Low Loft Beds and Bunk Beds for Toddlers & Kids

by HomeArtist1

Low Loft Beds like these are a smart choice for decorating in tight spaces and where kids aren't ready to sleep at 'treetop' height, just yet.

It's easy to go all wrong when working furniture into small bedrooms; some pieces like desks and storage can't be left out. Period. I've decorated is some really small spaces and I've undone some major decorating faux pas. Indeed, home design damage-control-by-default has become a forte of mine. The key to successfully plotting a bedroom palette you all can live with ~and in ~ is proper planning. Sound a little complicated? Not really; I'll show you how to go up instead of out: It's low loft beds with storage and/or desks to the rescue!

In the Beginning: Planning Your Room Layout

Budget~Friendly Junior Low Loft Beds with Slide

Low loft beds can help out big time when planning for your child's bedroom but my biggest piece of advice for getting everything in place harmoniously is plotting your major pieces out on plain paper first.

You don't have to be to scale, mind you; just be accurate with the size relationships between the bed you've planned for and other major pieces. Laying everything on paper will prevent having to move real furniture about the room.

It's a good idea to collect image of model rooms you like. Love the wall color? Clip the picture. Wall art that's amazing? Clip that, too. When you're ready to decorate, you'll have ideas that are more tangible ~ lifelike ~ to work with.

These super-cheap, fun loft beds have slides and ladders that littler kids love, while adding a fun look to your overall scheme.

Keeping to a Budget

Metal Junior Low Loft Beds in White & Silver

metal low loft beds leave room underneath for play or storage

Keeping to a budget can get tricky when you begin shopping for furniture and accessories.

Trust me, paying too much for a bed or wall art can really out a damper on how your perceive the piece later on.

It's no fun trying to appreciate a piece when you've spent too much.

Determine your budget and try to keep to it, reminding yourself of the amount you've planned to spend.

These super-cheap low loft beds are under $120 and they'll afford the look you want while serving your child well come bedtime

Other colors available.

Metal Junior Low Loft Bed with Storage Steps


Not only are steps a safer option for little ones versus a ladder but this smart-design junior low loft bed has lots of extra storage inside each step. If you've been a victim to those elusive building bricks and their accouterments, you've for sure suffered many a sore foot in your day [enter your own scary visual, here].

These metal frame junior loft beds are plenty sturdy and built to last. I learned the hard way after my husband built our twins their very own wooden platform beds. They weighed a ton and the boys never slept a single night in either bed.

After ditching the toddler beds we opted for metal framed bunks and we fared much better budget-wise. Plus the beds were sold after the kids grew out of them.

In all, metal beds are in it for the long haul--and then some.

They're just plain smart.

Going 'Up' Makes Sense in Tight Spaces

I've seen some of the most ingenious ways to use space in the Asian world. There, space is more the rare commodity and real estate in the form of square footage in the home is meted out in inches. Well, back to kids' bedrooms . . .. Where space is limited, it makes sense to go up rather than out. Loft beds allow more furniture per foot of floor space.

Begin at floor level and discern whether you'll need a dresser, desk or play area with a nice rug underneath. Little kids will appreciate a place to play while older ones can get homework done in quiet.

Proceed above the bed to the wall space. While three nice pieces of wall art arranged gallery-style would look splendid, if your child is better suited with a calendar or dry erase board to keep studies in check, go that route. Affix a gooseneck reading lamp for bedtime reading.

Keeping things above keeps things off the floors, freeing up walk space.

These wooden beds are ideal for getting 'whatever' done ~ quite tidily I might add.

Keeping Kids' Rooms Tidy

Short/Junior Loft Beds with Storage Drawers Underneath

Kids love to climb ~ that much we know but my twins would become different people when they were tired; I wouldn't want them as toddlers doing much climbing. I was happy to see these low loft beds with stairs; it's just another peace-of-mind attribute we moms and dads can appreciate.

I love the wooden low loft beds here that have built-in drawers for extra storage and a lower bunk for little kids that share a room. They would have been ideal for my twins. While the metal loft bed I've included here doesn't have extra storage, there's plenty of room for a dresser underneath. Either way, you'll sleep better with little ones having stairs versus a ladder.

These low loft bed units are the one-size-fits-all style for any decor palette you have in mind as far as color and style.

Unlike the loft beds above, these drawers and cubbies, while numerous, don't work well independently and are designed for that unit-look, so you'll have to forgo a play space underneath if that's what you planned for.

Having a low-profile look, these beds allow you to create any dream your child may be pining for. There's no set genre.

All you'll need to pull off a spectacular kid's bedroom is a few colorful accessories and bedding and you're good to go!

Low Junior Twin Size Loft Bed with Dressers Underneath
Low Junior Twin Size Loft Bed with Dr...
Link Above

Getting Your Child's Space Organized


Junior Size Low Loft Beds with Dresser Drawers and Desk Underneath in Wood Finishes

Low Loft Bed, in White Wood Finish with Desk and Dresser Drawers Un...

Short Loft Beds with Dresser Drawers, Desk and Shelves Underneath

twin size

Getting your child ready for his or her school career can be as simple as having a desk in their bedroom. Kids get excited over the simplest things!

Here's a sampling of low loft beds with a desk underneath that are suitable for growing kids into their teens.

Having space for all those school papers and elusive socks can keep clutter to a minimum and set the wheels in motion for solid organizational skills.

Just keeping things organized in smaller spaces can do wonders for your stress level. Remember, a busy, cluttered room is not the peaceful retreat you're striving for.

Have a place for everything so there's room for one more thing: your child.

Wood Junior Low Loft Bed with Desk Dresser & Shelves Underneath
Wood Junior Low Loft Bed with Desk Dr...
Link is Above: Available in Several F...
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