One-Year-Old Girl Gift Ideas

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It's toys like these that make the best gifts for one-year-old baby girls first birthday; they'll be much loved while helping her reach and develop important life skills.

By their first birthday, babies realize many triumphs during their early years. We parents are made very aware of what to expect our little ones to learn, attempt and/or do. These new abilities--called milestones--are exciting to look forward to.

Spending time with your baby girl and investing in a few toys that teach while entertaining, I've found, is the best way to keep them engaged and moving toward attaining those all-important milestones.

I'll give you a few ideas that may help your little one succeed with several of the prescribed milestones outlined on the website. Also, it's important to regularly discuss your baby girl's needs and successes with her pediatrician.

Toy Gifts that Teach & Entertain:


Teach & Have Fun with Your One-Year-Old Girl

By their first birthday, babies begin learning to socialize but don't expect too much like sharing; that concept comes with time and patience. Too your baby learns what an item is for, as an example, she will manipulate a cup, spoon or hairbrush.

A word of caution: She'll absorb everything around her and may pick up mommy's lipstick, so be careful. She loves to 'find' things by remembering where they are kept (I'm thinking my pots and pans cabinet).

This picnic basket helps hone those first 'big people' actions regarding food and placement.

You can read more about these milestones at but remember, these learning skills are just a guideline and every 1-year-old is a unique learner.

Make Up Your Own Games

Here's a fun learning game I made up called, 'Get Into the Act'

 I'm a big fan of teaching kids through fun interaction. Encourage your baby girl to role play.

 Here's what I did:

 I assigned my boys a 'character' they had to emulate. I gave each a different name and included a family status like, "Cam, you're going to be a man named Bradley who likes to eat chicken nuggets."

 These simple 'rules' we so much fun when we literally 'got into the act.'

Hand-to-Mouth Stage & Safety: Something to Think About


At about a year old, baby girls (and boys) begin to emulate those around her. Play Sets are a great way for them to copy the actions they see others do, like bringing cups to mouth. Be careful, though as many babies are prone to the instinctive hand-to-mouth play and small pieces can show up in the most inconspicuous places.

You'll want to check the toy for sharp edges like rooftops on dollhouses that end in a point versus a smooth or rounded edge. Too, make sure each piece of all toys are secure; you'd be surprised at what little one's can do to toys. A small flower adornment can be nibbled off, then swallowed. Or, babies tend to 'drop' things and toy parts become dangerous.

The Fisher -Price toys like I've included here in the playsets and dollhouses, have large, solid pieces and promise to be a better choice than some wooden toys with sharp edges.

NOTE: Keep in mind that on-year-olds fall--a lot. They trip over almost everything, so be attentive to corners and opt for toys with rounded edges. My son tripped over a plastic basketball goal and realized a nasty cut from the one sharp edge.

Here's some options I've found that prove to be safer for your baby girl to play without much worry for injury. They're brightly colored, durable and portable. I like the idea of packing the toy up for entertaining on the go.

Soft Baby Dolls for Snuggling--and Safety

According to, one-year-olds begin to establish bonds with those closest to her. This relationship extends to her toys, too, they say.

At just a few months older, you'll most likely have to peel your baby off your trousers. My twins would scream, the octave range seemingly threatened to break the sound barrier if I so much as stepped outside to trim my roses (despite my husband's presence).

So, it's no surprise that babydolls and plush toys (like teddy bears) are often a favorite with girls.

Opting for soft dolls is a good idea for safety reasons, should your baby sleep with it. Make sure you check all accessory pieces.

Too you want to be sure there's no loose parts that may prevent a choking hazard.

NOTE: Some dolls have pacifiers and while cute, you can bet your baby girl will put the binkie to her mouth as part of their learning and emulating others, just as she's expected to do at her age.

Remind yourself to be diligent when selecting toys and/or other gifts for one-year-olds until she's at least three-years-old; then revisit appropriateness of toys with your girl's doctor.

The 'Uh-Oh' Destructive Stage: Soft Doll Gifts & Other Safety Things to Consider

At a year old, babies like to bang two things together; they also like to drop and hit things--no matter if the toy is designed for those actions, or not. For this reason, even hard parts that have the possibility of being smacked on another hard surface like a hardwood floor or sidewalk could present a danger to babies.

Here's one more doll to consider for your baby girl's first birthday. Cloth dolls like this one with embroidered features (the eyes, nose and mouth) are a lot safer than other dolls with removable parts and buttons that can be chewed on until they fall off.

The soft bodies promise to be a better option for bedding down with your one-year-old than the harder plastic dolls.

