Outdoor Tree Ornaments: Tree Faces

by HomeArtist1

These decorative people faces for trees bring out personality in your yard and promise to create your own enchanted forest with a little help from our friends--the trees.

Whether it's Halloween or you're just loving the outdoors, staying in your yard or garden for at least part of the day is healthy, and attractive, backyard tree decorations that beckon you and your guests outside takes so little effort with whimsical forest faces for trees. These simple, happy-face and Halloween additions are ideal for your yard's sentinels, as they seemingly keep watch while providing much-needed shade. Why not give your trees a decorative face? Turn your yard from "eh" to enchanting with easy to apply faces for trees.

Genuine Tree Peeple Whistlin' Pete Tree Face

We all can prattle off our favorite color, size and fragrance of flower without hesitation but it's not often we're thinking personality by way of tree faces.Who knew?

It's a novel thing to create a world of flora that best betrays our own personality, our need for fun and relaxation, all without leaving our backyard --literally.

You’ll want to place your tree faces at a level that’s easy to accommodate both you and your feathered friends where they’ll feel safe eating. I’m thinking of sipping coffee in the early morn after just having filled the tree face-mouth-thingy, welcoming in new arrivals ready for breakfast.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to begin a new day?

Wilhelm the Middle Earth Ent (Giant): Garden Tree Face Sculpture

Outdoor Tree Face Decorations: Toscano Whispering Wilhelm Tree/Fore...

Two words best describe these quality made tree face decorations: “They’re scary!” If you’re going for the fairy tale, enchanted forest, or Halloween tree face that’s replete with the wicked witch (enter theWizard of Oz visual, here), these scary tree faces will indeed, get the job done.

I’m not a fan of the dark forest but I can’t discount how well these faces betray a scary, Wizard of Oz vibe. They're the perfect tree face sculpture for Halloween and year-round fun. If you’re in for all that drama, go for it!

Just make sure any little ones don’t lose their desire to play outside. Don’t these faces seem to meld right into the tree bark?

Trip to the Moon: Scary Year-Round/Halloween Decoration Tree Face Sculpture

Scary Tree Face: Toscano Trip to the Moon Wall Sculpture, Antique S...

Expressions are indeed the language of people everywhere, where words need not apply to get the job done:

Convey a sense of peacefulness, with a smile, a sense of silliness, with a funny face or conversely, a note of foreboding, with mean, scary faces (think enchanted forests and wicked witches of fairy tales).

While there's no shortage of tree faces, it's the whimsical expressions that prove most popular.

Using a Host of Tree Faces to Create Your Own Backyard Forest

Fun, decorative tree faces like these sport people faces, with their life-like mouths and glass eyes on some for a convincing testament to people-like personality.

You can create a whole 'standing room only audience' of happy campers with any of these cute faces for trees with expressions and/or gestures aglow.

Keep to one expression or create a real-life crowd, were each tree has its own personality and you'll realize a dramatic effect that's all yours.

For the creepy or haunted forest, use the scary tree face decorations I've included here, or mix the tree face at left that just stares along withe the creepy ones, and you'll have a convincing 'black forest.'

Adding an Artistic Element to Your Yard


I'm partial to this bespectacled guy for its unique features. The glasses, bushy eyebrows, beard and expression brings this 'whistler' tree face sculpture/decoration to the top of the list in the artistic realm.

With the simple addition of a real-life face, your yard can take on an air as outdoor art installation year round or as a fanciful, 'John Lennon' Halloween decoration. I'm for the year round plan.

Don't you agree?

Two-for-One Tree Face Decorations: Tree Art & Bird Feeder or Birdhouse 


Oh, my! I love these ‘double-duty’ tree faces that serve as unique garden decoration and bird feeder or birdhouse. The open mouths have a gesture all their, though both are quite happy.

I love the visual, where birds may seem to peck away at the faces’ teeth–like a teeth cleaning of sorts. The birdhouse looks like it will be quite the cozy shelter from cold winter storms, too. Either tree face will serve you well in your garden--and your backyard birds.

Having perused lots of tree face options, I have to say this feeder is my absolute fave.

Kids & Your Back Yard Trees

Chances are you're the instrumental one with this most novel idea to add faces to your yard's trees, but you'll want to consider the ages of your children, if any.

Kids can go either way with tree faces: totally fascinated or terribly frightened, with the latter a no-go, lest your little ones refuse to play in their own yard. 

Having three boys with vastly different personalities, I can predict your kids will have mixed reviews about the new denizens out front or back. To help curtail their fears, let them help choose which tree face to use--even allow them to name each one. When the faces arrive, let 'em unpack the box and old the last scary piece in their hands. This way, they'll feel more acquainted with these new 'members of the family.'

Like those I just talked about, this cute gesture has the face sticking out their tongue and I'm guessing kids would love this 'guy' the best.

Adding an air of fun just before a barbecue or yard party is easy with tree faces.

These guys sure spice things up and get folks talking or, on a quieter note simply add happiness wherever and whenever it's needed.

Decorating your outdoor space is just as important as a favorite room in your home. Surround yourself with things you love and you'll have made a successful endeavor of it.

Be sure to get a healthy dose of sunshine in the great outdoors, even if it is your own backyard!

Create Your Own 'Company' Among the Trees

Don't they make you feel a bit lighter just looking at them?

With all these happy 'people' around you, how can you discount their mood and move on to another?

One would be hard-pressed to find a happier tree decoration. Well, I may be a bit overly dramatic but you can see these cuties are just that--cute!

Affix several faces at different levels on your trees, much like how real people are different heights for a convincing look.


You'll never feel alone in the woods (here I go, again).

Lots to Consider; Lots of Fun: Go for What Makes You Happy in Your Garden or Backyard

There's no shortage of different textures, colors and expressions with this mix of tree faces I've included here, above and below but you may have a particular genre face in mind.

Do you want your tree face to seemingly melt into its surrounds?

Do you have trees with a darker bark? Do you want realistic people faces or whimsical tree decorations?

This too-cute blue-eyed guy is a great way to bring a unique appeal and a relaxed feeling to admirers who share your love of garden parties--even if it's just you and a friend. 

There's no wrong way to opt for what you like, as your outdoor palette --being Mother Nature--is quite arbitrary and forgiving.

Go with what you love and enjoy.

Updated: 09/08/2015, HomeArtist1
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candy47 on 09/03/2015

What a great idea, especially for Halloween. Scary!

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