Beach Carts and Wagons with Big & Balloon Wheels: A Review

by HomeArtist1

These budget-wise beach carts with big, balloon wheels and big-wheeled wagons made specifically for beach sand can save you from making multiple trips with all your gear.

Beach carts and wagons like those I've included here are a must-have, and if you've kids in tow, and umbrella, chairs . . . , you must have a beach cart with big wheels for all that sand.
While hauling your beach stuff over dunes can be a black cloud on an otherwise fabulous,vacay day, you'll find the cart you're looking for among the beach carts' feature reviews I have included here. There's nothing like a bit of planning to ensure the best beach trip ever!

Best Beach Cart with Big Balloon Wheels for Us Beach Nuts

Wheeleez Mini Folding Beach Cart: Best Cart with Big Balloon Wheels

Big Balloon Tire Beach Cart:

KUDOS for accurate portrayal of sand maneuvering!

No, I didn't save 'the best' for last. Here's my top contender but don't let the "mini" moniker deter you from this Weeleez beach cart. The balloon wheels ( aka tires, on this bad boy) mean business, especially where you'll have to trek across a lot of dry sand before you get to your favorite spot on the beach.

This beach cart weighs a mere 12 pounds  because of its tubular metal frame, but can hold up to 77 lbs. of beach junk . . .  er . . . treasure. It wouldn't be surprising if you wanted two of these gems--especially if you're like me, bringing friends and family to the beach and staying put for the day (although you could get by with one cart, sending your least-assertive group member back for seconds--unless said person happens to be you--not good) .

This cart folds easily for storage in tight spaces. Its tubular steel frame sports a nice 38" powder coated handle to boot!.

Best Deep Cart for Us Beach Bums Who 'Lay All Day'

While tempting, I wouldn't recommend for grocery-store-to-beach shopping. Don't think I haven't considered it!
Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler

Best Beach Cart for Families with Kids

Deep Basket with Big Wheels but Lightweight

Coming in at a tight second, these beach carts are great for families, as they can be loaded down to the hilt and "barrel" over sand like tanks.

My beach cart is a Wonder Wheeler brand similar to these pictured here and I can say they really do hold that much stuff! I insist everyone has their own beach chair (that way they don't steal mine) and we like to stay out all day. I pack enough food and drink so we're not negotiating whose's going to make the next beverage run.

Even with towels, cooler, umbrella and my packed~to~the~hilt beach bag, we had no trouble pushing our cart over the dunes. Well, we did have one issue: the twins argued who "got to push" first!

Beach Cart with Big Wide Wheels Board & Chair Rack

Perfect-beach-spot-and-amazing-beach-experience not included.
Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart

Going Body Surfing? Beach Cart with Board Holder

Much like the beach cart, above, this guy has a deep and generous interior that keeps your stuff safely caged inside (no, not your kids--unfortunately, although I've seen it attempted a time or two).

There's plenty o' room for both folding beach chairs, bodyboards (aka boogie board) for surfing clips and clamps for the huge beach bag that's included and extra-wide wheels, so dry sand isn't a prob.

With its great reviews for being among the best beach carts for families with kids, I'd venture to say you're gonna love this one

Beach Carts with Dual-Purposes Save Space and Tired Toes

Ma'am, your body double has arrived . . . you can relax now.
3-in-one: Kayak SUP Trolley, Beach Chair, Cargo Cart.

Beach Carts with Conversion Seats Are a Parent's Saving Grace

I'm not sure about you, but most of us family matriarchs--and patriarchs--don't look near this good beachside, but the chair option on this dual-purpose beach cart with big balloons WHEELS. wheels is a great beach cart for toting, then relaxing.

Here's some great options for dual~purpose beach carts. If you're bringing kids to the beach they'll surely appreciate a ready~made seat (especially if you've just washed the sand off their feet, hands and any place that you can't believe sand should be).

This beach cart on the right converts to a table for easy picnic set up. Having a dual purpose beach cart means less packing and a lighter load.

One Unique Feature Can Save the Day: Folding Beach Cart with Knobby Wheels Fishing Pole Rack

While this blue (or red) beach cart looks very much like its blue cousin above, it has a very convenient pole rack (attached to the cart's handle near the hand grips) for us big -time, beach bums with a passion for fishing. The rack keeps poles from tilting into dangerous territory--like an unsuspecting sunbather's eyeball [or, enter your own scary visual, here].

You can also hold the cart in bucket fashion and pile on the beach and fishing gear.

This cart earns its rating among the best two-wheeled heavy-duty beach carts with it big, gripping wheels with knobby tread for barreling over dunes and loose sand &amp its chair conversion.

The beach bum here at right is more akin to the family-beach-trip demographic, don't you think? I have vivid nightmares memories of combing the beach: up and down, up and down, looking for that ONE spot to park it for the day. 

I know you've felt my pain.

