Aqua, Turquoise Blue and Brown Bedding

by HomeArtist1

These aqua, teal blue and brown bedding sets are a fresh reminder of pristine, crystal clear ocean waters and the most fertile of earth's soil.

Little else is more soothing than surrounding yourself with Mother Nature's offerings after a busy nine-to-five workday or a full agenda with kids and home. Transforming your space from cold and uninviting to warm and wonderful is easy when incorporating these most ethereal of colors: aqua, teal and brown. I'll show you how to meld your love of blues like aqua and teal with deep, earthy browns into your space for that long-awaited bedroom experience you've been pining for.

Scroll down to find majestic aqua, teal, turquoise and brown comforters and beautiful bedding ensembles to set the stage for creating a hide-a-way all your own.

Getting Started with Your New Blue and Brown Decor Palette

Beginning your new room should involve a plan. You'll want to answer several questions: What colors? Style? How much to set aside for budget? Make a list of those elements that are most important to you.

Then, it's best to use a plain piece of paper to represent your room's floor space. Cut squares and rectangles from another paper to represent your furniture. Play around with placement. This simple task will prevent moving real furniture back and forth. Trust me on this one.

Make a wish list of bedding, accessories, rugs - anything you want to eventually fill your space.

Deciding on bedding should be first on your list; it's your room's largest, most important feature. Go ahead and splurge on this one element. I'll explain here, shortly.

These aqua and teal bedding sets with brown accents will work well in your bedroom with their strong lines and appropriate color scheme. I always advise favorably on bedding sets with several matching pieces such as these. You'll realize instant gratification.

Creating A Focal Point with Your New Teal Blue and Brown Bedding 

Keep in mind while looking for bedding, that your bed is ideally the room's focal point. The bedding should have its own 'language' introducing your room's spirit and setting the tone for the space as it ushers guests in.


That's quite a job, so it' important to go as big as you feasibly can without going overboard on budget. Remember, you'll be building the rest of your bedroom with this one bedding set, layering one themed piece upon other, nondescript ones ~ like the rug and lamp. I like the way this teal blue and brown bedding set is quite the eye-catching showstopper it should be. It's warm, inviting and very easy on the eye as you scan the room. Very well done.

What Textures Tell Us & A Word About Flocking

Decorators and artists know that every shadow, hue, finish and even texture can be a defining element in your bedroom.

The shiny finish and sleek texture of this teal and brown bedding set can betray a modern, steely look while the brown can be recognized as earthy.

Just as this aqua and chocolate brown comforter set has a sheen that defines it, sets it apart while adding to its uplifting 'voice,' the bedding below betrays a rich, warm aura with its flocking detail.

OK, that sounds great--but what is flocking?

Flocking is the technique used to create--literally--that warm and fuzzy texture of the blue and brown bedding above. Indeed, the texturing is an uber-low pile, it sure makes a fabulous sight to behold--and touch. This subtle difference makes quite a profound difference alongside its 'flat' peers, adding dimension during the layering process of decorating.

If it's the 'warm and fuzzy' feeling your aiming for, flocking it is.

Rugs & Grounding Your Space: A Perfect Mate for Turquoise, Teal & Aqua Blue and Brown

even smaller rugs help warm your space

In many newer homes and those built before many of us were old enough to read, wood floors were a given.

Many newer homes boast much of the same: carpeting is passe,' it's history. and in the older homes, wood floors are part of part of their history.

In any event, odds are, you've some cold hard floors to contend with come the first winter flake. It's here we need area rugs and I can't think of any other color duos more compatible with rugs; the blue and brown will work together with a complementary area rug much like those here, in the model rooms.

Larger rooms can accommodate a tan rug like the one here, tucked under the footboard. Smaller bedroom spaces may need an instant floor space 'stretch' by placing the rug diagonally (at a sharp slant) just under the bed's foot board. In an instant, your bedroom just 'grew' exponentially.

With the brown in the bedding, a nice tan area rug is just the right hue to add warmth and may be that extra bit of grounding your room needs.

Turquoise Blue and Brown Comforter Sets: Same Color Palette, Different 'Wow'

Keeping on budget might prove a little tricky when you see an exciting piece of furniture or that posh bedding set that's to die for. I've been there, myself.

But luckily, we have the internet making it easier to find that 'budget-breaker's' cheaper twin.

To find a more practical look-alike, dissect the expensive piece. Is it the color? Fluffy trim? Design work?

Once you figure out what element you just 'gotta have,' it's easier to find a replacement you can better afford. Once, I paid way too much for artwork and it was hard to enjoy its beauty knowing I had been foolish buying it in the first place. Just do some searching ~ you'll find it.

The Balancing Act: Color & Pattern - Turquoise Blue and Brown Bedding with Accent (throw) Pillows


I picked this turquoise and brown bedding set for its more sophisticated design work. When opting for bedding that's more ornate be sure you balance your total look with nondescript pieces (like the lamp and window treatment shown in the model room here).

Having too many busy pieces ~ even matching ones ~ will dilute the value of your bigger, more expensive ones like the comforter.

I aim for one busy or themed piece to three plain nondescript) ones. This simple 3:1 'balancing act' keeps everything cohesive and restful.

Building Cohesion in Your Space - Aqua Blue and Brown Bedding


It's really very easy to pull colors from your bedding to begin building a soothing space. The walls here are bathed in a shade that compliments the comforter. Ideally, it's best to keep walls in a shade that contrasts ~ not clashes ~ with the bedding.

You want the bed to stand out and everything around it to support your color scheme; the eye should move smoothly from one piece to the next. Keep to one or two tones and you'll have the peaceful retreat you've been longing for.

Reversible Bedding with Brow and Turquoise on Both Sides

If you're inclined to change things around, rearrange furniture and paint walls from year to year (I had a friend that was forever painting), perhaps you might appreciate reversible comforters like this one.

Each side gives a different 'vibe' while making any indecisiveness literally a snap of the comforter.

With a low price, I'd say this bedding is great for tween or teen's bedrooms where not much is invested but you'll have the look he or she wants.

Building Spirit in Your Boudoir

Turquoise Blue and Brown Western Bedding for a Warm Ambience

I love this comforter set. It seems to speak to us, telling two stories:

The deep teal, earthen clay and rich brown hues are presented in a leathery suede-like texture that betrays a Native American spirit. A whisper in the wind.

And . . .

It makes its powerful presence known in an inviting look of limitless sky with a blaze of baked earth subtly appointed with silver detail. The sky bowed down from the heavens and touched the earth. The day is done.

Bedding that seemingly tells a story like this ensemble makes for truly a one of a kind treasure. Go with your spirit, find your peace in things you love. And surround yourself for yet another night.

Updated: 09/08/2015, HomeArtist1
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