Trellis Bedding and Comforter Sets

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Lattice (or trellis) bedding like these comforters sets make an ideal contributor to a bedroom's decor, as the fresh design seemingly breathes life into tired spaces.

Often, when we envision lattice work our minds wend through a garden trellis and a maze of ivy, fragrant, climbing roses, fresh air--anything alive. What better design for a bedroom, where we retreat after the most stressful of days?

Trellis and its cousin, lattice design bedding is one where you can entertain a host of decor genres from vintage-shabby-chic to modern Soho. It's this intriguing network of lines or swirls that makes a great theme for bedroom decor; you can have the room of your days and dreams.

Scroll down to see a host of lattice or trellis design bedding: comforter sets, duvets and accent pillows, for the all-important layering along with several decorating basics to get your new scheme of things of to a good start. And I'd love to hear your ideas, too!

A Joyful Abode: Trellis & Lattice Comforters, Duvets & Pillows in the Bedroom

trina turk trellis/lattice bedding set in turquoise
Trina Turk 2-Piece Trellis/Lattice Bedding Set in Turquoise

Finding Ideas and Inspiration for a Decorator Result


I really got excited about these oh-so-popular lattice/trellis bedding sets by Trina Turk for two reasons--well, more than two but I'll try and keep it simple:

The model rooms, here are amazing and they're the perfect example of how you can take away plenty of ideas for your own bedroom.

Aren't the lattice or trellis headboards above an amazing contribution to your pattern and decor palette? If you're not that decorator savvy, model rooms are perfect take-aways, where you can mirror the look for minimal investment and little work.

I've found big box craft stores have many similar glassware accessories like the vases. Take advantage of their weekly coupons; they give generous discounts on downloadable phone apps or online.

I love how the designers have used contrasting colors like lime green and turquoise for an amazing look with a few, simple pieces, starting with these Trina Turk trellis/lattice bedding sets.


These rooms have a lot of bang for less.

Modern or Classic Trellis:

What's Your Bedding Style?

defining your style with the trellis & lattice design

As I mentioned in my intro, trellis and lattice patterned bedding can take on the persona of modern, classic or contemporary design with the many lines, arcs and colors we see on bedding.

With that in mind, notice how the lattice patterns in the bedding sets, here make different statements with their strong presence as the bedroom's focal piece.

The more modern lattice/trellis patterns like those above, tend to be larger and less complex, while traditional patterns like in this navy and yellow duvet set, are defined.

Decide on what vibe you want in your bedroom and keep to two or three accent colors for dimension and interest.

Which lattice or trellis pattern is your fave?

What style trellis or lattice bedding do you like?

Color Contrast: A Lasting Impression - Grey & White Trellis Duvet Set


Grey & White Trellis Duvet Set & Contrasting Yellow Lattice Print Pillows

The navy blue and yellow trellis/lattice comforter set above, has a warm, yet sunny nature. The yellow makes an ideal contrast with the deep blue and we're sure to take notice of the two 'polar opposites' on the spectrum.

I love the simplicity of both lattice/trellis patterns in the bedding sets above. I suggest using non-descript (solids are best) sheets and pillowcases underneath your duvet or comforter. Ideally, turning or rolling down your bed covers to expose any contrasting bedding works well to add dimension to your focal point.

Notice how the bed, here boasts all the colors and patterns while the surrounds are devoid of color; this is a great way to balance highly visual bedding like the lattice/trellis pattern. I'll talk more about using patterns and color below and while I would add a yellow or turquoise accent pillows to this duvet set, isn't that grey bedding purely inviting?

Keeping All Those Patterns in Check - Duvets and Pillows in Blue, Grey and Yellow Lattice Print


Lattice and trellis patterns are busy, indeed; that's the allure of these bedding sets. But just as we love the highly-charged complex, network of all those weaves, twists and turns (see, I told you it's complex, even in words!), you don't want to get lost in a mire of mazes that leave you dizzy and disoriented.

Keep a check on your use of the design; keep it special.

I recommend being on the conservative side when incorporating lattice pieces. Ideally, the pattern should be part of your focal point (meaning your bedding).

Keep the focus on your bed and pile on the pillows if you're so inclined and work outward with just a small lattice piece here and there , playing in a supporting role to your room's star attraction, bedding.

Remember, the more of the lattice pattern you use, the more dilute the bedding becomes.

Less is more with this strong design.

Soften Your Space with Rounded Trellis Prints

Both lattice and trellis patterns boast weaves and intersections of lines and more lines throughout the piece--whatever that may be. It's best to keep to either a rounded or straight pattern, as each betrays a different 'voice' with rounded edges being part of a softer palette and straight lines a modern, straight-edge design.

I love the softness of this blue pillow with a rounded-trellis pattern.

budget-friendly 2-piece purple and white lattice weave bedding set
Art Deco Print Cotton 2pc Set Twin Bedding Set Beige Purple Lattice...

White: Wan, Yet 'Wan-derful'

I know, I can get a wee bit, er . . . creative (?) with my titles but I couldn't think of a more fitting approach to introducing the concept of using plenty of white for the most freedom with color.

While this duvet set looks less visually stimulating than its relatives above, you'll get your color by adding your pick of hues in accent pillows, window panels, side chairs; the options for color are endless when using white-based bedding.

Notice the peek of purple behind the lattice pillowcase. Your bedroom can take on whatever personality you're game for--in a moment's notice.

Too, the modern, metal night table, here can be replaced with a floating shelf table to a black lacquer nightstand. If you're likely to completely redo your space every now and then, consider neutral bedding like this duvet set.

You'll have the lattice pattern but the freedom to go anywhere with it on a whim.

Using Plain with Print Bedding

making your bed this way can help your decor

Much like pairing the grey and white trellis duvet with plain accessories, sheet sets with your favorite pattern (like this one) are an ideal mate for plain duvets and comforters.

It's best to either roll or fold your outer cover down, exposing your sheets. This practice creates a warm and welcoming bed--especially with traditional decor.

Too, you can get by with a budget-friendly comforter using loud patterns everywhere else. I can see this sheet set paired with a lattice/trellis pattered rug, like the one above.

Withe the lattice pattern, balance is essential; I'll talk about that next. But I'm lovin' this light and airy sheet set; it's design is complex yet casual. Perfect for the bedroom.

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