Lime Green and Black Comforter and Bedding Sets

by HomeArtist1

Lime, green and black bedding sets like these are a great way to meld two contrasts, resulting in a splash of flora with the mystical-the perfect focal point for your new bedroom.

Be it lime green or 'simply' green, there's no denying how well the two hues, when paired with black, will capture the eye, beckon admirers and betray your flair for ultimate opposites and appealing decor that works.

As there's no shortage of green and black bedding design, narrowing your options can be a bit overwhelming but rest assured, I'll show you several genres of comforter and bedding sets that best suit your need for style and size along with some aptly- appointed accessories and wall art to get your from blah to VIOLA!

Scroll down and get started building your beautiful retreat. And it all starts with your bedding!

                   Getting Started in Your Bedroom with the Right Bedding                         Establish Your Palette and/or Theme with Comforters or Duvets

Modern design, including late to mid-century design, includes those linear and block elements, so if you're going for modern, bedding sets like these will serve your plans well.

The striking balance of lime, green, white and black is certainly worthy of a second look with its contrasting detail. What a fabulous focal point in your new space!

You might want to level the 'playing field' of design with a large, modern round mirror to keep the bold patterns in check and brighten any dark corners and recesses. Be sure to balance your block or linear design with other round pieces. You might think club chairs with a rounded back, a round stool done up in cowhide and/or a round area rug. I would keep the block/linear look reserved for your black and green bedding; it's strong enough to be the only element in this design without looking unfinished.

I'm such a fan of modern design's simple but sophisticated style and with bedding sets like these, the look is well on its way to a successful finish.

Adding 'Light' to Dark Spaces with Adding White into Your Lime Green and Black Palette

Influencing Ambient Light in Your Bedroom: Two Light & Airy Ideas for Your Bedding

Let the Light In

Ideally, a successful focal point (being the bed) has quite the job ahead of it in ushering guests inside, introducing your style or theme and serving as the basis for all supporting wall art and accessories.

With all those elements in mind, I chose highly visual lime, green and black bedding that will seemingly 'leap' from your walls and command attention.

These sets have the striking elements that are called for along with a bright background to lighten any dark space, should your bedroom be lacking or in desperate need of a window.

The black accents are brought to the foreground by the white background and the lime and sage greens add life to your bedroom. What a lovely melding of contrast.

Note the High Energy in the Lime Green and Black Circles Made 'Bigger' with White

6-Piece Lime Green and Black Modern Circles Bed-in-a-Bag Bedding an...

White Melds Well with Green and Black:

Influencing Light in Your Bedroom Space

For bedrooms lacking in natural light and those with looming shadows come nightfall, it's a good idea to trump up the light and air--or at least the impression there's more of what's missing in your otherwise lovely bedroom: lots of uplifting and low-level light.

Before you get out the spotlights just yet, consider lime green and black bedding with a good bit of white accenting the comforter or duvet.

White has plenty of influence on any darkened space. The white will help offset the lime and black while light will seemingly bounce off your bed in a refreshing fashion.

Add more white into the mix with sheer panels and you'll have an instant relaxing retreat without the creepy shadows.

Here's a look at both bright and darker bedding sets. Note the impression both tones play on the space's light.

Decorating for Tweens and Teens

 Keeping Your Decorating Budget in Check: Budget-Wise Bedding and Decor Ideas

I've always erred on the side of caution when decorating for kids' to tweens' bedrooms. It's best not to invest too much money and as I mentioned above, you don't have to spend too much to make them happy.

Keep their bedrooms simple and as clutter-free as possible (I know, I know) and I'll bet in six months they'll have somehow found enough cute and cool stuff to fill it up. Here's another fun lime and black bed set teens will love and to think: you didn't have to spend a bunch, either.

I've talked about the zebra print sets like this one (at left) before, as they're testament to how there's always a lower-cost solution to a pricier contender. I found these lime and green faves in zebra and houndstooth--two fabulous designs that can make themselves at home, looking every bit the part of expensive bed sets--for super-cheap.

Girls from tween to teen love lime green (I'm one that hasn't outgrown the patterns either) combined with mysterious black. As I've mentioned, beginning with the bed when decorating is the perfect way to a great finish. Accessorize with black and white posters with a splash of color and dress windows in sheer, lime green panels with a black valance to bring your theme colors about your space. The panels can be had for uber-cheap, as well. I've found them for under $10 a pair.


So, Where's the Lime Green? Adding Color Wall Art with Accessories


I know what you're thinking: Where's the green I'm looking for?

Well, I purposely included these bold black design bedding sets for their versatility and promise to make just as fabulous an impression as the 'total package' sets on this page.

Plus, you'll have lots of options if you have a change of heart later on. All you need do to make these black and white bed sets your own is add green accessories like pillows and maybe a throw or bedskirt in lime if that's the hue you want.

See how well the pillows above stand out in contrast but have the black and lime look we love?

Sometimes all it takes is a tweak here and there to produce your planned result and I'd say this black bedding paired with the lime green pillows are an easy solution if you're not quite 'there' on your decision. Easy-peasy.

Accessory Ideas for Green and Black Decor

Accessories: Those Bedding 'Extras'

Accessories are more that cute pieces of fluff in your favorite theme; they can be quite the boon in spaces that need direction, like the lime pillows, here. Bedding that may need more black can be supplemented with a collection of black accent pillows-hence the word 'accent.' Pillows can tie two or three unrelated pieces together.

Have a mix of white hand-me-down furniture pieces? Throw in matching accent (throw) pillows, one per each piece of furniture to create a relationship. Bedding looking kinda flat? Lay a furry throw to the end of the bed and tuck a high-pile rug under the bed's leg. You'll have instant dimension and texture.

Indeed, accessories can add what's lacking in color, shape, texture, dimension, light . . . well, you get it. They're definitely your friend.

Lime Green and Black Wall Art: an Exercise in Style

Oh, boy, do I love art! We all do if it's to our liking. What I do find not so attractive is artwork that doesn't 'fit' the wall. That is, the art is tiny amongst a huge expanse of wall, something that's not at all pleasing. Ideally, you want your art to take most of the wall space on either side of it.

Here's a look at two types of wall art that will go well with your green and black bedding. The large tree wall decal can be applied upon a green wall for a like contrast with your bedding. The decal will look fabulous behind your bed, as it's quite sizable and will command the attention it so deserves. Wall decals are a great option, as they're easy to apply, removable, reusable and very budget-friendly. The decals come in tons of colors and subjects; you'll find one you just 'gotta have', I'm sure.

Another option, is small prints like the one, here on the right. Be sure to hang them on a wall with just a few to several inches left on each side (left and right). You'll really dilute its impact with it getting 'lost' in a sea of wall expanse. Keep your artwork lovely and give is the attention as a strong, visual piece by not drowning in out with wall space. I would pair the smaller print up with another of its ilk--or four if your space permits, to create a nice gallery effect.

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