Folding Beach Fishing Chair Cart with Big Knobby Wheels

'Don't worry, honey; I got my eye on the kids,' said NO MAN-ON-the-BEACH-WITH-a-FISHING-POLE-EVER!
Sun Buddy Foldable Beach Trolley Cart Chair, All Terrain ...

Toting Food & Drink to the Beach

Someone must have yelled, 'SHARK!' to get this no-one-on-the-beach-whatsoever pic
Reach The Beach Wonder Wheeler with Large Cooler Platform

Beach Trolleys & Kids: These Folding Beach Carts Have Chair or Table Conversion

Here’s some great options for dual~purpose beach carts. If your bringing kids to the beach they'll surely appreciate a ready~made seat (especially if you've just washed the sand off their feet, hands and any place that you can’t believe sand should be).

A Two-for-One: Two-Wheeled Beach Trolley with Large Wheels Converts to Picnic Table

Remember: A sandwich wouldn't be anything with the 'sand.' What's a lil' crunch when ya munch? Er . . sand removal device, not included.
JGRC Beach Table Cart

A Great Beach Cart for Beach-Side Picnics

Being a mom, I'm a big fan of anything dual-purpose and this convertible beach cart easily converts to a table. If you plan to stay all day at the beach, this cart is for you.

Just set up your umbrella, a few towels and you've a nice setting for a beach picnic.The rear wheels serve as the table's rear legs, and there's a convenient, fold-down bar for the table's front legs. There's something about water and swimming that really revs up an appetite. With this beach trolley, you'll have the best of both worlds: handy transporter and reserved, oceanfront table.

This handy-dandy beach cart is well-engineered; it folds flat for easy storage and it's rust resistant. Plus, there's no complicated parts to keep you frustrated, tied up and away from those breakers!

Total Insanity: Because no vacay is complete without the words, 'I dunno, it's in there somewhere.'

Yes, this is an 'AFTER' photo. Instructions on how-to pack this thing in like-fashion not included.
Fishing/Beach Cart Info Below
Fishing/Beach Cart Info Below

What's Your Beach Day Like?

In the three beach cart styles above, here and below, you'll see an increasingly burdened bundle of beach stuff for a variety of family needs.

Indeed, it's total insanity but we love it.

The cart here, at right has plenty of space to hold all your beach gear including an exterior rack for folding chairs, boom boxes, picnic lunch cooler and there's even space for that all-important umbrella with its umbrella holder fastened to the side of the cart's exterior.

So, I give this buggy two thumbs up for being among the best beach carts for families who need to stay out of the sun.

Instructions on how to unpack this behemoth while wrestling with active toddlers not included but you'll figure it out. I think


Aussie Beach Walkabout Cart with Large Basket

Collapsible--not YOU, the Cart.

I can't believe the amount of stuff you can pack into this heavy~duty Aussie beach cart! The images at the link page are almost comical~just goes to show that serious beach fans like us mean business when we set out for a fun day of surf and sand.

Yes, the elastic bands are included and you'll love the fact that the cart's basket can be upturned for an instant picnic table. PLUS those huge balloon wheels promise to conquer sandy beaches everywhere. I had to look twice at the budget~friendly price. Divide that into how many beach trips you're sure to make with this bad boy and it looks even more attractive! A Win~Win.

Beach Cart/Wagon for Fishing Cart Shown Above

Here's the 'Before' Image of the insanely-packed-beach/fishing-cart.

ABOGEAR WALK-ABOUT- CART. The perfect solution for getting gear from your car to the boat, beach or campsite! Lightweight, yet durable. Big, inflatable rubber tires roll smoothly over beach sand.

View on Amazon

Real 2000 B.C. Beach Bum Poser for Below Image:

'What's wrong with this photo?'

Large Beach Cart with Wide Wheels

(breezy couple just a figment of your pre-vacay delusions)
Beach / Fishing / Sports Utility Cart with Big Wheels

Do you really need the answer?

While this image looks every bit the product of us inane beach bums' ideals, it certainly betrays the true nature of our spirit intentions: wind in our perfectly-coifed, beachy hair, a tall-dark and handsome man (totally subjective) and his blonde companion, neat-and-orderly beach cart (not a diaper or Cheetos bag to be seen), not a cranky kid or in-law in tow and a beach all to one's self? 

I don't know about you, but I've yet to experience such beachy bliss. Oh, wait . . .indeed, this photo is in B.C. (before children)! It's been so long, I COMPLETELY forgot!

But really, if you have kids or are planning that once-in-a-proverbial-lifetime, vacay, this large beach cart has the big, beefy wheels we need to can conquer hot, dry sand and the trek from street to beach. I'll You'll love the easy wash off, just use the beach shower and spray the through the sides.

If you're like me and stay on the beach all~the~live~long~day (sing it with me if you're old enough to recognize the tune), having a beach cart or wagon is one more reason to love this one.