NOTE: I would remove the ID bracelet and hair bow for now. You can save it for later, when your baby girl is older.

Gifts to Teach Dressing: Soft Baby Doll with Removable Clothing
North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Soft Baby Doll for One-Year...

Dollhouses Teach Children to Understand Others


A Fun Role Play Idea Teaches One-Year-Olds Empathy

As I touched on above, a favorite 'game' I played with my toddlers was 'Get Into the Act' where I would assign each twin a person they would have to be.

Here's how I fashioned it for doll houses:

For one twin I would tell, "Cam, you're going to be a daddy named James who has a new baby and he works at a bank." For my other son, I might assign a mommy role who has a job at a grocery store."

And I might give myself a role or allow the boys to assign who I would be.

You'll learn so much about how your one-year-old sees the world. Too, I'd pick up on things they're misunderstanding about people, manners, respect for other, etc. and save the correction/lesson for later, after play or the next day.

While it's true doll houses have no pages and scripted assignments, these toys are invaluable for bringing your kids closer to you, relating to others and empathizing. There's so many life lesson to be broached through this role-playing game and you'll both love love this special time together.

Cause & Effect: Just what is this Milestone?

By age one, your girl already has an idea of the concept of cause and development. I'm sure you can recognize a few of these actions:

  •  Your little girl hold her arms out for you to put her coat on.
  • She holds her arms up toward you and expects to be picked up.
  • You baby rolls a ball and expects you to roll it back.

 With this Ballapalooza toy, your baby will learn more about this cause and development where she places the ball on the track knowing it will run the course. And she'll know when and where to expect the ball to be at the end of the track (toys like this one are one good way to teach the most basic measurements) . There's several features and levels to place the ball that result in it either rolling or bouncing, honing her cause and effect skills even more.

 Too, this toy plays dance music and lights up



Interactive Books for One-Year-Olds First Birthday

Along with Learning to Turn Pages, Babies Get an Early Lesson in Music, Shapes and Language

Interactive books like this one are full of engaging teaching activities that are age-appropriate. With this series, you'll see plenty of cause and effect buttons, sounds and lights packaged into one tidy bundle.

If you're more the conventional toy seeker, paper books might suit you better but I had very active kids and traditional books never made it long.

Electronic books may take some getting used to, though It didn't take me too long to get accustomed to them once my twins ripped one too many pages in the process of page-turning.

We did have that long talk about treating things with respect but at a year old, baby's are just learning the mechanics of things and their zeal at turning pages got a bit . . . er . . . overzealous, hence the ripped fish book.

The books by VTech have rounded corners and are just the right size (see the image I've included at right) teach colors, shapes and a host of subject matters; I got really fond of them in short order.

And they'll love turning the book on and off.

Point & Poke: a Valid stage for Your One-Year-Old Baby Girl

Yes, point and poke is a valid stage where they may point to things they want. By their first birthday, babies make good use of their index finger--that will be one busy digit, indeed. Remember though, these stages/milestones are a point of reference and all children are different.

 Here's one gift idea that will last more than six months with all its activities, while helping hone baby's skill at using their index finger.

 This Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop teaches numbers, ABCs, colors and shapes using engaging lights and sounds.

 Along with pointing and pushing buttons, one-year-olds love 'opening and closing.' The cover of the 'laptop,' once opened, comes to 'life' with lights and music.

 One of the perks of this toy, is it's the ideal pack and go toy. I'm sure you're familiar of all the times when your baby needs entertaining. One of the things I did was have one toy that was exclusively for playing with while out and about.The toy wasn't played with at home.

 This way, the toy stays a novelty piece--it's like having a new toy and it's more likely to keep your baby's interest than one that's played with, daily. There's plenty to touch, push, see and hear perfect for your baby stay excited about. It's size makes this learning toy ideal for travel.

The 'Rinse n' Repeat' Stage: Ideas for Improving Skills and Walking

What one-year-old isn't busy during her every waking minute? I called this stage 'Rinse n' Repeat.' Obviously, that's a mommy term not at all medical.

 I kept my little ones busy with toys they could get up and go with. This Boikido push toy has the cutest bucket where one-year-olds can put toys in, wheel them around and take them out. Then, "rinse and repeat."

 At the end of the day, your baby girl can put all her toys back in the wagon keeping her room tidy. I liked making a game of cleaning up. We had our own 'Clean Up!' song where I taught them which toys were safe to throw a short distance (my boys were 'throwers').

 I fared better with teaching my kids a safer way to throw and what items were okay, than just saying no to everything. Obviously, some things are non-negotiable but I did bend with their wagon toys and we're all still alive.

A Mom's Message
A Mom's Message
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