems for a number of years, including Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, and corns. I'm on my feet, walking several miles each day, so comfort and durability is a necessity! While I wear Muck boots while working with the livestock, it's nice to have shoes that can be worn around the house, in the garden, and in town.

For many years, I've worn Dr. Scholl's sandals, or New Balance tennis shoes. Both are extremely comfortable, and I recommend both to those with foot problems. But now that I've found Crocs, these are my top recommendations:

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Mammoth Crocs for Women

In 2009, while my husband was on a fishing trip in Alaska, he came across Crocs' Mammoth-style shoes. Unlike the basic Crocs that are so popular, these are actually lined. My husband thought these would be a good souvenir gift, and brought me home a pair. This was my first experience with Crocs, and I came to love them immensely!

Mammoth shoes by Crocs look like the classic ones that are seen during the summer months. They are made of a synthetic material which holds up to a lot of wear & tear. They are a light-weight shoe, have rubber ridged soles, and are really quite comfortable!


These shoes are really warm, since they have a fleece liner inside. The liner can be easily removed for washing. They heave the classic air holes in the top, so your feet can breathe.

A surprising item of interest that I learned while wearing the Mammoth shoes is that they are not too hot to wear in the summer months. The liner actually keeps your foot cool when it's hot outside, and warm in the winter.

Note:  These Mammoth Crocs are available in whole sizes only. Keep in mind that the liner takes up some room, so if you are a half size, order the next higher number.


Blitzen Shoes by Crocs

In the fall of 2011, my dog, Charlie Watts, chewed up one of my Mammoth Crocs. I didn't immediately replace them, because I still had my Muck boots to wear. While I love my Muck boots, I didn't always want to wear them into town. So early in 2012, I began my search to replace my Mammoth Crocs.

During the search, I came across the Blitzen style. Made almost identical to the Mammoth, there was one change: instead of a number of air vent holes in the top, there are only two on each side. To me, this seemed ideal, as it would allow less air into the shoes during the cold winter months. Plus, less water would be able to soak the fleece lining if I stepped in a puddle.

I have worn my Blitzen Crocs since early April, and my feet really enjoy them! Just like the Mammoth Crocs, they are comfortable, warm, and extremely durable. I wear them to the grocery store, around the house, and out in the yard. They are easy to slip on and off, and the lining is easy to remove for washing. A perfect shoe for everywhere you go!

Cleo Slides Sandals

Crocs' Mammoth and Blitzen styles do not make much of a fashion statement, so I have one more style to recommend. This is the "Cleo Slide", and like the other Crocs styles, they are extremely comfortable.

I purchased my first pair on Amazon in 2010, and now have 3 pairs. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are perfect to pair with jeans, slacks and dresses.

They are extremely light-weight and comfortable, and the raised bumps on the interior sole seem to massage your feet!

My Recommendation?

Buy a pair - or three!

If you have foot problems, or just want some comfortable shoes, try a pair of Crocs! Unlike the cheaper generic brands, Crocs are made from a proprietary synthetic material that is soft and durable. They are not limited to the styles I've recommended above; there are many others on their website. They are a good value for your money, making your wallet - and your feet - happy.

Updated: 04/01/2017, CountrySunshine
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Mira on 05/15/2015

Yes, Crocs are very comfy. I, too, thought they were plastic only.

CountrySunshine on 05/14/2015

I originally thought crocs were just plastic shoes. I'm a huge fan now, and wear them constantly! I haven't tried the ballerina slippers-looking ones, but it sounds like I need to look into this style.

happynutritionist on 05/14/2015

I'm a big fan, I have unlined classic crocs and a pair that I can't recall the official name for but they look a bit like ballerina slippers...I wear them constantly when the weather is warm. Love crocs!

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