Note: My renditions of kids and beach trips are just in fun [enter your own scary visual, here]. Have fun in the sun! And be nice to your in-laws; after all, they're the ones who brought your significant other into this world (on second and third thought . . .).

 More ideas for beach carts below.


Declare Your Real Beach Bum-ness in Song

Parents like myself, vacationing with kids in tow may want to opt for vid on the left

Heavy Duty Beach Cart with BIG Balloon Wheels

Air pump not included--seriously, it's not needed. Although certain in-laws I know can provide plenty of hot air.
Heavy Duty Wheeleez Beach Cart with huge Balloon Wheels

Not Just a Fleeting Summer Love with Big Balloon . . . er . . . Wheels

Heavy Duty Beach Wagon


I've seen plenty of beach carts while growing up in Florida~the good, bad and, well, REALLY bad~ with parts that loosen and rusting screws (the accouterments folks have on the piers can be quite . . . er . . .impressive?).

There's no summer love with this behemoth--where it's good for a few months only to be a distant memory on page two of your vacay scrapbook. Nope. If you mean to have a long-term relationship with surf and sand this heavy duty beach cart has the strength and durability you can rely on year after year (unlike your significant other where work is concerned).

Plenty of room, the big balloon wheels with metal handles and frames make these carts a beach-toting fave.

I can't get over those massive, balloon wheels. I'm willing to bet there's no beach dune too tough for this guy to tackle.

The inside bottom is a roomy, 24-inches
Width inside is 14.4-inches
Cart width (with balloon wheels attached) is 34.4"
Balloon Wheels: 16.5" D (around) x 7.9" W


Click on the cart's image to see more particulars.


Beach Wagon for Corralling Kids . . .

over hot sand, while sweating profusely and losing one's sun glasses as they slide off one's nose . . . sounds beachy- fun! Right?

With kids--especially smaller tots where they'll need help over the hot sand or even a place to nap, this wagon can be a godsend. Too, if you're a parent that doesn't have the proverbial 'family van,' room can be tight in your sedan. Here's where you want space-saving beach gear.

As a mom (like how I throw in the 'mom card?'), I (seriously) like the idea of the tall, soft sides of these large wagons for keeping babies and kids inside the wagon. Although if you have wild beasts like I did, nothing is guaranteed.

Another good thing: the fabric sides won't get hot from the sun. They also play right in with my tips below for wagons and taking small children and babies to the beach. The foldable frames allow loading them in your trunk.

More room for packing! But don't forget the kids.

Folding Beach Wagon with Big Wheels

Collapsible like most parents after a day on the beach.
Folding Utility Wagon for Beach & Garden in Red

Versatile Garden & Beach Wagon with Big Knobby Wheels (Tires?)

Unique 'dump' feature for gardening and beach gear only--NOT whiney kids (although you'll be tempted).
Gorilla Carts: Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame and Big 10-I...

Wagon with Big Knobby Wheels is Great for Beach & Garden

Please refrain from giving into the temptation of dumping your kids off; they'll only come back

While you can use the any old wagon at the beach, it's big wheels that tackle sand quite nicely.

This heavy-duty version beach-friendly wagon can serve a dual role in your garden or on the beach. I like that while it has a steel frame, it sports a tough plastic bucket, as the sun can heat up metal faster than you can line it with a towel. You'll appreciate its depth and the nice long handle that's pretty substantial.

For the garden, there's a dumping feature for yard debris and soil.

Seriously-- and yes, I was definitely kidding about the dumping kids thing, above; do not attempt--for the beach, use those handy outdoor showers, rinse out all your beach stuff and dump the water out.

No more bringing home the sand.

I missed out on this wagon but I would consider it a top pick because of its high rating among users. The weight capacity is 600 lbs. which means the extra strength will promise longer wear.


What's Your Favorite Beach Month?

My Life was a Beach

What's Your Story?

 I absolutely love the ocean, Florida beaches in particular, like Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale's amazing sun, surf and sand. I can still 'feel' those relentless breezes seemingly coming off the ocean's whitecaps.

Of course, I'm saying this in all partiality; I was born and raised mostly in South Florida, so I grew up picking coconuts for tourists for a nickel per fallen nut and a dime for the still-in-tree ilk.

Yes, you can say I was a nut myself, risking my life for an extra nickel but ignorance was bliss ad landed me a pocket full of coins--indeed, I jingled while I walked.

Coconut palms, with their smooth trunks, are easy to shimmy. Often, these palms have curve in their trunk, so it's not such a crazy-vertical climb. And once at the top, the riper coconuts are easily freed by swatting it back and forth, before the final tug. All this can be done with one hand.

I remember my words of warning, "Look out below!" as though it was merely a few years ago and not the near half-century time frame detailing my early youth. But those were indeed, the days.

I do have one regret from my tree-climbing days and that's the unavailability of a handy camera to document my feats.

Times have indeed changed but I can take comfort knowing that, one day, I can prattle on about these earlier exploits to my grandchildren.


What stories do you have about the beach? .

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