Gardening Seats on Wheels

by HomeArtist1

These gardening seats on wheels are a great way to get your garden looking like the back-breaking showstopper you want without bending and breaking your knees, hips and back.

Working in your garden should be the enjoyable, back~to~nature de-stresser you've come to love. However, when certain conditions prevent a pain-free experience when gardening, getting those plants in the ground can become a dreaded chore. But just pining for last year's view of begonias and other showy flora isn't going to make things happen. Trust me, I've been there. With the best rolling garden seats you CAN garden again!

Best in Gardening Seats on Wheels with Turnbar Steering and Tool Tray

Rolling Scoot-N-Do Wide Tractor Garden Seat on Wheels with Tubular...

Best Garden Seat Features: Wide Seat, Steering Turnbar, Knobby Wheels

These garden seats on wheels have the fun tractor seats, turnbar steering and big tractor-style wheel tires, that will keep you from sliding while tending to your garden.

Each has its own features and slightly different height and prices, so choose accordingly depending on what's most important.

The Rolling Scoot~N~Do is my first recommendation. With its adjustable swivel tractor seat and turnbar steering, you can sit at just the right height to get your gardening done and maneuver from tool~retrieval mode back to garden without twisting your back.

Where even one inch can be the difference between needing help standing to rising independently, this garden seat rises to the occasion and is ideal for anyone with painful knees.

This garden seat turnbar works to steer while serving as a "helping hand" to lean on upon arising.


The handy tool shelf under the seat is great for your garden tools; it's made of wire versus a solid surface that accumulates dirt. Big, knobby tires roll right over the lawn.

Aside from the garden, this versatile seat with turnbar steering, works just as well while working in the garage!

Lightweight Rolling Gardening Seats with Wheels & Garden Tool Storage

Garding Seat on Wheels with No-Slide Seat
Garding Seat on Wheels with No-Slide Seat

Rolling Garden Seats with Wheels - & Storage

You might opt for these more budget~friendly gardening seats if price is important and weight capacity isn't an issue.

Molded plastic makes for a more portable option, as obviously, the seats are a lot lighter than the tractor seat seats with large, knobby tires and a steering turn bar to contend with.

Won't it be nice to not have to bend at the knees when gardening?

These sturdy rolling garden seats have slightly different features with some having beverage holders, but all have very convenient storage containers under the seat.

Decide how high you prefer or need to be off the ground and choose accordingly. I'd opt for a garden

seat that offers an inch or two more height than you need currently just in case you need those extra inches next growing season.

For the price, quality and convenience, these garden seats are a great investment.

Rolling Garden Seat with Wheels & Two Change-Out Turnbars - with Backrest & Storage


My Pick for Best Garden Seat for Gardening with Back Pain:The Backrest!

While I wanted to put this garden seat on wheels as my first pick, I wasn't sure about whether the seat swiveled or not despite my research.

The handy backrest doubles as a hand~hold to get you to your feet quickly and with less stress to your joints and back.

Just behind the backrest is a base for the standard~sized 5~gallon weed bucket; what a great idea!

Padded seat looks comfy enough and the handle in front is great for steering. The price is great as compared to most department stores where prices go as high as nearly $200. 

Covered Seat: Best Garden Seat for Hot-Weather Gardening

Rolling Garden Seat with tractor Wheels Tool Holder Easy-Change Tur...

One Piece Ergonomic Non-Rolling Garden Seat

Link Below
Ergonomic Garden Seat without Wheels
Ergonomic Garden Seat without Wheels

Molded Plastic Garden Rocker Seat

Here's an option for staying above ground as you garden: Garden rocker seats featured on Gardening By the Yard with Paul James. Their height is adjustable and the rocker base allows for total reach. You can opt for the seat with wheels or without and the cushions are a good idea for comfort and even a little extra height. I recommend you practice balancing on a grassy area before you are in full task mode with tools in hand. The weight capacity on the green model without wheels is a generous 350 lbs. with dimensions of 12.25" L x 15.5" W x 16" H. The wheeled version (different manufacturer, though) has a metal post, swivel seat and adjustable height differential of several inches (11" to 14"). The wheels would negate the constant up and down as you move along your bed. I would opt for the garden seat with wheel if a constant up and down is painful or a strain. What a novel idea!

Folding Gardening Stools - With & Without Garden Tool Set


Where budget is a concern, these gardening stools will do the trick but you'll have to maneuver them yourself which can be tricky for back and knee issues. The handy tools sets keep gadgets organized and at the ready. If you want the whole kit and kaboodle, these gardening stools might do the trick until you can get the wheeled verions.

