Cupcake Baby Shower Invitations

by boutiqueshops

Celebrate a new little cupcake with a cupcake baby shower. And to have a cupcake baby shower, you need cupcake baby shower invitations!

What better way to celebrate the arrival of sweet new little cupcake than to have a cupcake baby shower. And to have a cupcake baby shower, you'll just have to send cupcake baby shower invitations!

When you get ready to send the baby shower invitations, be sure to use Cupcake Baby Shower Postage Stamps, too!

To get your cupcake creativity going and tickle your cupcake fancy, I’ve gathered up some of the cutest cupcake baby shower invitations you ever did see. I’ll add links to more cupcake pages soon, too! You Can’t Get Any Sweeter Than A Cupcake Baby Shower!

Featured Image: Cupcake Shower Invitation

Adorable Cupcake Baby Shower Invitations

I'm sure you can find some cute cupcake baby shower invitations almost anywhere...BUT you want your party invitations to be extra special right?  Personalized baby shower invitations are just the ticket.

Zazzle baby shower invitations are customizable in many fun ways. Not only can you customize the date and time of course, but in some cases you can choose colors, paper type, sizes and shapes (square or rectangle).

Be prepared for the most adorable quality cupcake baby shower invitations available anywhere, printed to your specifications by the folks at Zazzle.

Simply click on any of the baby shower invitation images you see on this page to order your supply or see even more cupcake baby shower invitations.

The Most Unique Baby Shower Invitations

One of the advantages of getting your cupcake baby shower invitations at Zazzle is that they’ll be unique.

These party invitations are designed by the highly talented artists at Zazzle and are not available in stores.

When you find a design you like, try using the colors and designs as inspirations for the cupcake baby shower decorations, party favors and gifts for that extra touch of unique-ness.

Baby Shower Planning Tips

The best time to have a baby shower is around the end of the second trimester. This way, mommy-to-be has a sweet baby bump going but there won’t be any concern about her going into labor at the party!  

The second trimester is also good so as not to tire mommy out too much.  Late pregnancy can be exhausting, so just something you might want to consider.

Send the baby shower invitations about 3-4 weeks before the party and send them regular snail-mail. Don’t run the risk of email invitations being caught in spam folders or missed by those who don’t check their email regularly.

Make sure mommy is registered for her gifts by the time of the party, so you can share the gift list.

Some baby showers are gender reveal parties.  Those can be lots of fun!  If mommy wants to reveal her little cupcake's gender, a cupcake baby shower is a real treat. By the end of the second trimester you’ll know the gender of the baby and can individualize the baby gift list, too.

Carry the cupcake baby shower theme throughout the party, too.  Postage stamps for the invitations would be so cute!  Baby shower cupcakes are some of the cutest cupcakes out there.


Baby Shower Cupcake Cake

Great Idea For Your Cupcake Baby Shower

Wonderful Selection Of Cupcake Baby Shower Invitations

Cupcake themes aren't just fun for baby showers.  They're great for birthdays and wedding showers, too.

You can personalize these cupcake invitations for any occasion. These pretty designs will set the mood for the party.

They are fun, whimsical, and colorful. Your party will be off to a great start with these cupcake baby shower invitations.

Speaking Of Cupcake Baby Showers

Cupcake baby showers are among the most popular of the themed baby showers.

There are so many wonderful ideas for having a cupcake baby shower, too. Try these cupcake themed baby shower for ideas:

  • Gender reveal
  • Baby Announcement
  • Boy Baby Shower
  • Girl Baby Shower
  • Tea Party Baby Shower

That's just the tip of the cupcake!  I bet you can think of more!

Updated: 12/13/2016, boutiqueshops
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