Ergonomic Gardening Tool Favorites - Ideal for Use with Garden Seats


Best Ergonomic Gardening Tools for People with Disabilities & Elderly Gardeners

Consider the Round (circular) Garden Tool Handle

These great garden tools are truly ergonomic (features that work well with the user's body mechanics, i.e. user friendly in a more scientific fashion).

It's mostly the circular handle I only included the shovel but there's a host of gardening tools you can use with your garden seat.

You'll be working from a different angle while seated, so the conventional handle just won't do ~ especially if you've back strain or any range of motion problems like me with shoulders, elbows or wrists.

I give these gardening tools two (green) thumbs up!


I've included these gardening saviors for their reach and blade angle.

When you consider the angle you'll be working from, it's easy to envision how well these short handles on garden tools cooperate with your ... er . . . seating arrangement where you'll need both long and short handled garden tools.

My Gardening Story

I feel in love with gardening after my family moved to a house in South Carolina from a big city apartment in Florida. The prior owners of the house left us two gifts: an outside clothes line and a small garden plot. While the clothes line did little to elicit my appreciation, the garden plot excited my eleven~year~old senses and opened up a new world for me. Kind of like nature's welcome mat.

I couldn't wait for spring. Although my first~ever snow had been the state's "worst ever in 40 years" by adult standards, it bestowed upon us kids an unexpected break from school and a week's worth of sledding until our toes were near frostbite.

But spring finally marched in to the beat of an oh~so~slow drum.

I learned about zones and temperature and germination from the back of the watermelon seed pack I bought at Woolworth's downtown. Computers were still something from NASA or top secret agents, so I relied on our neighbor, C.B. who warned of slugs and mealy bugs and such. C.B. worked for the railroad but he seemed knowledgeable enough and he made really sweet tea.

I turned the soil as I was directed. C.B. said any soil that's not orange is rich; this was some rich dirt and I was proud of it.

The seeds went in and I planted them far apart like C.B. said. If I did that, he advised, the part on the package about transplanting could be skipped. So, I was a "skipper" and I chuckled at the thought as I patted the last seed in the last row.

I watered and waited.

The seedlings, as I came to know them, were the marvel I imagined. A miracle. Borne of the sun, the rain and the rich dirt.

And the seedlings grew faster than the weeds I battled on a weekly basis. Then the yellow flowers. Flowers?

I hurried over to C.B.'s, certain the seed people had made a mistake and put flower seed in the package. I'd heard about yellow bells or butter cups ~ something like that. I didn't want butter flowers; I wanted watermelons.

C.B. laughed. And I was sure the other neighbors could hear through the screen door. "Them there flowers are yer watermelons!" This was getting complicated. C.B. had the patience of a saint and I learned about bees and bugs and such and how flowers turn to watermelons. I was beginning to think watermelons and tadpoles were related. Like cousins who know magic or something.

True to C.B.'s word, the flowers "turnt" to watermelons and I marveled at how teeny they were. It seemed impossible these pea~sized striped specks would one day be dinosaur fruit.

I dreamed of the Fourth of July, the county fair and watermelon stands. Maybe I would be in the newspaper. Or win a ribbon or something.

But my watermelons would only grow to cantaloupe size before they perished from fungi.

I was heartbroken. I'd learned about seedlings, slugs and yellow flowers but the fungus wasn't part of my agenda; it wasn't in my dreams of fairs and watermelon ribbons.

Indeed, I'd learned a lesson about nature, but I could have learned something else about nature, like gravity or neap tides, not fungus, not my watermelons!

The following year I settled on radishes and tomatoes with explosive success, and C.B. showed me his recipe for tomato sandwiches: tomatoes, salt, pepper and toast. He said to add bacon if I was feeling brave. ~Wendy Hughes

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frankbeswick on 04/19/2015

I am sorry to hear that you have JRA. I am unsure what you mean by these initials, but I suspect that it is some form of arthritis. However, gardeners with limiting conditions can really benefit from raised beds or containers. With the exception of some creaking joints, which is to be expected for one of nearly sixty five, I am free of ailments, but I still love raised beds and am slowly converting my allotment to using them. I have two large rubble sacks, which I keep in my orchard section, and in them I grow vegetables.

HomeArtist1 on 04/18/2015

Thanks Frank, I wish I could garden like I want. Having JRA really limited my abilities and was the catalyst in looking around for these type seats.

frankbeswick on 04/18/2015

This was a very interesting article, and well-written. I found the part about seats valuable. However, the tale of your early gardening experiences was inspiring, as I was once a gardening teacher [among other subjects] so I find stories of young people's early gardening experiences worth reading.

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